found gravestones while hiking in middle of forest in Mississippi I took pics thought someone might have connection [closed]

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while hiking in Wiggins Desota forest  near the Red hills slope forest got turned around down one way dirt road and came across a tiny grave yard with old graves mostly Fairleys (Peter Fairley born in 1798, Wm Fairley born in 1818, Millice Ann Fairley born 1820, Katherine Fairly no birith date died 1838, also an Isaiah husband of Paulene Breland born 1898, James Pearce born in 1814, Barbara Pearce, 1806, and James S Byrd born in 1823) thats all the graves I found took pictres that did come out readable but not great if anyone is part of the tree they may belong to, I tried to find some information but all I can across was a video on you tube were someone else found some old graves different ones but also looked like a lot of fairlelys in the middle of the forest also near Red Creek  in Wiggins , not sure how to add not part of my family tree but if you want pictures I took would be happy to send, wasnt sure what catagory to put this under.
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Very cool! (I added the cemeteries tag to alert the cemetarists)
thanks , I even contacted local news station wanst sure who else to ask it's so strange and a little sad but  it is peaceful resting place.
That is very awesome Ms. Currie! I am so jellous. ^_^ I have been trying to research forgotten family cemeteries in my county, and have found a few. I know there are dozens more though that continue to elude me. If I was just walking through the woods and found one, my day would be made!


Thanks for sharing. & Good luck in your endeavors! ^_^
You can set up profiles for them even though they aren't part of your family. Just click on Add in the upper right hand corner, then click on new person.
Thank you ,  I'll do that

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John Fairley was born in 1717 in Argyleshire, Scotland and died July 04, 1798 in Richmond County, North Carolina. He married Margaret Stuart in 1747 in Argyleshire. She was born in 1719 in Scotland and died August 20, 1781 in Richmond County, North Carolina.
Among the children of John Fairley and Margaret Stuart was:
Alexander Fairley, born 1753 in Argyleshire, Scotland and died December 25, 1827 in Robeson County, North Carolina. He married Abigail Effie McLaurin about 1791. She was born in 1769 in Scotland.
Among the children of Alexander Fairley and Abigail McLaurin were:
PETER FAIRLEY, born July 15, 1793 in Richmond County, North Carolina;
CATHERINE FAIRLEY, born 1799 in Robeson County, North Carolina; and 
BARBARA FAIRLEY, born September 15, 1806 and died June 28, 1888, married JAMES PEARCE, born February 14, 1814 and died November 07, 1886. 
Angus John Knox Fairley (a grandson of John Fairley and Margaret Stuart by their son Esquire Angus Fairley) was born in 1815 in Mississippi. He married Sarah Ann BRELAND, born January 23, 1826 in Perry County, Mississippi and died March 18, 1916 in Leaf, Greene County, Mississippi.
The BYRD surname is also represented among the descendants of John Fairley and Margaret Stuart.
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Thank you for responding,   dont know if graves I came across are theirs or not dates on stone does not match on Peter and spelling does not match for Katherine (no birth date on hers ) but James and Barbra could be the same. there is also a cemetairy named the Fairly Cemetary not too far from where this was
they were found on find a grave the cemetary did have a name Red Hill Cemetary, grave on Peter has his birth as 1798 so not sure which one is correct ,
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That is so neat!

If you don't want to create profiles for the people, upload the photos to the profiles, etc., yourself, one option is to just create a free-space page for the cemetery (see this one for an example of how those can look) and upload the photos to that page, which would allow an interested Cemeterist to transcribe them.

On the other hand, if you are interested in doing this sort of work yourself, you should check out the Mississippi Cemeteries Project. :)

by Lianne Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (423k points)
Thanks, still feel a little lost figuring out how to do things but did contact the coordinator for the Mississippi Cemeteries Project I'll see what she suggest may still do the free space page I do feel like they should be posted somewhere for any decendants that are reasearching

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