Does anyone have any information on Daniel McHenry's family before 1590 or wife, mother, father?

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He was born, I believe, at Castle Kinbane, Giants Causeway. He was Scotch/Irish.
There is no found history before Daniel. I am the Grandson of Nancy McHenry (DeMarco). I am searching also, and if I happen to find any information, I would gladly pass it on. I request the same in hopes of learning the history of my bloodline. Maybe you were at the family reunion a few weeks ago. It is the first I went. There was a gentleman there (I forget his name now) which was quite knowledgeable of the McHenry history. Awesome to talk to and his direction served me well. He has accumulated probably most information there is to be found of the McHenry's. Vinnie Hippenstiel has put together a book of our bloodline. The family seems like really great people. It is the first I had met them. Until now my search has been of my own workings. It was awesome to see others as interested. The family reunion in Benton, PA, next year might be able to help you with alot of your questions. It certainly did for me. I wish you well on your journey.
Also, after a meeting with a gentleman from Ardmore Ireland, I have been informed that McHenry would be deemed Scottish Gaelic. We are of Ulster blood and in fact were at one time mortal enemies to the Irish cause. McHenry is an ancient family. The gentleman I spoke with is a Maloney of which is an ancient Irish family. He pretty much squared Mr away. McHenry Clan was loyal to the crown and the freedom of their own lands, instead of the fight for Ireland's freedom from Brittain.
I was so happy to see your response today.  Sounds like you learned alot at the McHenry Reunion. Please let me know when the reunion in Benton, PA is scheduled. Is Vinnie Hippenstiel selling her book?  My grandmother, Beth McHenry Ashe, told me that we are related to the General McHenry that Fort McHenry was named after in PA.  When she was in her 80's she asked me to drive her back to her hometown of Jersey Shore, PA.  I was a new driver and had just rolled my car, so the prospect of driving that far from MI, terrified me at the time.  If I had taken her I would have learned a lot about the McHenry family, the homestead, and friends and family that remained. I also wish you well on your journey.
I did not understand your words, "He pretty much squared Mr away." Please explain. The gentleman's words from Ardmore Ireland were definitely interesting. I talked to a Maurice McHenry from Ballintoy, a town near Giant's Causeway when we were in Ireland last October who said similar word about us being an ancient Scottish Gaelic Clan. We were staying in the town of Ballycastle and Genevieve who was our hostess at the Ardaghmore Bed & Breakfast, put me in touch with Maurice when she recognized him as part of my bloodline.  There is a McHenry's Pub in Ballycastle where I learned there are two different lines of McHenrys living there.  The original pub owner, Sarah McHenry tied in to Daniel McHenry bloodline and the new McHenry owner ties in to the McHenrys of Coleraine and the McHenry Castle that was in Portrush, no longer there and is a Golf Course now.  The Castle Kinbane (ancient name, Kenbaan) where Daniel McHenry once lived, still exists and my husband & I went out on it's ruins. There are an unbelievable amount of steep rocky steps to go down to get to it. We also visited Castle Dunluce where Patrick McHenry, Daniel's son once lived. Please let me know if you learn anything more.
I see that you wrote this question a long time ago, but I have only just come across it. Sarah McHenry, who ran the pub in the centre of Ballycastle is my great-great-grandmother. She took it over from her husband Robert - presumably when he died. I guess this means that I come from the Daniel McHenry line too, but I don't know how that works.

I met Maurice McHenry when I visited Ballycastle in 2017, but we decided that our link was too far back for us to be able to work it out. He was a very kind and very interesting man.

I would really appreciate any help in working out the link between Daniel McHenry and Robert McHenry (Sarah's husband). Cheers, Catherine.
Mary Ann Duffey Tackaberry McHenry was the first wife of Alexander Hamilton McHenry - a direct descendant of mine. So I believe that we would have been related through the Duffey Tackaberry side, but unfortunately Mary Ann did not live long after the birth of their first and only child, Alfred McHenry. I have the handwritten story of Mary Ann and the handwritten geneology that came in a registered envelope on June 7, 1947 from a W.R. McHenry from New York. Mary Ann was the daughter of Mary Ann was the daughter of Mary Ann Duffey (manager of Duffeys Tavern and William Tackaberry.  She was also the granddaughter of Cathrin and Peter Duffey, owner of Duffeys Tavern. So is the current McHenrys in Ballycastle, which I have been to when we visited Ireland in 2017, a direct line from the old Duffeys Tavern?  I have scanned the above documents and could put them into WikiTree for reference.  I need to learn how to do that.  With your email address, I could also attach them to an email to you.  My father was Robert McHenry Ashe, his  father Stilson Robert Ashe who was married to Mary Elizabeth McHenry (she went by Beth), her father was Morris Wilson McHenry, whose parents were Alexander Hamilton McHenry and his second wife, Elizabeth Follmer (Crist) McHenry. On your question of a link between Daniel McHenry & Robert McHenry (Sarah's husband), I will answer after I look up who were brothers of Alexander Hamilton McHenry. Cheers, Carolyn
Thank you for your reply Carolyn. It would be great to have a copy of the documents you refer to. My email is

I can send you some information about McHenry's Spirit Store and a photograph of Robert McHenry's grave in return.

I am looking forward to working out which branch of the McHenrys I come from.

Cheers, Catherine.
Please give me the vitals on Robert McHenry: birth date, marriage date, &  death date.  When I looked for the brothers & sisters of Alexander Hamilton McHenry, there were about 15 names.  Also, did he go by his first name or middle name?  I know a number of people that go by their middle name as if it was their first as in my nephew Patrick Andrew Bennett we have always called Andy.  The reason I asked is that I did not see a Robert McHenry in the list, but I just looked on my MyHeritage site.

Carolyn Ashe Fitch
Catherine, I forgot to ask you who are the parents of Robert McHenry? The hand written family tree that I am sending you by email starts with John McHenry (1725-1785) & Susanna (McNeil) McHenry, so you will see that.  I will also attach a relationship chart that Lucille Herlong McHenry who I met on Ancestry sent me.  It starts with Daniel McHenry (1590 - 1636), Patrick McHenry (1635-1696), Maurice McHenry (1696-1729), John McHenry (1725-1785). Lucille McHenry & myself have common ancestors to this point and then she goes through Daniel McHenry, whereas I go through his brother Henry McHenry.  I have my family written to the right of hers.

Hi Carolyn, thank you very much for the information you sent me on your family line. Here are the details that I know about my ancestors.

Robert McHenry/McKendry (my great-great-grandfather)

Born 2 June 1793 (I presume it was in Ireland, but I don’t know where). Died 3 July 1860 at Ballycastle, Antrim.

 Sarah Mularkey/Mullarkey (my great-great-grandmother)

Born ca. 1823 (I presume it was in Ireland, but I don’t know where). Died 19 August 1872 at Ballycastle, Antrim.  

 There is a picture of Robert and Sarah’s headstone on Find A Grave - (Find a Grave Memorial 117293535 at

I have corresponded with Rolf McHenry who made this entry. He was a very nice man but we couldn’t discover any connection between our families.

Actually, I have just looked back over my emails from Rolf and I see that he and you both share John McHenry born 1725 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland who married Susannah McNeal in the USA. You also share one of their children, Henry, who married Priscilla McClure. They had 11 children, including Alexander Hamilton, James and Henry. Henry, born 1793 and died 1860, is Rolf’s 2xgr-grandfather. Do you know Rolf?

 Robert and Sarah married, but I can’t find any official record of when or where.

They had five children all born at Ballycastle, Antrim, so I’m guessing they married there too.

Their children are:

William McHenry 15 June 1851 – 25 September 1925;

Sarah Jane McHenry 30 May 1853 - ?; 

Mary McHenry 5 March 1855 – 9 September1941;

Daniel McHenry 9 August 1857 - ?;

Brigid McHenry 27 May 1859 - ?.

I see that you live in the USA and that John McHenry left Ireland about 1730/40. I live in Australia and My McHenrys didn't leave Ireland until 1874. I suspect that the gap is going to be very hard to fill in. Cheers, Catherine.




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Where was Daniel McHenry born.What else do you know about him.

Was he Scottish,Irish ??Who did he Marrie??
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