Where do I go to find out what has happened to the gedcom I uploaded yesterday?

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I uploaded a very small gedcom (11 individuals) yesterday.  Later (after sleeping or hibernating my computer) I returned to wikitree and I got a message saying I was not signed in and therefore could not upload  a gedcom.  I changed the filename slightly and re-uploaded.   

About 4  pm I got this message:

The GEDMatches report for the GEDCOM that you uploaded to WikiTree is ready for your review.

I couldn't find any duplicates.  But I found the whole process & directions unclear & confusing.

About 8 pm I got a similar message.


At 8:40 I emailed wikitree & told them I'd uploaded the file twice, etc.

I never had a response.  Finally I decided to delete the 2nd gedcom.

In the GedMatches Report, it says:

"If you want to import this file:

Click 'All Done' below if you're ready to have the WikiTree profiles created. 
. . . .

If you click 'Save Progress' you can leave and come back to this page at any time in the next 30 days."

I cannot find an "All Done"  "Save Progress" button.

Also, in my activity list, there is nothing about my uploading a gedcom yesterday!!

Thanks for your help!

in Genealogy Help by Patricia Hickin G2G6 Mach 9 (90.4k points)

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Hi Patricia,

That's a lot of questions and comments rolled into one.

If you e-mailed info@wikitree.com late last night, Tami will probably reply to you tonight. Please understand that as a free website we can't offer 24-hour customer service.

I'm sorry you found the whole process and directions unclear and confusing. As you may know, we introduced GEDMatches a few weeks ago. If you have suggestions for improving the instructions they'd be appreciated.

Now, let's see ... you say you uploaded two files and got two e-mail confirmations that the GEDMatches reports were ready.

I do find one of them. As you say, apparently you deleted the second one.

This is the one I find: http://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:UploadGedcom&action=report&gu_id=5626

You should have been given that URL after upload and in the e-mail confirmation. Did it not appear for you?

It appears to have been fully processed. Are you still seeing problems, or is just that you didn't update this question?
by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
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I may have an answer for you.  When I uploaded my GEDcom and was reviewing the GEDmatch file from my laptop at home, there was no issues viewing it.  When I came back to the GEDmatch file from my computer at work to continue reviewing it, I could not see the GEDmatch file.  Only the instructions would display.  After discussing the issue with one of the Wikitree staff in Europe, I found that the GEDmatch would only display on my laptop.  We determined that GEDmatch will NOT display if you are running Internet Explorer ver 7 or earlier.  Problem solved (for me anyway).  So to solve YOUR issue if it's the same as mine, try and upgrade your Browser to the latest version.

by Randall Colgan G2G Crew (340 points)
edited by Randall Colgan

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