Is there a G2G panel of experts which answers questions

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as well as commenting thereon ? Does it suit the WikiTree G2G system better to make comments to questioners rather than give direct answers ?

These current questions are not intended to cause offence nor offer criticism but rather are my attempts to gain a better understanding of how the system works in practical terms so that I may learn more and more quickly.

Hopefully this learning process will enable me to become a more useful member of the family than I feel I currently am.  Many thanks  Grace-883
in The Tree House by Phil Grace G2G6 Mach 1 (14.3k points)

Speaking for myself, I only click the answer button when I'm relatively sure the answer I provide is correct. I push the comment button when more research is needed on the information I am providing.

Betty:  Hello & many thanks for your prompt response - I see the logic in your approach  Regards Phil (Grace-883)

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There isn't a panel of experts answering wiki questions. There is instead a wonderful group of people, who enjoy helping others. Individuals, other members, will answer questions in a field they know something about.

As far as comments - if the comment is specific to an answer it makes more sense to use a comment directed at the answer.

I frequently comment on original questions, if I have something to say, but want to make sure that other people read the question also, because sometimes if a question is already answered, I for one won't actually bother to read it.

I guess an answer, answers the question, and a comment is not necessarily an answer, but frequently clarifies or adds to what has been said before.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Anne B

Good question Phil, and I agree with Anne 100%.

Here is a Link to the G2G Q&A information page.

It mentions under Tree House:

"If you don't know where else to put a question, it probably goes here.  It's not just for questions. Write a post to introduce yourself. Share something that other genealogists might find interesting. Report about your recent discoveries, or what you've been working on.  This is a fun category without strict rules."

Thanks for posting, and have a great day!

Hi Phil,

I think Anne answered completely and put it beautifully.

Another way you might look at it is that, yes there is a panel of experts here - it consists of all WikiTree members!

If you see a question that you are able to answer, then go for it - you are now the expert!  If you have a question about anything to do with how WikiTree works or what the policies are for maintaining data and writing profiles then ask ... whoever sees the question an knows the answer will share their expertise with you.

If you just want to share something with the rest of us, you can put it here, also.  We all love to see stories about each others' experiences and successes.

Ain't this the absolute greatest place?????
Anne: Hello & many thanks for taking the trouble to respond in depth. Any & all help is most welcome as I'm still becoming used to the 'system' (less than 2 months for me - although I see some matters go back way longer than that). Phil (Grace-883)
Robert:  Hello & thank you, too, for your comments - although I'm not yet convinced about the absence of "strict rules" nor that the community's contributions are equally 'viewed.

No doubt the whole system could be considered as a 'work in progress' especially  in the case of any offending profiles, and certainly until such time as any shortfalls, discrepancies, duplications, etc are rectified.

Eventually, with more knowledge & experience, I hope to be able to improve my own contributions & maybe those of others.  Regards  Phil (Grace-883)
Gaile:  Hello & many thanks for your encouraging comments. You're right the members are a great group and, one day - if I live long enough - I hope to match their expertise.  In the interim I trust those experts will not mind if I keep pestering them with questions seeking answers as the need arises  Thanks again  Phil (Grace-883)
Phil: Weren't you nice to respond back to all of us individually. You'll do well here. Thank you.
Hello, Phil:  Just saw your post about being a pest by asking questions or seeking answer.  Never consider your questions or seeking answers as being a pest.  I use to feel the same way and many before us have felt the same way at least for a while.  Let me try to explain myself.  When you ask a question or are seeking an answer you will find in time that sometimes your question or the seeking for an answer maybe not at that moment but, also later in time because these may help someone else who is searching for the same thing. Another thing never feel a question or seeking for an answer is stupid.  That is what I use to think. about mine.  The only way we learn things is seeking them out or by asking someone.  Sometimes the answer is not complete or is wrong but, I don't think anyone here is going to try to lead someone wrong.  If, someones answer is not helpful for any reason look at the related questions below the answers to the question.  Or re-word your question in the upper left white box at the very top of the G2G Q&A page.  After you do that click on the box next to the white box that says Search G2G.  This will take you to anything that has already been asked or answered.  If you find you want to keep track of one of them you have asked or answered or someone else has asked or answered then go to the top right of that page and click on the plus sign (+) this will save it under My Favorites at the bottom of the page on G2G and then you can go back to what ever it was by going back to the bottom of this page and click on My Favorites to see all the things you wanted to return to later.

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