Was Elizabeth Shaw, of Weymouth MA Bay Colony, married to Edward Bates?

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As noted in the bio, "Elizabeth is the daughter of John Shaw and Alice Phillips. According to administration papers of her father's estate dated March 11, 1705/06 Elizabeth is the wife of Joseph Poole. The History of Weymouth, Vol 4, p. 612also identifies Elizabeth as the wife of Joseph Poole of Weymouth. Further on page 475 the family of Joseph Poole and Elizabeth Shaw are described.

The History of Weymouth, Vol 3, p. 23 states that Edward Bates married Elizabeth Shaw, daughter of Deacon John Shaw. The problem arising from this second marriage is that the children of both families have overlapping birthdates and the record conflicts with administration papers of her John Shaw's estate dated March 11, 1705/06."

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Edward Bates and wife Elizabeth familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:F4P8-4QP

Edward and Elizabeth Bates familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:F4P8-4QT




There may have been two Elizabeth Shaws.              https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:F45Y-5HN


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Deacon John Shaw, referred to in Vol 3, page 23 of the History of Weymouth appears to refer to a different person than John Shaw who married Alice Phillips. The Deacon John Shaw is shown in Volume 4, page 613, and appears to be a sibling of Elizabeth.  Deacon John Shaw is not shown with a daughter named Elizabeth.

Torrey, in New England Marriages prior to 1700, page 2258 says Edward Bates married: "Edward (1655-) & Elizabeth [?EDSELL]; by 1679/[80?]; Weymouth {Weymouth 3:23; Bates Bulletin 1913:19, 4 ser. 154; Bates (n.d.) 20; Sv. 1:138}"

Torrey, in the same reference, page 26166 has this to say about Joseph Poole: "Joseph (-1706) & 1/wf Elizabeth [SHAW] (1656-), m/2 Peter HOLBROOK, m/3 Robert WEARE; by 1674; Weymouth {Weymouth 4:475; Poole 9; Gen. Adv. 3:128, 4:64; Bassett-Preston 215, 254; Reg. 59:328; Backus Anc. 155, 156}".  The timing of these second and third marriages for Elizabeth seem suspect though.

No records of either marriages have been found in Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850, Weymouth volume, although both marriages appear (from Torrey) to have occurred there.  Broadening the search to all of Massachusetts turns up no records for either marriage in that database.

Since Elizabeth couldn't have been married and having children with two different men at the same time, and since her father, John Shaw's will provides evidence of her marrying Poole, it seems that she should be disconnected from Edward Bates as a spouse, and create a new Elizabeth Unknown as Edward Bates' wife, to which the children would be connected. A Disputed Origins section could be created containing the speculation about Edward being her husband.

In online genealogy forums, this question has come up, and the postings that I have read said there is no primary source data to show Elizabeth (daughter of John and Alice Shaw) married Edward Bates. It seems that the researcher in History of Weymouth errored with respect to Edward Bates and Elizabeth, and a lot of other researchers relied on this erroneous information, perpetuating the myth.
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Further, Elizabeth is mentioned in Joseph Poole's will which was made on April 11, 1706 as follows:


Joseph Pool, "being sensible and apprehensive of ye near approach of death by a  dangerous disease," made his will 11 Apr. 1706, and it was proved 16 May, 1706, as the will of " Joseph Pool, late of Weymouth, carpenter, deceased." To his wife Elizabeth one-third, to his son Joseph Pool his house and barn that was John Arnold 's. To son

Samuel Pool lands with the new house that he lives in. To son Isaac Pool house and land adjoining "that I now live in." To sons Joseph and Isaac 95 acres in Bridgewater purchased of John Lovell. To his daughter Elizabeth Lovell L25. To the rest of my daughters unmarried L25 each. Wife Elizabeth Pool, executrix, and three sons executors. Witnesses: Thomas Thornton, Jonathan Torrey, Edward Bates, Sr. (Suffolk Probate, 16: 149.)


I will deconstruct the profiles this evening - stay tunedsmiley

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Thank you Eugene and SW.
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OK - think I've finished with the rough work.

- I seperated Edward Bates and his children from Elizabeth (Shaw) Poole

-I did not create a wife for Edward Bates because I wasn't sure whether to go with Elizabeth [Unknown or Edsell]. I'll leave that decision to someone else.

- I found a couple of the Poole children and linked them to Joseph Pool and Elizabeth Shaw

- I created new profiles for the other children with the exception of the youngest child, Abigail. It looks like she might not be Elizabeth's daughter.

- I addressed the "Disputed Origins" of Elizabeth Shaw and Edward Bates in both his and her profile

There are more connections, sources and info to be added so if anyone would like to participate I won't be offended. Please feel free to edit, correct and improve any of the associated profiles. My work is always up for review.

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for Bates-1515,Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 shows two records for Edward's birth on December 10, 1655. Both fathers are Edward Bates. One mother is Annie Bates;the other is Susan Bates

There is another Elizabeth Shaw, born in Boston on 21, May 1656.
Dtr of Anthony Shaw and Alice Stannard.  More research is required.

There is also a John Shaw from Plymouth (had a dtr Abigail b.1647) and his wife's name was none other than Alice ( surname unproven)  I have yet to do further research on his descendents however this gives us another avenue to explore in looking for the wife of Deacon Edw, Bates.
The wife of Edward Sr  appears in some recordsA as Susana others times as Susan and yet again as Anne.  I would make an educated guess that Susan, and Anne are the same person having the 2 names combined in some records listing her as Susanna

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