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 MARY BOYER born c. 1825; Quebec? died 3 March 1875 in NY. Birth year 1825 is approx & yrs 1820-1830 should be considered. Her birthpl from U.S. censuses (1850,60,70) is given as Canada. She lived most of her life in Mooers Forks, Clinton County, NY.  Mary was Scots/French ancestry. Mary Boyer married Andrew Paul Lambert who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1807. No marriage record has been found. Married prior to the baptism of their 1st child; 7 July 1846. Their children surnamed LAMBERT were: 1. Margaret, bapt 7 July 1846 at St. Joseph Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co, NY. Sps: Adolphe Morin & Marie Trembly.

2.  John McKenzie (or McKinsey) bp. 12 March 1848, same as above Sp: Pierre Roberge & Marie Trembly.  Mother's name: Marie MAHEUR, Maher, Maheux?

3. Lucinda, at St-Romain, Hemmingford,  Huntingdon County, QP, 15 October 
1850. Mother: Mary Bayl___, maybe Baylon? Sp: Daniel Gettins & Catherine Lambert.
4. Catherine bp 19 June 1852, same as above.  Mother's name Mary BOYER. Sp: Thomas Ryan & Mary Lambert.
5. Catherine, bp. 20 Sept. 1854, same as above.  Mother: Mary BOIRE.  Sp: 
John Lamber & Mary Lambert. 
The baptims of the next four children all at Ste-Anne de Centreville,Mooers Forks, Clinton County, NY all on 31 Aug. 1863 when the 4 were between 5 years & 7 weeks. Older ones first bp. in a Protesant church? There was no shortage of Catholic churches in their region.
6. Charles Edward, b 21 Sept. 1856
7. Florence B.,  b 13 July 1858.  A descendant said her middle name sounded 
like  "Belsnoro"...  Or could it be a surname.
8. Harriet Arvaline(?)(she used Evaline), bn 10 May 1861.
9. Edmund, b 12 July 1863.Sp for all 4 were P.J. Crevier & Mary Lambert.  I have not seen images for these 4 records & don't know how mother's name shows. Baptisms have not been found for the last two children:
10. Julius Edgar,  b 7 Dec. 1865
11. Frederick Wilks,  b 20 Oct. 1869.

in Genealogy Help by Yvette Bergeron G2G3 (3.4k points)

CONTINUED FROM ABOVE: The 1850 and 1852 baptismal records state that Mary and Andrew Lambert were 
residents of Hemmingford, but the 1850 thru 1870 censuses shows them in Mooers 
Forks, where Andrew settled in 1832. In 1872 Mary and Andrew moved to Glencoe, 
McLeod County, Minnesota where she died 3 March 1875.  The monument in Mt. 
Auburn cemetery gives her name as "Mary Boyer, wife of Andrew Lambert". Her funeral was conducted from the Methodist 
church, showing departure from Catholicism. A grandson of Mary Boyer Lambert thought that her husband Andrew Lambert may have had a first wife by the name of "Mary Moore". Though that may be correct there is nothing so far to show a prior marriage.   The baptism of son John (no. 2 above) in which the mother's name has been deciphered as Maheur, or Maher or Maheux. Was that surname pronounced might have sounded something like "Moore"?   John's 1911 Denver death cert. gives mother as "Mary Boyer" !   

QUESTION: Was Maheur/Maheux/Maher and the endless spellings of that surname, 
possibly a "dit name" for Boyer, or vise versa?  Dr. Virginia DeMarce, former NGS president wrote that the Maheur family of northern Clinton County, NY were found prior to that place, in the records of St. Edouard de Napierville QP. If it can be established that the above Marie Maheur (etc.) was a 1st wife of Andrew Lambert, & not Mary Boyer, then a marriage for Mary Boyer & Andrew Lambert would have occurred c. 1849-1850 & not c. 1845-46 as suggested earlier.  Having only the given name "Mary" for Mary Boyer  is a handicap, as most likely she would have been baptized "Marie-Something".  Boyer is such a common name that all variant spellings should be considered, not to mention "dit" names, of which I am not versed.  The appearance of the name Maheur/Maher, etc. rather than Boyer must be taken note of & could prove to be a critical clue. Of course, given names of Mary's children may serve as clues to Mary's parents & siblings' names. I know that this is extraordinarily long, but want to present all the pertinent potentially helpful information for solving the mystery of Mary's origins. Any suggestions or hunches appreciated.    Anyone who can crack this Boyer case will be a Genealogy God in my eyes!

My In-laws have a Pierre Roberge in their ancestry. He is Pierre Lapierre Roberge, but he was born in 1649. He had an older brother named Pierre Lacroix Roberge, born in 1637. That line traces back to Normandy, France.

Have you ever tried using ? By going to  and entering Clinto County, NY at the Residence Place plus the other information that you have, you could find answers to at least some of the puzzle. Clinton County, NY is at"Clinton%20Co%2C%20NY"~

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Few things;

1) First this search has been going on on the web for a long time, just do a quick Google search and you'll find it on many other boards and so far nobody has been able to come up with THE answer, so truly a brick wall, that being said I think we should put our collective power together and find an acceptable solution for it, probably circumstantial if not documented

2) Belsnoro probably a nickname coming from the French expression "beau snoreau" (belle snoreau for the feminine version) translation = "Cunning man, smart". For a child it would translate as a "mischievous child".

3) I've found one Mary Boyer born in Québec March 3. 1825 in Les Cèdres father Charles Boyer and mother Mary Smith, although I have nothing at this point to tie it to your case, Smith sound English enough to give me some hope. Les Cèdres is a small old village about 25 miles west of Montréal, it date back to the beginning of the colony because it was a landing point before some white waters rapids on the St-Lawrence river.


by Claude Emond G2G6 Mach 1 (15.3k points)

Claude, could you please provide the source of the information re: "Mary Boyer born in Québec March 3. 1825 in Les Cèdres father Charles Boyer and mother Mary Smith"?   This seems like a good and promising lead and I would like to research it further. I would very much appreciate if you could point me to the source of that information. Thank you very much. Yvette Bergeron

Thank you very much. Unfortunately this promising lead has turned out to be a dead end also., On further investigation it was found out that this Mary Rose Boyer died on March 8, 1825, only a few days after her baptism. The hunt continues!  The Maheu or Maheux surname cropped up where it should have been Boyer on one of Mary's babies baptism records. Could this be a Maheux dit Boyer or visa versa? Thanks again to everyone for your idea, suggestions & help. Sincerely, Yvette Bergeron

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