How many members are currently interested in a "French Roots" project?

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Specifically a " French Project " ! There are already several 'projects' aimed at  languages & peoples whose origins & family names are not as readily recognised as, say,  those English names such as Smith, Jones, Brown, etc.

The European influence on the English language and persons' names is fairly wide-spread which, no doubt, is why there are 'projects' allowing for numerous 'non-English' names & languages - Dutch, German, Italian and 'Scandinavian' projects come immediately to mind - which is why it seems unusual (to me) that a French 'project' has not already been long-established.

I , for one , would be seriously interested in the creation of such a project. Is there anyone out there who would also see benefit in this proposal ?
in The Tree House by Phil Grace G2G6 Mach 1 (12k points)
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I would be interested to participate but being new here I would need some guidance for sure.


What would the work of the project be? What would be the criteria for marking profiles? 

Claude: Hello & thank you for your expression of interest. Don't worry about being new here - most of us are new here, and are still learning. As to guidance, there are literally thousands of helpers available online at any one time within the WikiTree site who are only too willing to provide the benefit of their experience & knowledge.

It should be simply a matter of:  if you need an 'answer'  ,  then ask a 'question'  , using the G2G facility (as we are now). You won't necessarily always receive a direct 'answer' as many members choose to respond by way of a 'comment' (as you have) but eventually matters progress.

Hopefully, we will learn if there are any others who may be sufficiently attracted to the idea that they might also indicate their interest  Thank you again.  Phil (Grace-883)
Jillaine: Hello As a comment (on your comment on my question) I can only suggest that the work should be similar to that currently being done in, say, the 'Dutch Roots Project' which would then similarly provide, inter alia, 'project protection' for profiles, merging of duplicates to the lowest ID, etc. etc.

Hope this answers the questions included in your comment - for which I thank you - if only pro temp., and, hopefully, until there is an indication of broader interest.
Thanks for the clarification, Phil.  That helps me know if and how to engage in such a project. My husband has a French (Huguenot) branch. I've not spent as much time working that line back before the Huguenot period-- ie on French soil.

"  I can only suggest that the work should be similar to that currently being done in, say, the 'Dutch Roots Project' ..."

Hello Phil, just so you can have some guidance about the how and why of such ethnic project creation, Dutch Roots came about because there was a critical mass of Dutch-speaking members in WikiTree who were interested and able to read Dutch-language records.

So if you can organize a similar group of French native Members for a similar focus, that is a good place to start. There shoud be a French Portal here somewhere already, as a place to start bringing those members together for the purpose.

You can find the link to that, and post it and others here to G2G. Huguenot Migration is a good hunting ground to also get you started.

I would like to have help on getting information on ancestors with French roots

                  Martha Beaugh-15           leger

You might like to take a look at this official sign-up thread:

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Please consider French/German/Swiss as a project category.  My family came over from what is now Switzerland, but census answers reflect the multitude of 19th century wars following their arrival in America when the same lands were alternately controlled by one of these 3 countries.

Anonymous: Hello . Many thanks for your response. There is already a 'Europe  category' which includes/makes references to the three countries you mention (and also to most of the other 'european' countries which could be said to not include 'french' as a major part of their day-to-day affairs with, perhaps,  the possible exception of Belgium).

My question was aimed more at persons/families that had their origins in France (as we know it today and in it's preceding various forms over time) including its overseas possessions & territories for inclusion in a separate project in much the same way as has already been done in similarly focused projects aimed at 'Dutch Roots' , 'German Roots', 'Czech Roots', Latin American Roots' , etc., etc.

I do not want to waste my time in the EUROPE thread.  My family is partly from France and partly from Switzerland, all in the river basin north of the Alps and west and south of the Rhine.  We are not related to the German part of the family by the same name separated from our often French region by many rivers and mountains.  Most of us consider ourselves from Alsace, though the country line often moves a few miles west or east of our small town repeatedly during Bismarck's wars of the 19th century.  Look at topographical maps and you will see what I mean; otherwise, you will miss a lot of French people only nominally in other countries.  From one source, my family name means "one who sells vegetables in the marketplace in Paris," despite it now being the border of Switzerland.

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Click on any of the first three project names below to find WikiTree teammates working on profiles of French descendants, and the multitude of affiliated interests and sub-projects. The fourth project team below should be able to assist anyone wanting to work in the French language.


The place for WikiTreers who want to improve WikiTree's coverage of the French settlers who came to Nova Scotia and the surrounding areas in the early 1600s, as well as their descendants.


To bring together WikiTreers who are focusing on the French settlers to came to Quebec in the 17th century.

Canadian History

For WikiTreers who are working on improving the profiles of the Canadian Prime Ministers, Fathers of Confederation, and other historical Canadian figures.

Language Project

A project to help people with foreign languages (such as interpreting foreign genealogy records), as well as investigating ways to make WikiTree more friendly to non-English speakers.

by George Blanchard G2G6 Mach 9 (90.7k points)
George: Hello & many thanks for you response and the leads to those interested in French ancestors. I did not wish to clash with existing projects in seeking to establish a new 'French Roots' project and had believed that such emigrants were most likely even more widely found than just in Canada.
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Yes, I have been adding names from towns in Bas-Rhin for almost a year. I have even been considering a One Place Study, as I have hundreds of names from Muttersholtz and for Baldenheim.
by Sharon Centanne G2G6 Pilot (150k points)

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