How do we delete or merge duplicate photo uploads please?

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You don't merge them, but you can delete them.  The language to do it is kind of strange, but here's how:

On the page for the image you want to delete, scroll down to where you see "People and Things in this Image" on the left side.  Under that will be the names of the pages that the image is displayed on.  For each page, there will be a choice to "Remove from image".  Click the circle for that choice on all pages that are listed there.  When you're done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE CHANGES TO THIS IMAGE.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (910k points)
Thanks Gaile! My biggest problem is background images. I have uploaded the same background to many pages. I want to keep those backgrounds and add more.
It sounds like you are trying to organize all the pictures you would like to have in a "library" that could be "borrowed" for use by different profiles, as needed.

For that, I would suggest a free space page in which you store all the graphic files you want to use on multiple profiles.  You could have more than 1 free space page - for example you could have a free space page for backgrounds, another one for photos, another one for source images, maybe another one for graphic elements like scroll designs or floral designs, etc.

For background and for thumbnail images on a profile, the image file has to be assigned to the page, but that can easily be done.  The same place on the image's editing page where you can click the circle to remove the image from a page has a blank box that allows you to type in the ID of a page that you want to add the image to (except that, as I mentioned the strange wording before, it says add the page to the image).  The same image file can be added to as many pages as you want.  Once the image is added to a profile page, it will show up on the right side of the page and there will be a way to select that image as either background or thumbnail.

Does this help?

I have set up a free space page to store all source documents related to profiles in the Holocaust project.  Although most of these are used only on a single profile, some are used on multiple profles - for example, a ship manifest image that includes several members of the same family who traveled together would be a source for each family member.

You can see this page at:

There are almost 200 images on this page now.  I have created an index in the page space so that I can immediately see the image file names related to the people to whom they apply.  Unless you have an overwhelming number of images (like I do here) that is not necessary, nor is ther any reason to do it.

Hi Sharon,

Gaile is correct on all this but I wanted to add a few notes.

It is a little indeed a little strange how images are deleted on WikiTree. All you have to do is remove profiles from the image, as Gaile said. That "orphans" the image and it doesn't appear anywhere but it isn't yet deleted. A month later the file is deleted.

We have this delay because images may be shared by more than one member and this helps avoid mistakes. But it does add confusion because it's unconventional.

If those background images you're using might be used by other members, I hope you'll make it a public gallery.

When we created this system, in fact, I had Gaile in mind. I thought she might get into creating a wallpaper gallery or two. :-)



I have to wonder what you're smoking if you're thinking of me in the same breath with artistic embellishment!!!!  I ain't Van Go-Go - - - I'm an engineer.  I practically worship tweaking things by adding functionality bells and whistles, but as a professional web developer, graphics are my Achilles heel.  I always tell my clients that I'm willing to do my best, but unless they pay a graphic artist to come up with the graphic elements, it will not look truly professional.

Here are sites of two of my clients - one used a graphic artist and the other used me - the difference is like night and day! and

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