Is there a roadmap, or a discussion thread that discusses futures for Wikitree?

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I am trying to sort out how a "free" service like Wikitree decides what to work on next; and how those changes are done.

Is there an introductory thread somewhere that discusses this?

Love to help in anyway I can on this.  Just don't know how to engage on this, or who to chat with.
in Policy and Style by Bill Jennings G2G6 (9.4k points)

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(I'm assuming in this answer that you're talking about code changes, ie. new features being added to WikiTree. Let me know if that's not the case.)

Short answer: not really.

Long answer: Chris has a huge to do list. Things are prioritised based on how easy they'd be to implement, how many people have begged for them, and how much benefit they'd add to the site. The changes are done by Chris and Brian.

There is a small group of users who discuss possible improvements to the site, and they've also developed some external tools that work with WikiTree, which are open source. You can get involved on the project page:

Other than that, we're always open to suggestions, preferably on G2G where everyone can see them and chime in.

by Liander Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (458k points)
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Wikitree doesn't decide. Individual members do what needs to be done.

I began 17 months ago, entering my family, then I got access to an unpublished document covering 8 generations beginning about 1650. I've been entering that, and learning how the Wiki tree works. Recently, I've been working on merging dupicate profiles. Wikitree had become a place for ameteur genealogists to store their trees, and its intent is to be one tree. The GEDcoms that had been 'dumped' contained thousands of duplicate entries, many covering the 1600 - 1700  period, when we all are interested in our early families. I've found that sorting out real people from wannabes to be quite a challenge.

Start easy, let it grow on you. I see you've made approximately 1200 entries, this may amount to as many as 300 profiles.  its a good start, keep on and eventually you will figure it out.


Lianne (belos) probably would be good to discuss questiones with.
edited by Tom Bredehoft
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Welcome Bill, as you enter your tree if you find duplicate profiles request to merge them.  Sometimes you will find multiple profiles with the same name, please merge all of them.  Adopt orfan files you find with the same profile information as yours then merge them.  Our goal is to have one profile per person.  That profile can have many managers.  The ultimate goal is to have each profile with information that is acurate or at the very least a probable degree of certainty.  In genealogy the word possible means It might be true a lot of research still needed, probably means while not certain there is enough evidence to support it being true further research required.  Certain means without a doubt it is true we have a credible source such as vital record, church record or bible record etc...  We have groups in Special Projects who have desided to work on Presidents or The Great Migration etc... Jump in by merging these people, identifying the correctness of information or adding to the family tree and etc...  If you have a special talent or want to begin a special project that is near and dear to your heart just do it don't be afraid just try to be acurate as you can.
by Living Butchino G2G6 Mach 4 (45.1k points)

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