"Weekend Chat" - All Members are Invited! (8 May 2015)

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This is an ongoing "Chat" post that can be added to throughout the weekend.  All members of WikiTree are invited to join in!

Do you have ideas to share?

Stories about famous or infamous ancestors?

Have you met any close relatives through WikiTree?

New people, say Hello and introduce yourself!

What improvements can we make to help new members?

G2G Pilots, Mentors, and Leaders... any fresh Tips for us?

What's the weather been like in your neck-of-the-woods?

Any subject you want to chat about...

Post answers here, comment on answers, up-vote things you like or agree with, and have fun!

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asked in The Tree House by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (594k points)

I'm really loving wiki tree I have met one distant relative on my grandfathers side of the family. I really joined to try to find out more about my fathers side of the family but have been having fun entering information and remembering stories about my mothers side and it has brought me close to them asking them about what they remember and have heard some interesting and touching stories that have made me feel really close to those ancestors I've never met.  Only thing I think would be nice if wiki tree had way to  upload videos without having to upload it somewhere else then conecting it through a link. I was helping with the Red Hill Cemetery and made a quick video of area with my phone would have liked to share on page that was done for Red Hill I don't know if I can link it using Box or not.  Also I have been dying to share video I found on You Tube by Elizabeth Brown ,of a lost grave yard found in the wood with people who will actually enjoy as much as I did. This is Not Red Hill Cemetery, Red Hill Cemetery is in Perry County on Black Creek, the Cemetery found in woods on video was found in Red Creek in Stone County.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfUzn7z8IwQ

I liked the video, thank you Charissa!
I have been doing genealogy since about 1980 ( barring a few 'sabbaticals") and working with my wife since 2005.  We work together on Waldrop; not so much together on other surnames.   The surmanes include:  Waldrop Sherill, Hunt, Scruggs, McKenzie, Cleveland, Shulte ( Texas).   The amount of data on Waldrop is substantial.

We have not found the parents of my Tilman Waldrop; nor have we found the parents of my wife's Rev. Green berry Waldrop.   Drat.





This is so amazing about your find of Red Hill Cemetery ! Your kids are amazing to help you. Can you make a free space page for it for the Cemetery project ? 

Red Hill Cemetery (which is near Black Creek) is a different cemetery than one in video above as far as I know on in video (which is surrounded by Red Creek) has not had anything done ,  the kids who found it are not related to me (that I know of anyway) I just came across that video when I was looking for anything on Red Hill and found it so fasinated tried to share with some of my friends who didn't get how awesome of a find it was that's why I shared here beleived people would actually get it and enjoy watching . I did get with Myrtis Jane and she helped put together a page for Red Hill on the Cemetery project http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Red_Hill_Cemetery%2C_Perry_County%2C_Mississippi  I put a link to video I made of that area in comments but did not turn out as well
That explains it as I was wondering about the two locations and it is so encouraging to see people who explore these old cemeteries and put them on the radar map for the preservationists.
Hi everyone!

My name is Marilyn Humrichouser Albert. Just thought I was introduce myself and hopefully get to know some of the other members here. I am from Ashland, Ohio where I have lived most of my life. I retired in 2009 from the State of Ohio with 30 years. My husband, Joseph Albert, passed away two and a half years ago. He was a disabled veteran of the Vietnam War and it finally caught up to him as it is doing all other veterans of the war. I took up this "job" a year after I retired and has sustained me through years of poor health on my part too. Now I am a little better and I really getting into this. I believe my tree is very interesting, but it is time now for me start verifying the information so I know exactly from where I came. With all of your help hopefully I can achieve this. Thank you !
Best of success Marilyn!

Greetings. I am enjoying using the site along with Ancestry since about Oct 2014. Found several of my relatives since I started the search for my cousins that I lost contact with for almost 35 years. Used Ancestry and Facebook information to tract them down and now trying to get more actuate information especially on my parents who never shared their story. Glad that Wikitree allows you to search and read information without paying a monthly fee.

Charissa Currie has been a wonderful person to work with plus we are distant kin.  She's so eager to learn and try news things.  So pleased she found us on WikiTree.

Greetings to all WikiTree'ers, thanks to everyone  who has helped me get my One-Place study going, signature and just everything.  I have a lot of work ahead with this project and slowly learning about style.  I am all about sourcing; but in adding family member's yesterday I noticed the new templets for uncourcing and I love it. Is there a particular page or pages that is just the "best" in style. 

I have used WikiTree for several years now; but, just started this One Place Study last month.  This is what I have learned.  I use Family Tree Maker and Legacy 8.  I use Ancestry and FamilySearch.  I am loving WikiTree more and more with one caveat I wish the Middle Name field was located by the first and last name fields.  In entering people from the Census I am scrolling up and down as the name comes first (including middle) and then other info.  Just saying.  Other than that I am raving on the support, the ease and correcting errors, merging and linking of profiles to be the "cats meow" among the other sites.  Best wishes to all!smiley

I have been keeping quite busy with a new batch of Lost Family Photos, I purchased from my favorite vintage shop during a trip to Portland a few weeks ago. The greatest part, one of the photos that I purchased actually gave me the missing piece of info to positively identify one of the first photos I ever purchased last summer for this project. Woohoo, the benefits of buying photos from the same shop each time. If only I had inexhaustable funds and time, I'd go buy the whole lot (the shop has hundres, possibly thousands) and spend my days sorting and cataloging everyone, mining the internet for information, and building family trees for them so relatives who go to look for them in the future have access to photographs that might otherwise have been lost.

I have also been spending a lot of my time wandering through Lake View Cemetery, camera in one hand and phone opened up to my Find-a-Grave app in the other. Since headstone requests have been sort of nil lately, I've taken it upon myself to walk the cemetery and take photos of anyone that is not already catalogued on the website (or is catalogued, but doesn't have a headstone photo). I came upon the most interesting piece of history while doing this a couple of months ago. I saw a beautiful headstone with the last name of "Susandt", a name I'd never heard of. There was nothing on Find-a-Grave for this family, so I snapped photos of all the headstones and headed home to see what I could find.

It turns out that "Susandt" is only a single-generation name, an alternative  spelling of Susand. The family that had the name were former slaves. The last name appears to be completely original, the patriarch of the family (Peter) giving it to himself when he escaped slavery in Virginia and relocated to Canada, settling in Ontario. I actually found a book that Peter Susand is mentioned in, which is about a large group of escaped slaves who fled via the Underground Railroad, and settled in Queen's Bush, Ontario, forming their own (entirely black) community in Canada. Peter married a white woman from England, and they had ten children. Their son William is the one that moved to Seattle, changed the spelling of his last name to Susandt, then he and his wife owned a hair salon, where he worked as a barber and she as a hairdresser. Peter Susand also worked as a barber, and at least one more of his sons also became a barber. William's daughter Olive and wife Victoria were so light-skinned that when William passed, they both changed their race to white on the census, and Olive married a white man. It's especially interesting to me that this was happening in the 1800s in Seattle, because of the very complicated history of racial relations in the Pacific Northwest. I actually ordered a copy of the book that mentions the Susand family ( The Queen's Bush Settlement: Black Pioneers 1839-1865", by Linda Brown-Kubisch) so I could learn more about this piece of history. Unfortunately, Olive was the only child they had, and she and her husband do not appear to have had any children, so the name Susandt completely died with them.
Hi fellow wikitreers, since finding wikitree I have become addicted to genealogy.

My name is Charles Harrison; I live in New Zealand (emigrated with my parents and siblings 54 years ago from England).

I am researching Harrison and Hart (from Durham and Yorkshire) from my father's side and Morgan and Pothecary from my mother's side (I have found it interesting the variations of spelling of the name Pothecary - Potecary, Potercarry, Pottercarry, Poticary, even Pollicassy).

I am also researching my wife's side with Sutherland and Cramer as the main interests; I have found that the Cramers and Sutherlands almost single-handedly populated New Zealand in the early days.

As I find another branch of the family I try to incorporate at least 2 or three generations so that nephews, nieces and grandchildren have a starting point if they choose to research their trees.

I have discovered numerous relatives of mine and my wife's through wikitree. I am now looking forward to my retirement years when I can spend even more time doing research.
Hi -- I'm new here. My name is Michele and I live in Minnesota. My uncle did the history for my maternal Kelly side, now I'm digging in on my paternal Schermann side. My uncle kept the info on Ancestry.com. I saved the GED file after he died and before his world subscription ended. I have also been using Reunion (on a Mac) to organize the data and double check facts.

My father left the family when I was an infant so I don't know much about his side of the family. Some 2nd and 3rd cousins from father's side found me from 23andMe and shared information. It's been so fascinating to learn about the family. I spent a few hours at the MN History Center looking at old family data and found it all a bit grim and depressing, still, I want to go back and dig up more stories.

Another hobby I've taken up for whenever I have free time is geocaching. A friend mentioned "Find A Grave" and I've been finding graves for people occassionally too; it's kind of like geocaching only on and under the ground.

I do find the Wiki site to be a bit awkward to use and not always intuitive. I'm sure it will make sense eventually, or I'll just get used to it.

I'm probably never going to win a prize as a genealogist; my mom kept a bunch of papers and photos (and lots of other clutter). I sent the family papers to the uncle, scanned the rest and shredded the remaining papers and photos. After my uncle died, I think my cousin might have done the same with all the papers (except she wouldn't have scanned them first). My cousin and I had the same reaction to having to clean out houses full of paper and trinkets and stuff -- it all went out.

So that's my story! Thank goodness for electronic databases so I don't have to keep paper!
Hi, my name's Max Haiflich, Jr. I've bben researching my family since the early 80's. My database lists over 32,000 people right now. I joined Wiki so I could get as mush of this information out as I could.

I was using PAF5 for all that time, until I exceeded 30K. Then the program started screwing up, but without showing it until I esceeded 31K when it crashed. I've changed programs and saved well over 30K, but many Cocumentations also disappeared. I have been repairing them and adding back a lot of the rest, every since.

I will be adding more profiles here of my family as I go. I will not add any that I do not have personal (or other family memeber) knowledge of or some reliable documentation for.

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This week I learned how to set up a "To Do" list.

I met yet another person through the profiles I've created on WikiTree, the nephew of one of our long-time neighbors.  We had a very nice exchange.  I'll be sending him pictures of his family's summer camp.

I have been enjoying Mentoring very much.  Interacting with people and helping them is very rewarding.

My riding lawn-mower is temporarily out of service so I mowed about 3 acres with a push-mower yesterday.  My legs feel it this morning (in a good way).

Today I'll be alternating between yard work and WikiTree.  It's sunny and the birds are chirping :)
answered by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (594k points)
My sympathies are with you and your poor overworked legs.
The yardwork portion of my day starts right now.  I love Spring. :-)
Nice work on yet another Weekend Chat - this is great!  I'm so delighted you are doing such a wonderful job with them and that you are such a fantastic WikiTreer :)

Enjoy the yardwork, Chris and Keith!
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Mentors Tip...don't let your 20 year old live-in son (he works two jobs) talk you into going havsies on a pool.  :-)
answered by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
This is one of those comments where I wish we had a "like" button.   Close second to yours....is "don't offer to weed the backyard of your daughter"....one year later it looks the same!
Big Chuckle coming out of my mouth
Tip: Don't go halfsies! Suggest that each person should pay a percentage in proportion to their height. Pro-tip: This only works in your favour if you are short and wiley, or tall and generous ;)
Don't say yes to that 4-H lamb you know your granddaughter will not pay attention to after week #3!  Finally, the show and sale are tomorrow and the lamb is away.........
Too bad it wasn't one of those terribly cute pigmy goats!  Mags
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Yes, I have a question. Not sure where in G2G to post it. In March I did almost 1100 contributions and it said I would get my 1000 contributions badge on the 1st of May.


Now it's 8/5 and I still didn't got it. Is it a manual process then please point me to whom I can speak. If it's automatic, why didn't I get it?

Thanks in advance!

PS: One are where we could do more for Newbies is the formatting choices. WikiTree and it's text formatting is almost worth a webinar on it's own. Can we make sure it's introduced better?
answered by Andreas West G2G6 Mach 4 (47.5k points)
Thank you for posting Andreas,

Posting here will get the badge situation resolved.  I'll email a Leader who likely will correct it pronto.

Nice point about the formatting.
HI Andreas,

You now have the Club 1000 badge :)  

And we're always looking for topics for Google+ Hangouts on Air.  Anyone who would be interested in helping with one on formatting is welcome to contact me and we can put one together.
Thank you so much, Eowyn. I will be "wearing" this badge with honor and it keeps me going to do a lot more edits (though my time probably won't allow me to do this crazy over 1000 contributions in a month again).
You're very welcome!  You do great work :)  Thanks for helping so much with categories!
Hi Eowyn, maybe you could help me too on the 1000 badge thing. Last Dec 2014 I thought I went over 1000 but only recieved the 100 badge. Maybe I was wrong on the count, but I often wondered. Been off line JAN-Mar 2015 due to an enjury on my foot but back now working on my cousins bio and profiles. Thanks in advance!!
on the 1000 flag,  "me too"

when I need help on formatting, I always go to http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Editing_Tips ... there was a pdf How-to manual at one point. I'll see if I can find where that was posted.

found it - on the http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Video_Help page is a link to a http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/PDF_Help page, where the "WikiTree Markup manual" is a clickable link.

Found a lot of new and interesting pages looking for it through http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/How_to_use_WikiTree and the http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help_Index.

Cheers, Liz

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I just started yesterday so my branches only extend to immediate family... I have already started emailing relatives to get more information to start branching up and outward. However, since my family immigrated to the US in the early 1900's I'm afraid names were changed at time of entry or that records from the old country will be hard to verify.

since I have just started on this journey I am going to stay positive - so far no links yet.
answered by Lucinda Hark G2G Crew (650 points)
Welcome to WikiTree Lucinda
Hi Lucinda, if you have German surname in there you can either post them here as an answer or put them as a comment on my homepage. I will give you feedback which ones are written correct and for those that aren't I can give you the most likely correct spelling.


Then I suggest you use http://christoph.stoepel.net/geogen/en/ to find out the most likely origin of that surname (if it's rare enough)
Lucinda, I have many immigrant ancestors too and depending on where they came from I understand how hard it is to find them in records. Let me know if they are Eastern European and I will try to help.
Interesting site, Andreas, I tried out "Langholf" on it.
I know what you mean about changing surnames upon entry to the US.  Apparently, they just wrote names how they sounded.  My great-grandfather entered in 1890 from Germany.  His surname was Thoene.  It was changed to Tenny.  We knew it was changed, but thought it was shortened from Tennenbaum!
Welcome! I can completely sympathize with you. My relatives chose the name Norman when they emigrated here from Sweden. With some work, I was able to trace my ancestors and had a cousin from Sweden find me through Wikitree! Have hope, it is interesting how family seems to find one another!
Eowyn and others with German ancestors, please try out this website as well. It has even older data than the Geogen website: http://gen-evolu.de/

As for the name Langholf it's very rare. I would consider Langhoff as well. A Y-DNA test could help you figure out the origin of the name and can verify if other Langholf are from the same origin (must be with such a rare surname).

On the other side I couldn't find it in the standard literature for Langholf and I checked all books. Closest is as I mentioned Langhoff (sounds pretty much the same), this one is a surname that points to a location (of which there are several ones in former Brandenburg/now Poland, Wuerttemberg and Bavaria). Second explanation is a farm name (as hof or hoff means farm). Consider that as well Eowyn
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Hello Cousins!
Spent the last week adding all I could find on profiles for the Great War project.
Wrote some brief snippets and added sources. Completed about 60 of them this week.
Was able to connect several of the soldiers to one ancestor 
Do you have an ancestor that participated in the Great War 1914-1918?
answered by Jacqueline Clark G2G6 Pilot (156k points)
edited by Eowyn Langholf
My maternal grandfather served in WW I. He was in the US 26th "Yankee Division" Division.
Wow Jacky I can't imagine being quick enough at entering profiles to do 60 in a week!   Your project looks great and something I would be interested in helping with when I get a bit quicker at this.  My paternal grandfather served in the 4th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers until he was invalided out and another more distant cousin served in the West Kent regiment, sadly he died days before the end of the war of pneumonia.
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Thanks for reminding me> I taged this. Because the time goes by, at the speed of light,  I  often dont realise it is Friday.  :-)

Would like the input of more veteran Wikitree users;

1> If I see mistakes been made I offer to help the person via private mail. Although I feel bad for them (dont like to criticise people or pretend to be a knowall) What is the procedure if the persone just keep doing it there way?  Don't whant to tread on toes.

2> Are we allowed to post links of  interesting subjects here?

Have the best weekend ever and enjoy the time you spend with your mothers and wives on Sunday.
answered by Ronel Olivier G2G6 Mach 4 (48.9k points)
Hi Ronel,

Thanks for all you've done around the 'Tree! If you see something that you're not sure is being done according to our WikiTree standards, and mentioning it to the person doesn't seem to make a difference, you can always check out the http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Problems_with_Members page for guidance on how to let Leaders and the Team know.

As far as posting interesting links, using the Tree House section of G2G is perfect for posting them. We love seeing what you're reading!
Hi Abby

Thank you for the information and taking the time to reply. My appreciation.As we say in my ligo ( Baie Dankie.) Enjoy the weekend.
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In the past week, I have had the delighful surprise of receiving two separate contacts - each one from a non-member - about profiles in my large adopted gedcom family.

The first was from an author in England, who is about to publish a biography about Joe Stirling and found his father's profile - Alfred Stern (Stern-186) - in which I had included information about the son.

The second was from a distant relative of a branch of this family.  She is just starting to work on genealogy and a brand new member of geni.  The only thing I knew before about a half dozen members of this family was that they were caught up in the Holocaust and, following the end of World War II, their fate was unknown.  She gave me the information that all had survived.  Armed with that, I was able to find information about them and am nearly done writing their bios.  I tried, but apparently was not successful in persuading her to join WikiTree, but we agreed to stay in touch and share any new information we find..

I just get so excited when things like these arrives in my inbox out of the blue!
answered by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (518k points)
Gaile, your dedication to saving that gedcom and filling it out is admirable. It is wonderful that so many have reached out to you to complete the stories.
That's great Gaile, lovely to have the acknowledgement that your work is being noticed and even better that because of the notice you have been able to fill in some of the gaps.
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I have found several "distant" cousins on Wikitree, we have been able to share pictures of great grandparents and the like.   While most of the brick walls I had when I joined, still exist, I am having a great time helping others.

I think it is interesting the differences in people's interest.   While I joined for my improving my own family tree, I find people all the time who are not interested in their own tree, but in the trees of notables, or historical figures.   That is what makes Wikitree so interesting.....
answered by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (453k points)
And you're so great at helping others!  Glad you are here and that you selflessly help so many members.
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I am at the moment deeply engrossed in reading newspaper accounts of the assassination of Huey Long of Louisiana for this week's Collaborative Profile of the Week.  Stop by and see if there's something you can add. I guess I'm not going to solve the Mystery after 80 years.

I was working on the "Jessel" family, who are part of Gaile's adopted gedcom. She came up with George Jessel. He was a comedian, vaudeville star, radio and tv personality. George's profile is going slowly and not nearly finished, because I keep stopping to research someone else. But George had three wives and four marriages. I've finished his first wife, Forence Courtney nee Grismer, who was also a vaudeville entertainer.

If he married her twice, is she his first and second wife, as well as his first and second marriage?

answered by Anne B G2G6 Pilot (981k points)

someone you know played with the background opinion please smiley

Not sure if you are familiar with the Dr Sam Sheppard case of 1954. He was accused of killing his wife Marilyn in Cleveland Ohio. The case was tried three times. Eventually Richard Eberling was looked at as the main suspect. He washed windows for the Sheppard's and also was charged with the murder of Ethel May Farrow Durkin my second cousin and was suspected to have played a part in the death of her two sisters Sarah and Myrtle. Needless to say I have been reading a lot about  that case recently. I stumbled on to this branch of my tree through a comment from a cousin I have never met who found the Farrows on WikiTree. Thats what I like about WikiTree you get so much feedback and leeds that help you to discover these amazing stories.

I may have missed a mention of this on the site, but Louisiana Hayride, by Harriet T. Kane is a great read and good source on the life and career of Huey Long. He was quite a character.

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Wow, steep learning curve just to do this chat here - hope I am doing it right.

Intro to myself: I am a Afrikaans speaking ex-South African now living in Minnesota, USA.

I am keeping up as much as I can with my brances of the POTGIETER and UECKERMANN families and my wife's RIES family.

I uploaded the gedcom I had of the Ueckermann family and cleared it (match/unmatch) - now I am waiting for it to be merged.  How long does that usually take?
answered by Johan Potgieter G2G2 (2.5k points)
Hi Johan

Lekker om te sien die hele wereld is nie andertalig nie. :-)

The merges take as long as it would take the other profile manager to respond. Good news is after 30 days you can merge by default , if the other managers dont respond .Enjoy the weekend


Ronel Olivier
Welcome Johan !
I think Ronel was talking about a different sort of merge and what you need I think only takes a couple of nights or so.
Help, help!  

I wasn't aware of more than one type of merge.

So I uploaded the gedcom, went through the possible matches and showed them to be true or not, and now I have to wait for that branch of the family tree to be made part of the big world wide one  ...  I think?

Vincent, what other merge is there?
Hi Johan!

Welcome to WikiTree :)

I review all the pending GEDCOMs, usually once a day and usually in the mornings. I can see yours in the pending queue.  It should be approved tomorrow morning.  You'll get an email when the import is complete or if there's something else that needs to happen before the GEDCOM can be imported.

The other type of merge talked about here is when two profiles represent the same person - they are merged into one. See here: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Merging
I couldn't have answered it that well! Thanks Eowyn
I guess I uploaded my gedcom on an off period.  It took about a week to be imported!  In fact, I've been afraid to upload other branches, thinking it is quicker to enter manually.
Yep, in fact, you uploaded and submitted yours while most of the WikiTree team was away for RootsTech up in Salt Lake City. Everything was slower during that week.
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Thanks for the invite.  This is my first post to G2G (it kind of scares me).

I have been working on wikitree for several months now.  I love the idea of us all working on a single tree and the emphasis on sourcing the information and discussing the process used to establish the many connections.  I have found so many cousins among the wiki contributors; we (Robert) are 8th cousins once removed.  I have also been contacted by a third cousin who found me here.  I have been on ancestry.com for many years but have not found anywhere near the volume of cousins.

One thing that constantly nags at me while doing my research is the duplication of effort.  On ancestry, so many researchers are all doing the same initial steps over and over.  Wikitree takes a step in the "right" direction but I often wonder, why don't we just add all of our information to wikipedia?

The flip side of duplication is that it can be cumbersome working on a single tree.  I was recently quite frustrated by my inability to progress due, in part, to unresponsive managers.  I reported my frustration to a mentor and was pleased that the road block was at least partially resolved.  Yay!  However, that took me further down the road to discover that one of the ancestors is entered with a different spelling and a totally different family.  LOL.

Spring is springing here in Iowa, so I have much work to do outside.  I bought my 2nd great grandfathers farm a couple of years ago and am going to be working on adding content about that family and the township it's in.

Looking forward to working more with you all!
answered by Erin Cole G2G1 (1.8k points)
That was an excellent post Erin, thank you for sharing....and welcome to G2G!
Hi Everyone. My name is Wendy and I am a Wikitree addict.   We've just had power load-shedding in Howick, South Africa, so I've not had internet for the past two hours! Grrr!.  I have loved working with my ancestors - many thank to the folk who have worked on our de Waal family tree for years. I reap the joyous delight of adding to the profiles and discovering"lost" relatives hiding in archival lists and records.  My maternal family have lain silent in the Irish and English mists. Now I can name my maternal grandfather and great-granddad! They are more reluctant to come into the 21st century with me.

One sad fact I've discovered is that my paternal and maternal families took different sides in the Boer War. No wonder I was a mixed-up kid!

Thank you for all the help and encouragement and for the oppotunity to be stretched in using the computer.

Blessings to all

For a first post, you really did well. ;)

As dor duplication of effort, that is what WT is all about... NO duplication.,.. 1 tree with everyone collaborating. When you  look at Ancestry, Forbears, My Heritage etc... there are loads of overlapping trees, with everyone doing their own thing,  On here, ther is just 1 tree. Link to it, and be part of the one tree. I love it.
Thanks for the encouragement!

David, we still have a great deal of duplication with wikipedia.  I am considering adding content in a location space but wonder about the duplication with wikipedia and the genweb for the region.  I will likely proceed but wonder about the best way to avoid duplication.
I find great satisfaction in being able to merge duplicates or attach to another tree. It takes a long time for a tree to grow in nature fighting pests and the elements, losing a few branches here and there but in the end you have a beautiful legacy that continues to grow...so too WilkiTree. I find on Ancestry mistakes tend to be duplicated and the more they areduplicated the more credence is given to the information even though it is incorrect.
I agree Brett.  The errors replicate very quickly there and occur without discussion.  It's why I'm here!
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I just visited Dorset and made a trip to Pilsdon Pen, one of the places associated with my PGM ancestor Robert Husted-78.  When visiting places where my people worked, walked around, hung out, went to church, had a beer, I find more questions than answers. 

Dorset being such beautiful country, I wonder about his determination to leave it and uproot his young children and wife.  Was it religion, economics, restlessness?  How did losing his first wife and kids shape his character?  So much is uncertain about his origins and journey, it leaves space to speculate. Yet even for those family about whom I know a great deal of "facts" or who I knew personally and are now gone, in the end they are just as unknowable as Robert. 

Thank you for reading and for Robert Hathaway for inviting us to this chat.  It's lovely to interact with so many of you, at the end of the day all cousins. 

answered by Heather Husted G2G6 Mach 3 (36.7k points)
I have always wanted to visit Dorset !
Dorset is my dream place to retire too.  I agree with you about the following in the footsteps trips creating more questions than answers, some that will never be answered.  I have done a few in Kent.  I stayed in the Inn where my 3rd x great grandmother was born, an amazing experience that was.
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Hi Everyone. My name is Wendy and I am a Wikitree addict.   We've just had power load-shedding in Howick, South Africa, so I've not had internet for the past two hours! Grrr!.  I have loved working with my ancestors - many thank to the folk who have worked on our de Waal family tree for years. I reap the joyous delight of adding to the profiles and discovering"lost" relatives hiding in archival lists and records.  My maternal family have lain silent in the Irish and English mists. Now I can name my maternal grandfather and great-granddad! They are more reluctant to come into the 21st century with me.

One sad fact I've discovered is that my paternal and maternal families took different sides in the Boer War. No wonder I was a mixed-up kid!

Thank you for all the help and encouragement and for the opportunity to be stretched in using the computer.

Blessings to all


answered by Wendy de Waal G2G3 (3.6k points)

You are good here, Wendy ! Thank you for joining the chat. Don't worry about the duplicate messages. I have done a few myselfwink

And here in one day I come across three fellow South Africans on WT:  Wendy de Waal,  Ronel Olivier and Anthony Cloete!

Wendy, I had a grand-father fight in North Africa with the allies, and then his first wife's mother took sides with the Germans, not because she supported their cause, but because she lived through the concentration camps of the Boer War and hated the Brittish with a severe passion.

All fun and interesting!

Laat dit goed gaan!

more Johan- dis goed om Afrikaans te kan gebruik! Die mooiste taal!  My paternal grand- or great grandmother was Eng or a Scot and refused ever to speak English again because of the BW concentration camps. Wish I knew which 'ouma' it was.

Enjoying this chat around the world family.

Mag dit goed gaan met almal.
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I'm not an ancestry.com hater (actually I have a membership)...but what I did realize recently when I decided to let my membership lapse for a while was the all of the volunteer work I did, uploading my own tree, entering information on volunteer projects on ancestry etc. was no longer available to me. It suddenly hit me why not volunteer here on WikiTree where I will always have access to my own contributions (guess I'm slow on the uptake or something). So I'm in the process of becoming part of the Global Cemeteries Project. I have tons of information and photos I can share and look forward to doing so. So yes I did rejoin ancestry.com...I'm adicted to easy lookup of census information I guess.
answered by Brett Rutherford G2G6 Pilot (119k points)
edited by Brett Rutherford
Yes, Brett, I have had the same experience including the re-joining for easy lookup and access to the things I have looked up previously.  I could understand not being able to look up new things but was a bit miffed when I realized I couldn't see the images I had looked up previously.

Brett, I'm not sure if you are Canadian, but I did notice a message from someone on your page referencing a provincial census. There are a lot of places to find the Canadian census, without using Ancestry. Bonus - they're free! I've found that Automated Genealogy has a lot less transcription errors than Ancestry has, and you can view all the images for the 1851, 1901, and 1911 Canada Censuses as well as the 1906 Prairie census. Library and Archives Canada is a little clumsier to use, but they have all of the censuses up to 1916 available. Also, the only place to get the 1921 census is ancestry.ca, but they have it available for free right now. 

If you know all this, feel free to ignore me :) I just like to rep for Canada in the forums.

Thanks Erin...Canadian here too. Yes I do know about the Canadian Archives but I can't download the information directly to my Family Treemaker software. Sorry, I guess I'm just lazy eh?
Hey, if there's an easy way for you to do it and the outcome is the same, why hassle yourself with the difficult way? One of my main peeves with the censuses at LAC is that there's not really an index to browse. I feel like I'm playing with the modern equivalent to microfilm when I can't rely on the search box.
I hear you, Erin! That's why I always use Automated Genealogy for the censuses it has. I love LAC, but searching for one person and then getting the rest of their family by searching for the district, subdistrict, and page number is so clumsy compared to a nice transcription of the whole page!
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Another important point is internationalization/localization. I've put this up in a separate G2G question as it surey gets too cluttered here.


You can find it here: http://www.wikitree.com/g2g/146121/built-person-language-localization-effort-wikitree-managed
answered by Andreas West G2G6 Mach 4 (47.5k points)
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Thanks for the invite Robert. Hello everyone, this is only my second post on G2.  Wikitree is an answer to a prayer for me. I've been working on my family history for 15 years and my children argue about which of them is NOT going to inherit the fruits of my labour.  I don't want everything I've worked on disppearing when I pop my clogs.

I have got a tree at ancestry.co.uk but that was mainly in response to someone  hijacking my great grandmother based on the single fact that she had the same initials as one of her ancestors. So the tree on ancestry was to have one as error free as I could make it out there but although one can invite others to view the tree they can't see any of the documents without paying so the idea of a free tree appealed greatly.

Wikitree is so much more than just a tree though and I am slowly working on getting the information I have into a more readable format with the biographies. I always intended to write a book or booklets  and I think the biographies will be a good start to achieving that end. Hopefully those in my family with some interest in our family history will find it more interesting than the rather dry reports that family history software produce. By this weekend I will have got my first invite out, a niece who is interested and we will start collaborating.
answered by Anna Hayward G2G6 (8.8k points)
Hi Anna, I concure with your comments. There is sometimes only limited interest at  best from other family members. I did score a coup though with my 5x great grandmother [[Jaco-12|Elizabeth Jaco Fenwick]]. She was a friend of Mary Shelly's (author of Frankenstein) mother Mary Wollstonecraft and looked after Mary Shelly when her mother died in giving birth to her. My cousin Dave who introduced me to WikiTree has written up the biography. That was a topic for 'show and tell' for quite a few of the family members for a while. It seems though genealogy is something you enjoy later in life. I want the information I have researched to be available when that interest is peaked in my relatives. Thanks for posting! keep it up.
Hello Brett, thank you for your reply. I managed to find your 5x great grandmother, still finding my way around wikitree. I'm bookmarking the profile as I do with ones I find interesting to give me ideas on how to write my biographies. I am finding it hard work at present to organise all the information I have into a readable format but hopefully it will get easier. It took me nearly a month to write my maternal grandfather's profile partly because of learning how to do the wiki coding so I am already a bit quicker.

Mary Shelley - I loved the book Frankenstein, I felt sorry for his monster. I too have found a famous ancestor, I look forward to writing up his biography when I get there. Apart from having my work out there for future generations I think the main thing I would like from Wiki is to get my family to at least post memories they have of extended family. My biggest regret is that although interested I didn't start my researches until after an Aunt who did some work on her paternal side had died. So much is lost because we don't ask questions.
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Cousin Alert. Just discovered our "moderator", Robert Hathaway, is a 10th cousin, twice removed. Our common ancestor is Isaac Stearns. WT is such a great place to find cousins. With almost no effort, I've found at least a dozen new cousins. None are particularly close, but cousins none the less. Our One Tree is working.
answered by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (163k points)

hi cousin!

(19th cousins four times removed) common ancestor:

Hugh de Venables the 10th Baron of Kinderton


Hi Cousins!

Robert Keniston and I are 15th cousins once removed, both descended from William Saunders (Saunders-92).

Kelly and I are 19th cousins, both descended from Adam Bostock (Bostock-71).

How did Kelly make a link in her post? The way I normally do it didn't seem to work.

nice to meet another cousin smiley

To create a link I use the link icon located in the upper right side of the toolbar.

Highlight the word or phrase to link, then click the link icon, then paste the url.


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I've been working on the Global Family Reunion - Connections to AJ project

I can usually make a connection with a couple added profiles that will then connect to someone elses existing family tree. 

What I wasn't expecting is to be related to any of the unconnected profiles, which has happened a couple times. One interesting example is with the Garrison family. I added a profile for a Jonathan Garrison, which Milton Garrison was interested in and sent me a message. He mentioned he is helping his cousin Ella Bartlett with their genealogy. I discovered Milton and I are distant cousins (20th 4 times removed) but not through my paternal (Bartlett) line rather my maternal (Giroux) line. 

Another interesting discovery is bumping into notable profiles. I was working on an orphaned and completely unconnected profile of Sophronia Bunker and found out with a little digging, her husband's, brother's, wife's sister married the 45th Governor of New Hampshire, Charles A Busiel.



back to work

p.s. I can't figure out a connection for James McClain can you?

answered by Kelly Metzler G2G6 Mach 2 (24.4k points)
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Hello Fellow WikiTree Addicts Thank you, Master Robert, for the invitation to be on this "chat" or "discussion" on an unusually-for-here (Arizona, USA) rainy Friday afternoon. Today is V-E (Victory in Europe for you youngsters) day and thus a holiday in many EU countries. As my wife is French and we have relatives there, we spend considerable time in "la douce France" which is always wonderful for the eyes and palette but hard on the bathroom scale afterwards. :) I enjoy the camaraderie I've found on WikiTree in the last 2 years and although I am more of a "lurker" than participant when it comes to G2G, and alas no one has ever been able to knock down the "brick walls" that I posted about, occasionally an "overlooked gem" will pop up and enlighten my day. Thank you for that to all responsible. I do find that those of us who combine Leader and Ranger responsibilities with a 21st Century Life receive far too many e-mails, however! But as they say, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen so I do the best I can with what resources I have. I would invite anyone - at any level - who enjoys working on profiles to join Anne B. and the "profile of the week" project. It's a collaborative effort where anyone interested adds to information for a profile, now being selected by Projects, and images if appropriate, and helps fill in the gaps so we all know more about that person, whoever he or she was. I have learned more about ancient Ireland, Renaissance Italy and colonial New Hampshire than I ever thought I would in this lifetime. The profile selected each week is on WikiTree's home page: www.wikitree.com . Happy Ancestor Hunting to All! Chet Snow Arizona, USA Reims, France
answered by Chet Snow G2G6 Mach 3 (32.6k points)
Thank you Chet. You are absolutely correct about learning all that wonderful "stuff" about Ireland, Renaissance Italy, and Colonial New Hampshire.
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Thanks for inviting me.


I have met lots of new cousins because of WikiTree. There is a whole new branch of my family in Louisiana that I've discovered with the help of my mentor, Phil Smith.


It would be great if WikiTree had a little box for entering someone's ID number, so that you can go directly to their profile page.
answered by anonymous G2G4 (4.6k points)
Hi Denyse,

Thank you for joining in the chat here!

I LUV your idea of a box for entry of WikiTree ID,  As it is, my "trick" to simplify it is to go to my own profile, then change my ID in the address bar to the ID of the person whose profile I want to see and click the Enter key.  Your idea would be much simpleer and faster ... therefore, much more betterer!!!!
I did exactly what Gaile did, for more than the first year here. Now into my second year, I've found I actually learned the URL needed www.wikitree.com/wiki/ID Number

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