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I am looking for info on my mother's family. Her name was Mabel Olive Johnson, she married Herbert Morris Stevens who was my father. I believe however that she had been previously married, to a Patrick Wayne Kelly. Mom's parents were Lars Johnson (probably born around 1880) and Kathleen Carpenter (probably born around 1886). I believe Lars Johnson worked for the Edmonton Journal Newspaper for several years. I would appreciate any info on my grandparents or my mother.
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A few more bits of information would enhance getting started with your search.

Where were Lars, Kathleen and Mabel Johnson born, specifically what country, province, county and city, if you have some or all of that information?

Could you estimate a birth date and a marriage date for Patrick Wayne Kelly as well as his location? The same kingd of information could be useful for Herbert Morris Stevens.

Normally, I like to start looking at family search, once there's enough basic information to increase the liklihood of a good search result or results.
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well there are many things avaiable to help you start

first check your local libray and see if the run genealogy courses then there are many online programs you can download to start your tree there are free and some that cost

best site is familaysearch .org  they have a program

1 i use my self also another that i like is rootsmagic

they have a free version and 1 you can buy

if you have aunts and uncles try asking them if they have any info you can use
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This was a tough one!  Did your grandparents live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?  The website ANCESTRY.COM doesn't have alot of Canadian records, but I did find some things.

There is record of the burial of LARS JOHNSON on August, 20, 1960 in the Beechmont Cemetery in Edmonton, buried in Block 0357, Plot 0002.

There is record of the burial of KATHLEEN JOHNSON on Oct. 5, 1938 in the Beechmont Cemetery, buried in Block 0134, Plot 0009.

Listed in the 1935 Edmonton Voter's Lists is:

LARS JOHNSON, prospector, boards at 10263 102nd Street.

Listed in the 1940 Edmonton Voter's Lists is:

LARS JOHNSON, prospector, 10265 Apt. 4

I spent quite a while trying to find something on your mother and father.  The only thing I could find was a family tree on ANCESTRY.COM that listed a HERBERT MORRIS STEVENS, born Aug. 1, 1915 in Wingard, Saskatchewan, Canada, died July 1998 in Enderby, British Columbia.

Did your parents live in the states or in Canada?  Could you tell me where your mother was born?

I was hoping to find more than this for you, but right now this is all I have.  Hope it helps you.  Sincerely, Melinda
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Start with the Edmonton Journal

Every newspaper has a morge (library) and there is a pretty good chance there is a file either on your grandfather or on some member of his family.

If there is no file, talk with the editors. They obviously have no first hand knowledge. But by their very job description they have to know who to ask to find out just about anything.

Newspapers ususally give out-of-date records to the local library.I doubt you will find personnel records, but you can hope. Also, in the past, newspapers were much more folksy than today. If your grandfather went on a weekend fishing trip and caught a big fish, it could have made a sports column.

My husband and I are both newspaper people.. And my maiden name is Johnson (Swedish).Good luck.

Sandy Taylor



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If you are looking in Canada, try instead of .com.  Canadian National Archives , Library and Archives Canada - Genealogy Centre Database List , The Shipslists, Also the Find-A-Grave site is great for dates - what is on the tombstone is a pretty good source.  Try the library for a class and while you are there ask them about other Genealogy resources they may have for you to look at.

Once you have some dates to go with your names you have a good foundation.  Family oral traditions are sometimes close to the truth.  Check with the Edmonton Journal to see if Lars Johnson actually worked there and in what capacity.  If your belief is right then that is a great start.

We have a family oral tradition that a grandfather fell off the roof of a barn and died.  After doing research I found the barn and tracked down the owner of the Barn (The National Capital Comm.) who's historian said (very condescendingly), that no one had ever fallen off the barn and died.  After another week or two of digging around I found a Newspaper article about the incident.  It wasn't any old barn as family tradition said but it was close enough to get me started.


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