Is it possible to add profiles to my watchlist if I am not on the trusted list for that profile?

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I have proposed several merges for profiles that I am not a trusted member of. I do not see these proposed merges in my pending merges list therefore I don't know if the merges were completed or rejected. Any thoughts on this? see example Bishop-403 & Bishop-961
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Please check your email for a private message in response to your above question.


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I have found (yesterday) that if you scroll down below the profile, at the bottom of the page (perhaps on any profile) you will find a box of proposed merges and rejected merges.  This is a great help that I didn't know about. 

You might try this. it exists on Bishop-403

Excellent point Tom.  Thanks!

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You might want try to contact the profile managers of those WikiTree IDs, if you haven't already done so, and ask to be added to the trusted list for the profiles of interest.


Your Watchlist is the list of profiles you're watching.

Basically, it's a list of your friends, family members, and ancestors.

Technically, it's the list of profiles where you're on the Trusted List.


Other WikiTree members may request to be added to a Trusted List by clicking the link on a profile page. If you're the Profile Manager you'll receive an e-mail with the request, which you can ignore or approve.

by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (767k points)
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"...which you can ignore or approve." Ignore?? Do you mean, perhaps, ignore the email but take action here on wikitree?

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I have had a similar problem when I propose obvious merges I encounter as I go along.  They do need tracking because the reason obvious mergers didn't happen long ago is that the original creators are no longer actively following and do not approve - so you have to wait 30 days and do it yourself.  By the of course it is hard to remember what you proposed if it is not central to what you are currently focused on.  My solution has been to create a to do list with a mergers section.  I list the two profiles to be merged and the date proposed.  Then I know when to go back and check status.  Often there is no objection but needed someone to do a bit of clean up.
by Warren Ayer G2G4 (4.0k points)
Warren, to keep track of merges you have proposed: Go to the dropdown menu under Find at the top of the page. Click on Pending Merges. Once there, click on Merges initiated by me. That will give you a list of all merges you have proposed, both on and off your watchlist.
The Pending Merges page will help you keep track of merges you proposed. Additionally, it's helpful to document all of your reasoning in the comment you create when you proposed a merge. That comment will still be there 30 days later when the merge achieves default approval.
Thanks.  I thought I had looked at that tab once before and got lost in the sea of mergers that I had nothing to do with (and no knowledge to assist with).  I guess I did not look close enough for all the optional sorts

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