GEDCOM import Approval by Wikiltree: Incomplete over 48 hours.

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Hi, I have a tree with over 100,000 people (with sources) that I'd like to start uploading to Wikitree in manageable smaller pieces. I do a lot of research on single surnames because it is useful to my primary research in human molecular genetics.   


I uploaded a very small GEDCOM file on May 14th as a preliminary test and it has been in the “Import Approval by Wikiltree: Incomplete” for over 48 hours. The instructions say to email wikitree if this occurs so I did but got no response.


This is the information on the GEDCOM file:


“John H Baker Descendants.ged was uploaded by Roland Baker 2015-05-14 23:42:37. The raw GEDCOM is 372910 bytes. It contains 88 individuals with the earliest person born March 23, 1822. It includes 76 sources.”


My account is at:


Best regards,



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Hi Roland,

I review about 150 GEDCOMs a day.  Not everyone who uploads multiple GEDCOMs at once is uploading them from distant branches like you mention doing.  It's not fair for me to say to you, okay Roland, you go ahead and upload multiple ones and everyone else can only do one at a time.  Not to mention, I'd never be able to keep track of all the people who might have exceptions to this rule or that :)
I quit.
Because you are unable to upload 2 gedcoms at the same time?
I have deleted the two pending GEDCOM uploads. If you have any other of my GEDCOMs pending please delete them. I do not want them uploaded to Wikitree.
Unrelated topic, I think you and I might be related through Vermonter Frank Cyrus Smith.  He might also be related to the Smiths from St. Albans who were governors.  We're probably cousins.  I do a lot with Vermont history and genealogy.  Let me know if you have any interest in connecting your Smiths to the tree.

>> Because you are unable to upload 2 gedcoms at the same time?


I am accustomed to working on large open sources projects. I had hoped that Wikitree would be guided by the same principles. In other words, logical actors do what is logical for the greater good in a volunteer collaboration. Rules aren't arbitrarily applied.  But the above example proves otherwise. I have over 100,000 people to import. And my work is expanding beyond that. I need to work logically and efficiently with people of like mind. If I can’t work logically and efficiently than there is no point in proceeding with the undertaking.

I hope that answers your question.

It certainly did... I understand some things much more clearly now for sure :)

Sorry our procedures were not more to your liking, really.  It sounds like you would be a fantastic contributor for a variety of reasons.  You seem very polite, incredibly educated and well spoken, and super knowledgable about genealogy.  These are things we value here and constantly strive for.  I only wish you knew how similar your visions and goals really are to those of WikiTee :(
Likewise Robert I respect your diplomatic approach and thank you for the kind words!

If Wikitree would consider changing the rules I would reconsider leaving. I would hope to see Wikitree's model conforming to the successful voluneer open source collaboration projects that I've participated in for over two and a half decades. I'm one of the oldest contributors to the Linux, FreeBSD and Apache projects.

But if Wikitree is going to follow rules that make no logcal sense and impede productivity I'm better off contributing to a different project or creating my own project. I hope you understand. Issues like this is why projects fork. Its not good enough that a project employs voluntary collaboration for the creative commons. The project evironment needs to be robust.

For me its all about the work - the furthering of my research and helping others with their research.  I need to do that in a working environment that is efficient and logical.
And I'll add that usually when open source collaborative projects do fork it's for a justified reason and often the resulting fork is beneficual in my experience. And I've seen many forks over the years. It's a process of creative destruction.

Please do understand there is nothing personal in my descician. I commend everyone for their efforts here. And I wish you well with the project!
Thank you Roland... I wish you nothing but success and happiness!

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