pending merge not showing on my pending list

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I'd like to monitor what happens to a merge I proposed.

Check AND the comment.

Neither of the LOONEY profiles are showing on my pending merge list, nor on the general pending list searched for surname LOONEY yet the merge is still pending when checking the profile
WikiTree profile: Joseph Looney
in WikiTree Tech by Lorna Henderson G2G6 Mach 2 (24.6k points)
retagged by Keith Hathaway
Lorna, FYI - workaround - you could try going to "All" (across Wikitree) and do name specific pull up.  I find the "initiated by me" does not always give me what I am looking for which lines up with Jillian's answer..

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EDITED; see comments below.

Lorna, the "status" is at the bottom of the profile where it indicates the merge was proposed on May 5.

It won't show up on the pending list until 30 days has gone by without response from the other profile manager. I.e., the Find: Pending Merges function only lists those that have passed the 30-day mark.

I'm not aware of a way to list all merges you've proposed that haven't yet reached 30 days.

by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (782k points)
edited by Jillaine Smith
Sorry, didn't realise that.

Thanks for the prompt response

Actually, I may be wrong. I just looked at my own pending merges list and it includes merges I proposed that have both passed the 30 day mark (these are listed first) and those that have not yet reached 30 days.  Did you scroll/paginate through your entire list?
AND... I just checked the list of ALL pending merges, limiting it to just the surname Looney, and sure enough, there's your proposed merge of Looney-317.

Can you double check that you're not seeing it. (Maybe there was a delay in the system creating the list?)
When you click Pending Merges under the Find menu link (at top right of every page), there are links at the top of the page.  One of these is "Pending Merges Initiated by Me" and another is "Pending Merges Waiting for Action by Me".  The first one is supposed to show ALL merges you proposed, whether they are for profiles you manage or not and regardless of whether approval has been granted.  Beware - the operant phrase is "supposed to".  I have seen many G2G posts about that list not showing them all and the consensus appears to be that there is at least 1 bug in the merge module that often makes that happen.
Thanks Jillaine

I don't know what I did differently last time when searching All pending didn't show me the LOONEYs, but yes, I can now see them in the all pending list, just not in my "initiated by me" list - which doesn't need much scrolling at the moment.

Jillaine the date at the bottom of the page is not the proposal date. It's the timestamp for the most recent change. The only real way to know the proposal date is to look at the profiles changes tab. smiley

For example: I had a pending merge for Judith Francene Bloedgoet (Bloedgoet-1) and  Judith Fransen Bloetgoet (Bloetgoet-3) On the pending merges list  date and time listed was 5-17-2015 18:00:22. I made a change to Bloetgoet-3. Timestamp on the pending merges list updated to 5-21-2015  14:16:59. The date on Bloetgoet-3 profile page changed to May 21 2015.

I wish the timestamp was changed to show the actual  proposal date.

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