"Weekend Chat" - All Members are Invited! (22 May 2015)

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This is an ongoing "Chat" post that can be added to throughout the weekend.  All members of WikiTree are invited and encouraged to join in!
Do you have any ideas to share?
Any stories about famous or infamous ancestors?

Have you found any close relatives through WikiTree?

New people, say Hello and introduce yourself!

What improvements can we make to help new members?

G2G Pilots, Mentors, and Leaders... any fresh Tips for us?

What's the weather been like in your neck-of-the-woods?

Any subject you want to chat about...

Post answers here, comment on answers, up-vote things you like or agree with, and have fun!

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in The Tree House by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (603k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
Hello All,

I've dropped in by invitation of Robert Hathaway, although it's Sunday, May 24th here in Melbourne, Australia, so I see the chat is well under weigh. I joined WikiTree after stumbling across it while looking for an honest site onto which I could post my research to date, gain assistance from like minded people, and offer my help to others where possible.

I was especially careful to steer-away from the likes of Ancestry.Com who gladly accept your hard work, plagiarize your content, and charge like a proverbial wounded bull for others to access the information ... and even charge the donor genealogist to view other's history.

I've found that WikiTree is more open, honest, and particularly careful to ensure the accuracy of detail.

The majority of my family ancestors originated in England & Scotland before emigrating to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and while I've noticed the majority of contemporary posters on WikiTree are in America, I'm hoping to find others with a common ancestry as they work back.
I've been researching the family since 1962,

The name was spelled phonetically Ferror (fferror in the 14th through 17th century), Fairher, Fairer, Fareher,  FarherFerrar, Farrer, Farrar and sometimes Farrow.

The first of the name that I have found was in a tenant of Johannes Hellistones (John Elliston) in Elland, Halifax Parish, Morley Wapentake, County York. In the subsidy roll (Poll Tax of 1377) taken in 1379.

My documented patriarch was Henry Ferror, a woolen merchant,of Yorkshire, that somehow acquired the money, and social status of landed gentry, in 1471 (last year of Henry VI, lst of Edward IV) he purchased the land in Midgley, Halifax Parish, County York and built Ewood Hall.

Midgley is about 7 miles to Elland, both are in Halifax Parish.

The 3rd great grandson of this Henry Ferror, by name of William Ferrar (fferrar in the Jamestown Muster of 1624/25) migrated to America with a purse of silver,  in 1618.

Escaping the massacre he,  way by boat from the fort at Bermuda"s Hundred (near modern Hopewell) to Beggars Bush, subsequent Jordan's Jorney (sic), a year after he arrived, Samuel Jordan the master of Jordan's Journey died and William married his widow Cecily with whom he had three children.

William had paid for transport of 40 servants from London, for which he was awarded 50 headrights for a total of a 2,000 acre patent.

He never claimed the patent, however his son William II, did and the claimed land was a peninsula around which the James River flowed. Marked by a cut commissioned by Sir Thomas Dale, called Dutch Gap, an attempt to straighten the James, a project not completed until after the Civil war and resulting in the peninsula becoming and island, (Farrars island).

Farrars island is no longer and island, as the upstream side has silted in and is now joined to the mainland.

The Farrar Family was, early on, amongst the leaders of Henrico County, serving as militia officers, sheriff, Burgess. But fortunes started to decline when v Wm Berkeley was appointed Governor in 1643.

Berkeley a scion of an enobled family, on arrival he commenced recruiting the scions of other gentry to assist him in administering the colony.. names like Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Filmer, Lee, Custis.

These sons were incapable of building their own homes and tending their plantations, so in turn they recruited servants and tradesmen from the region around London , The south and west of England.

These servants brought with them the speechways, traditions and cultures of their counties and these survive today as the southern accent (modified with other speechways of course).

The family Farrar was of Yorkshire origin, and there were not many Virginia colonists from the north of England.  This put them at a disadvantage when the English civil war brought victory to the Parliamentarians (which were mostly of North and Eastern origin). The victory of the Roundheads resulted in a flight of Royalists (Cavaliers) to Virginia..thus new blood displacing old blood.

Without political social connections the fortune of the family declined such that by 1727, they sold out to Thomas Randolph, brother of William Randolph, grandfather of Thomas Jefferson.

The family relocated up the James to land on the Tuckahoe Creek, bordering the Hugenot settlement of Manakin Town (todays Manakin Farm. Building a plantation subsequently named Rochambeau (today Rochambeau Farm) after the French General without whom Washington could never have defeated Cornwallis at Yorktown.

The eldest sons inherited the plantation for three generations. This was the age of primogeniture, the eldest son would be named for his father, and if the father died sans will, the eldest son inherited all of the property.

There was no public schooling, and the father was responsible for tutoring (educating his own sons), female education by and large was relegated to cooking, sewing, tending the garden, chickens and hogs.

If the father died while any of his sons were young, and there was no male relative able to step in and take charge of the sons education, then the sons grew up illiterate.

Such was the case of my 5th great grandfather, Richard, he had 6 sons, but died before he could tutor sons 2-6, result was that the oldest son Richard Jr was literate, he signed documents in his own name, his younger brothers could only sign with an X.

There wasn't enough land available around the family plantation in Goochland to accomodate the needs of the six children of Richard, not to mention all of their cousins, so the families migrated. Some west further out inGoochland County,

Others, like my family, south into Pittsylvania County, VA (apparently following the lure of Col Sam Harris, a Baptist Missionary from Pittsylvania co),

Along came the Revolution, and southward migration halted, what with the armies of Generals Cornwallis and Green traipsing up and down the main migration road (The Upper Road, which ran from the piedmont of SC to Pittsylvania Co, Va and along which most of the famous battles of the Southern Campaign were fought.

With the Treaty of Paris in 1783, providing safe travel, many of those lads who had espied the rich and open lands of the Piedmont, marching along the Upper Road as militia men, packed up their families and wagons and headed out for paradise.

These would be planterswere sole crop farmers, tobacco in Virginia and North Carolina, cotton in South Carolina and Georgia and both crops depleted the land, and bolstered by fecundity, these families soon found themselves unable to sustain themselves, and thus the push for migration, which from SC and Georgia was westward.

Migration westward took place every generation. From SC to Georgia.

The war of 1812 was actually two wars, the war with England and the war with the Creek Nation, which did not terminate until 1815, with a series of treaties that gradually ceded land to the whites.

The frontier with the Creek nation in 1812 was Jasper County, GA, now the center of the state. The first cession of Creek lands expanded Georgia into what is now eastern Alabama.

Administration of the ceded Creek lands by Georgia was next to impossible, as the only communication route was the Federal Road, cut by an infantry company in 1811 from Columbus Ga to Mobile Ala in anticipation of a war with England.

The general rule on county formation from Virginia through the south, was the county seat had to be reachable within a days ride by horse from the furtherest reaches, if that was not possible then the county was subdivided into new counties.

My family migrated just about every generation, propelled onward and westward by fecundity and soil depletion.

The family spent about 28 years in Perry County, Ala my 2nd great grandfather married the daughter of Andrew Bass of Wayne/Johnston Co, NC, Two of his cousins married the cousins of his wife, and in all there were two sons and five daughters of John Bass and Julianne Holliman, and five daughters of his brother Andrew Holliman. The oldest girl (Molsey Ann Bass) married Rev Elias George of Ocmulgee Church, Perry Co, Al, and in 1848 Rev George sold off his land, packed his belongs, and put together a wagon train comprised mainly of ALL of the sons and daughters of John and Andrew Bass, 12 families in all, and migrated 300 miles west to Union Parish, La a trip of 3 months because of the huge herd of cattle and number of slaves that he had to drive.

Genealogy to me was simply names and dates, without meaning,
But in researching the past I had to research the real history of my ancestors, what motivated them, their trials and tribulations, their successes. The real history of the United States.

I recommend as reading Albion's Seed, Four British Folkways in America.
Norm, welcome to both our Weekend Chat and WikiTree.  Glad you found us and hope that your search will be fruitful.  Yes the majority of us are American but we have several very active members from the UK and also around the world so There is help from those area to be had.
Thank You Robert for the invite.  My goal is to get as much information on family memebers and weed out incorrectly linked profiles.  This is quite a chore sometimes, especially with female ancestors, since finding documented sources can be scarce.  Sometimes all I have is infomration passed down by word of mouth from one generation to the next.  

I have found interesting information on memebers of the family, I did not realize when I was younger, that Goode Hart arrested during the Salem witch trials was my own 8th Great Grandmother Elizabeth Hart, or that my 4th Great Grandfather Joseph Hon was an Indian Captive taken from Ruddles Station, Kentucky as a boy with most of his family, till I serously started resaerching for more than just the familty Tree.

I want to know as much about my ancestors as I can,

What were thier lives like?  How did they live?  Who were they presonally?  

This makes them more real to me and helps me know that I am their legacy along with my children and grandchildren.  

Since joining Wikitree in 2013 I have met many distant cousins online and have shared family knowledge.

I want to continue discovering more about my family and who they are.  I have always been fasinated by history and want to know what part my family played in it.

Regards to My Wikitree Family and Friends and thank you for all you help now and in the future.

Cheryl Stone Caudill

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Hello fellow WikiTreers!

Here in Vermont it finally cooled off again and the sun is being more friendly than feirce.  Recently it was so intense that it seared the leaves on most of my newly planted little trees (we're trying to grow shade-trees for our mostly open back yard).  Since most of them are about 3 feet tall now I'm sure we will be relaxing in the shade in just a couple decades :)

I've been super busy working as a new Integrator, and loving every minute of it.  As many of you noticed I have been straightening out Tags used in G2G.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we refine the list of Proper Tags and apply them to posts.  We are already making huge strides towards making them more effective and easier to use.

Tip about searching G2G:  I only just figured out yesterday that when using the search feature on the top-left of the page you need to use undersores if you wish to get results focused on a particular multi-word title.  For example: If I search for "War of 1812" it will give me results showing all posts that have those words (or even just some) within the post or Tags, but if I search for "War_of_1812" it first presents me with all the posts marked with the proper Tag "War_of_1812".

I learned how to create Templates and created a couple.  They work very well and are a nice feature to have.  I'm not an expert on making them fancy yet, but if anyone needs simple Templates made give me a shout and I'm happy to do it.

I've heard some great ancestor storries lately; I'm hoping people will share them here on the Chat!

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (603k points)

It has been unusually cold and wet here in New Mexico. We have even had some snow fall. 

I've been slowly working on cleaning up some profiles and greeting a few hours a week. 

Thanks to you Robert, for heading up Weekend Chat and all the work you do, and to all the Wikitree Volunteers. 

When I first came to Wikitree, I thought it was just another genealogy site. I had no idea of the magnitude of the project. The dedication of the people involved in this project is incredible and I am so happy to be a part of it.



Thanks for the invite.  And it is really appreciated regarding the correct tags.  Maybe some instruction should be either added to the G2G "help" page and/or instructions by mentors!  This site is an ongoing learning session, especially as it evolves and everyday one can learn new ways of doing things.  This might also be a way to add a "tip of the day" on daily WikiTree feeds....just an idea.  Thanks again, Nae X
Thank you Amy,

I have a friend here who, during winters, talks about how he will one day move to New Mexico and how beautiful it is there.  I had no idea it ever snowed there.

WikiTree is much more than I had dreamed too.  Glad to have you here!

Thank you Nae.  I don't know if you saw the link in the answer above, but I am working on a very cool new page regarding G2G Tags.  It just needs more buffing up before unleashing it in full :)



When I saw your comment about "refining the list" of G2G tags, my first thoughts were to ask "what list?" and "how long has it existed without my knowing about it?"

I was relieved to see that it's only a week old, and still under development. So now I figure that your post was a sneaky way to announce the project. cheeky

Pretty cool list, right?  It's comming together.

It's not totally ready yet but it's already very useful.
Wow!  Thank you.  I've found a lot more relatives in the lineage that I hadn't personally connected with yet, by testing people on here 'relationship to me'...phenomenal.

Right now though, I think we need to get rid of a lot of duplicate sibs on Blevins' born in 1748.  I just did a merge and the parents didn't show up with the merge Sarah Sally Blevins Bolling Bland.

Just for grins, if it's on your lineage trail, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Hathaway_%28Shakespeare%27s_wife%29   :)
Thank you Robert for the invite. Its been March weather here on the upper Mojave Desert, cool temps but not the rain that is so desperately needed in the mountains. We're hoping that the cooler temps extend into the deep summer. I found a few people on Wikitree who are related to some of the collaterals I'm working on. And have seen some of the posted work of some people I have known and worked with in previous years. I have been collecting Jester's off and on for 35 years, and barely made it out of Arkansas. Now I've inherited my mother's research on Davis, Morton, Bullard, Thornton and several other names. I miss going to a big library like Dallas or even Ft Worth, but love the instantaneous finds on familysearch. I learned how to read the bad handwriting by tracing names onto paper under the microfilm projectors to get a feeling for the writing.
Hello, everyone! Thanks for inviting me to the chat. Cleaning up a few of my Shaughnessy leads this morning (links I never fully explored, mainly). I've been working a few months on trying to sort out the Kanyok results from FamilySearch. It's been a sort of family mystery whether my relatives are related to any of the other Kanyoks in the area. Turns out to be a bigger mystery than initially thought - we never realized Kanyok was such a common surname!

As for weather, it's a bit chilly in Ohio this morning. Nothing like the heatwave we had a few weeks back (90 degrees in early May, wow!). Hope everyone is well!

Thanks for the invite.  Just got email this AM.  Weather has been beautiful in Iowa.  It looks like it will be the last day, as rains are starting to move in later today.  I like a nice rainy day, but if they are right it is going to last all week.  That gets a little old.

I have worked on my family tree off and on for many years.  I love Wikitree.  I am still stuck on my third great grandfather John Atkins.  Cannot find place of burial or cause of death.  Also my third great grandfather Chester Wright and wife Margaret Gregory.  Both were born in Vermont per 1850 Addison Co. Census.  I have listed a father and mother for Chester,  but am having second thoughts.  They moved to Iowa and are listed in Jackson Co. Census in 1860.  The family story including my Grandmother said they spoke French.

I have a Lull Geneology Book and a Frey Geneology Book.  I will be glad to check them for people, if anyone is interested.  Also Iowa has a great geneology site for anyone needing info from Iowa.

Hope everyone has a great Memoral Week Endsmiley


Glad to have you and I think I speak for all when I say that the title of this post is Weekend Chat so you are not late.  As for your brickwall, if you post a question about third great grandfather on G2G you might just be suprised at how fast others find the information you want, but it is always best to add a link to the profile so that others can find whatever you might have forgotten to add in your question.  I am going to look and see if I can find something and I will then send you a PM about anything I find.
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Someone at WikiTree mentioned a book on Orillia, Ontario that came out in 2014. I got it from a local library in Ohio and it has proved to be interesting. My gg grandparents were early settlers there are are buried there. I passed the word about the book, "A Brief History of Orillia, Ontario's Sunshine City,"  along to a distant cousin and they are now reading it now.

Roger Conant was born or christened in 1592. He came to this country in the early 1600's. There was a book about him  "Roger Conant Founder of Massachusetts" by Clifford Shipton, Harvard University Press, 1944. He was governor for one year and there is a statue of him in Salem, MA. If Roger is the 1st generation, I am the 12th.
by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2.1m points)

Book sharing is the best.  I'll admit though as generous as I am, sometimes it's way easier for me to drive the distance and receive a good book than it is for someone to pry one from my kung-fu grip (last part said in the voice of Ben Stiller).

At least once, I loaned a book out to someone who lost it, so I was out a book. Now, I pretty much try to get them from the library. "Neither a lender nor a borrower be," words of another guy named Ben. : )
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Don't Forget to Vote!


Visit the Family History Photo of the Week post where you can nominate photos for the contest and cast your votes to choose this week's winner.  It's as much fun as you can have without breaking the law!

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (603k points)
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It is Cold this morning in Northeast Ohio but I have been keeping busy to help keep warm.  A couple of days ago I helped come up with a way to make editing biographys easier for those who have a problem with the inline references used to create footnotes, and still using only Wikitree approved codes, and I have volunteered to be a Ranger.  Along with editing profiles to bring them into alingment with the Style and Standards policies on WikiTree.  It is a good thing I am retired and can spend the time here or I would be overwhelmed with so much I want to do.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
It's even cold in the deep south this morning - I woke up to 49 degrees in Alabama.

... or should that be Alamama, United States, North America, Earth, Milky Way???

Does anyone think I'm getting too carried away with what I'm currently immersed in doing for all the profiles on my watchlist?????
Hi Dale, I'll bet you will like being a Ranger.  It can lead to a lot of cool little mysteries to be solved.  I feel very Perry Mason like sometimes when on duty.

Gaile, you crack me up.  Consistantly.

Thank you both very much for your support of the Chat, I'm enjoying the positive vibe.
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Good morning from the shores of Lake Ontario,

I joined the Profile Improvement Project recently and have picked up some tips this week from the ever-generous-with-her-time Anne B on disentangling two people with the same name sharing one profile. I’ve been working on providing sources and biographies for the Barron Family GEDCOM and find it very satisfying work. Yesterday’s family were all shipwrights in Monkwearmouth, Durham, England (love the name!). I encourage others to join the project. When you hit a dead end in your own work, it’s fun to switch over to your work on the project.

It’s cool but sunny here today in Ontario, perfect weather for gardening.
by Laurie Cruthers G2G6 Pilot (138k points)
edited by Laurie Cruthers
Anne B rocks... she helps people in more ways than any one of us will ever know.

Great to hear from Ontario, thank you Laurie... enjoy the fresh air!
ya' know, when my kids were teenagers, they said I was from the stone age.  Now, even though I'm still 21, when people say "you rock" I have to wonder if the new way of saying the same thing is to call someone a rock.
I'm blushing
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I hope everyone in the states is getting ready for the holiday weekend. Please remember the significance of this holiday & the ultimate sacrifice so many made for our freedom.

The weather is glorious in Williamsburg, VA this time of the year & the grill is going to get a workout.

If you are looking for ways to contribute to Wikitree, take a look at the list of unsourced profiles on the Profile Improvement page. Many require very little research in order to add sources.



by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
Duly noted and corrected, Doug. Project Improvement Project indeed. I think the old brain needs a little project improvement. Enjoy your holiday weekend!
Hi Doug, please excuse my ignorance about the reason for the holiday in the US, here in the UK it's the Spring Bank Holiday so we too get 3 days to "tree".

On this side of the pond, we used to celebrate Memorial Day on May 31 every year.  It is the day on which we remember and honor those who died in the act of defending the United States.

More recently, many holidays have been changed in order to ensure that they always fall on a Monday to make an extended weekend.  Memorial Day is one of these and, as a result, I think there are probably a lot of people here who don't have any sense of the meaning of the day - in fact, it is no longer called a "day" - now it is known as "Memorial Day Weekend" and is probably best known as the unofficial start of the summer season, even though the calendar still has one more month of spring to go..
At one time (not that long ago) it was called Decoration Day. People decorated the graves of the fallen Civil War Soldiers with flowers and flags. It has since been used to honor all the dead, who served in the US Military services. Locally, the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and the Boy Scouts, place wreaths at all the local cemeteries. Then there is a parade: scout troops, baseball teams, fire engines, antique cars, etc. They stop on the town green and a couple of people make patriotic speeches and they place fresh wreaths on the war memorials.
Here is a link that discusses its beginnings & changes over the years:


Huh, I just always assumed that people in the UK celebrated Victoria Day, but I just looked it up and apparently it's a Canadian thing!

So, we had our long weekend (May Long Weekend or just May Long) last weekend. And as usual, people took the opportunity to go open their cabins and celebrate the start of summer. And as usual, the weather was terrible. :) We even got some snow! But AFTER May Long is always beautiful, so now it's hot and wonderful.

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Hello WikiTreers! ^^/

I'm very new to genealogy. My interest started just over a year ago while I was studying genetics as part of evolutionary biology in general and decided to have my DNA tested through 23andme. This led me to getting my parents and sister tested, and then over to myheritage.com, which is now part of 23andme.

After a week or two of furiously adding relatives "the easy way" and getting up near 650 people added to the tree, I took a break and started studying more about how to properly do genealogy and genetic genealogy in particular... reading sources like Roberta Este's great blog... and I realized I was breaking a number of cardinal rules by being loose with my sources, or adding other people's tree information without adequately verifying it myself. :(

I started to look more closely at wikitree after realizing that people here seem pretty serious about what they're doing and share my interest in an open tree that unifies everyone's family trees, rather than all the functionality on the "big sites" that is kept behind a paywall.

So now I'm trying to slow down and carefully build out my tree here on wikitree, trying to cite sources etc as I dig further into my tree.

I have a lot to learn, but I hope to be able to continue contributing to the project and expanding my own knowledge of my family history.

I have some tricky things to add to my immediate family still... my half brother, my sister's child whose birth certificate name is neither the name of the mother or father, but of a boyfriend at the time... and now my sister is working to have it changed to her own last name etc... :/  That one makes me uncomfortable, but I don't want to add incorrect information out of concern for feelings. ;)

On a side note, I added just over 100 public domain textures to a Background Images profile today for people to use on their profiles: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Seamless_tiled_background_textures

Hopefully I did that all correctly. :)

Anyhoo... glad to be here!
by Justin Stressman G2G4 (4.5k points)
Wow, Justin - you are some kind of super-person in my book!  I'm oh-so-glad to meet you.

Those textures are a splendid addition to the background library here and you really did a super job of coding that page to display them all - VERY impresive!!!

I just took the liberty of making a slight change to your images that makes them a little smaller and fits 3 across so that there will be less scrolling.  I only did it on the first few, so that you can look and see what I did and either put it back the way it was (you can click the Changes tab and go to the last page before I started messing around, then you can restore it to that version, so it won't take a lot of work to put it back) or, if you like it, you can see what I did to make it happen and do the rest of them.  I had to remove the caption because the text was too long and they wouldn't fit 3 across with that.  If you hover your mouse over the picture, you see the label, which gives the same information as the caption did.

Thank you soooooo much for adding those backgrounds and have a great and wonderful weekend.
I had the captions there for easy copy/paste right from the preview list, but I admit that the 3 across layout looks much nicer and involves less scrolling.

I think I'll update the directions to use that method. Basically clicking on the image you want, then scrolling down on the right where it gives the instructions for setting the background on your profile. :)

It'd originally done them with small sized images that were two to a row, with the captions beneath, but it didn't look as good and you couldn't really see the textures in the images.

Your layout is a good balance of size and layout. :) Thanks!

(Updated, looks much better. Thanks again Gaile!)
Thank you Justin! I have already used several of the images. Thanks again!
Glad to be able to contribute. ^_^
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We're gearing up for our first camping weekend of the season here in SE Michigan, in fact, I hope to be on the road in a couple of hours.  It turned quite cold this week with freeze warnings overnight and tonight, for our first night in the tent this year, it's supposed to be 36F!

I've been working on my first "real" biography of an ancestor for my 6x Gt Grandfather Daniel Gumb. I've had a lot of advice and encouragement from fellow Wikitreers, and a lot of direct help from Eric Daly, for which I've been very grateful.

I was also working on a brick-wall orphan profile and managed to mess up her bio through the incorrect use of <ref> tags!  So Doug's new method is going to be a big help!  I have all her info saved offline and I'll be fixing the profile next week when I'm back online again!  It's not actually broken, it's just showing only part of the info the profile actually contains and the sources are a bit off!

Have a great weekend.

by Brenda Butler G2G6 Mach 4 (41.5k points)
Brenda, Have a good weekend camping, and we even have a frost warning in northern Ohio where I am located in my RV at this time.  Take your time and go slow as there is a lot to learn about how we do things here and don't worry too much about minor mistakes, we all make them.
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After a chilly night last night (low 40's) today is warm and pleasant in Kentucky, with a good weekend in store.  After work I'm headed to the grocery for some good steaks for the grill tonight.  I've been working on genealogy off and on since 1969 when a second cousin of my father's came through town doing it the old fashioned way -- book a motel room, look up the surname in the phone book, and call everyone for an interview.  He did tremendous ground work on my family but left many loose ends, some of which I've been able to tie up over the years, esp. with help from other "cousins" who shared research (and one former CIA analyst then working as a professional genealogist whom I ran into in a county clerk's office).  Wikitree has been liberating.  I now know that other family members can easily access information here; so this winter I pulled files together and published for family members the trees I've assembled, and then referred them all here for them for more info.  And thanks to all here who've helped as well.
by Foster Ockerman G2G6 Mach 3 (34.5k points)
Hi Foster, thank you for sharing.  Nice to meet you.

I'm almost embarassed to say that I'm barely able to say I've been walking since 1969.  Your experience is valuable here.
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We'll be marching in the Memorial Day Parade in Essex Junction Vermont tomorrow (Saturday) for our 18th year in a row.  Here is a YouTube video from 2011 showing some of our students (and a couple chaprones) marching and having fun.  They all wear red/blue belts with their white suits for the day.  There is always much anticipation as they get closer and closer to "5 Corners", the center of town where more than 10,000 people cheer them on.  Of course they wave to friends throughout.

Enjoy it for a few seconds or a full ten minutes.  Hear me yelling to the kids over the crowd all you want.  Fun stuff...


Tomorrow we'll be spinning flashy weapons!

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (603k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
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I posted the wrong link on Susan's page and sent her to the wrong weekend-chat; here is what she shared:

"I am working in a scatter shot way, more interested in 'one tree' than to much depth.  One line I have does go back to the revolutionary war, but I am waiting for online stuff in Scotland and England (free) to go much further.  I moved and started doing some local genealogy, and found cousins that I hadn't found on my main line.  (That makes me a local, right?)  I am very lucky that all of my connected surnames are pretty rare.  I am also working from NARA publications "Honor Roll" from WWII, for Minnesota, and also Idaho.  Great stories. and I love to honor the fallen with a profile, and try to connect them to family so that their nephews and nieces can appreciate their sacrifice.  I have learned so much history since starting to do genealogy.  My family on both sides is German(Palatines, Bohemian, etc.) and Scots/Irish..I love adding categories to my profiles, the cemetery, military honors, veterans, as I think it adds so much to the profile and gives us context.  And of course PHOTOS!  My next wish is to do DNA testing. (I'm on a budget though, but soon.)

I encourage all of you to click on the Find then Categories, and browse.  Learn to add a cemetery.  and a few military ones, and you are on your way.  (I added a category for dulcimer makers one time.)  If you have interesting ancestors, then there is a category that they need to be in.  Moon shiners perhaps?  Vietnam War Veterans?  Ukelele players?  If there is not a category yet, then first have someone make one for you,( I'll do it!) Next learn to do them yourself, they are pretty easy!"

Thank you Susan Tye!

by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (603k points)

" Next learn to do them yourself, they are pretty easy!" I would love to know how to create a category, but the more I read the directions, the more confussed I become. 

When I find an existing category, I go to a profile that is already using it and copy/paste the link.  But the directions for creating one, seem to be missing some clues or I just can't underatand, if the information is there :(

+11 votes
I'm doing::: Well I'm procrastinating. Is there a pill I can take for that?
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
If you find one let me know about it, I don't think I have worked on a profile all day and I have been on the computer off and on since about 7:00 A.M. Eastern time.
I am right there with you Anne.   We have company in for the weekend, they said, "we just want to chill and look at the view, watch the wildlife, etc"....So, I am doing nothing, and loving it!
+8 votes

I've been spending a lot of time lately working in categorization.  I have found that many of the mistakes we make in adding categories are due to typos and punctuation.

Computers are dumb, and they do exactly what you tell them to do.  So, if you add "Category: Allen county, Texas, cemeteries" it will look for EXACTLY that category.  It won't find "Category: Allen County, Texas, Cemeteries" and your relatives will be all alone.  The same goes for commas and periods, so if you put a period instead of a comma between Texas and Cemeteries, it won't find it either.

The old capenter's saw (sorry for the punwink), of measure twice, cut once, applies to categories: read them twice, save once.

by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (327k points)
Great advice, Vic.  One more thing that often drives everyone nuts when something looks identical to something else - all the same characters including upper/lower case - yet a link doesn't work ... and it could take hours of hair pulling and long after you're bald you happen to notice an extra space ... maybe even at the start or end, where you'd never see it no matter how hard you look.  That old extra space trick can get you every time - spaces are not nothing to a computer - they are every bit a full-fledged character!!!
+11 votes
Hello from north Queensland !

This is my first time on chat.  Thanks for the invite Robert.

I joined WikiTree in late 2012 via a 2nd cousin.  I have been researching for over 30 years (I started young!). I have added 99% of my research via GEDCOM. Early efforts are still on the tidy-up to-do list, but I have stream-lined my GEDCOM process over time, so I don't have much editing to do.

I still have a lot of work to do on the source-style side of things, but Dale Byer's work this week has made it so much easier.  I decided to try my hand at one of Vic Watt's Brickwalls this week [[Anderson-10573|Sarah Anderson]] and found Dale's idea worked brilliantly. Many thanks Dale !

I still have heaps to add to my side of the family (Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland & Germany), before I start on my husband's (mostly Irish).  Around 1996 I also started work on a [http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~vivianegan/wwwgg/index.htm W*GG* One Name Study] - anything related to WAGG, WEGG, WIGG & WIGGS. (Hope that works - first time I've tried a link !)
by Vivian Egan G2G6 Mach 6 (67.7k points)
I'm glad you made it here to post Vivian, thank you!

The link works perfectly :)
+12 votes

Hi Everyone – Welcome to all the New Members.

Thanks Robert for all you efforts.

Still plugging away on Duncan cleanups.  If anyone is looking for pre-1850 info let me know.

Tips & Tricks

  1. When you are in G2G and you see something of particular interest to you, you can click the “faded out plus sign (upper RH corner).  This will mark as a “Favorite and you can easily find again under the “My Favorite” tab.
  2. Be sure to check for Duplicates – There are still a lot out there.  When you find them, propose a merge (with your reasons,)
  1. Do You Know About Global Family Reunion Project?  http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Global_Family_Reunion

One of the side benefits of using this template is you can see a nice tree-type structure of other profiles that might be of some interest to your own research.  You can then run the “Relationship Calculator” against two profiles of interest.  (or the “Connection Finder) to determine other interests.  (The Connection Finder will work for any two people on WikiTree, but it will only find the connection if they're within 10 degrees of each other)

NOTE:  .  It is a slightly different beast  -- Think of it more like a "degree of separation type game, rather than a factually supported family tree”

This can help in catching errors in the tree, poorly sourced branches, etc.  If people check through their path to AJ and source things or make changes, or identify them and make postings in G2G asking for help, we'll have a better overall tree.

If nothing else, run it against your own “personal profile”  Just for Kicks.  You can add the template {{Global Family Reunion|steps=XX}} which gives you a quick link to the “Tree Part”.by clicking the “number”.

by Sandy Edwards G2G6 Mach 7 (72.4k points)
Glad to see your post Sandy, I am just steping up to  help robert out while he is busy with the activities of the living today but I am sure he will say Welcome and Thank You for sharing when he has the time later.
Thank you very much Dale. We marched in the parade today, then I've been catching up to my WikiTree activity since.  Glad to be back!
+9 votes
I found a little goldmine of sorts while visiting my cousin and his wife yesterday.

His paternal (Burnett) grandmother (not blood related to me unfortunately, we're related through his maternal side) has dementia and his grandfather has died... but he mentioned to me that he has a copy of the "FamilyTree Maker 2009" folder off of his grandmother's old computer where she'd been doing extensive genealogical research apparently.

On top of that, he had a really old family bible with a few entries in it from the 1800s and early 1900s. I took a number of pictures with my girlfriend's cell phone. I can get better quality ones (scans potentially) later if need be.

I figure if nothing else I could maybe eventually add "stubs" for those entries into the tree and someone else can expand on them?
by Justin Stressman G2G4 (4.5k points)
Sadly I think the Family Tree Maker is going to be a bust. :'( I think he backed up the program folder, but not the actual data folder, which was probably under the user's directory rather than in the program files directory.

I've emailed him to confirm, but I'm not holding out hope. I think he wanted the hard drive out of her old laptop and decided he'd back up what he thought were the important files, and then formatted the drive, wiping everything that was on it.

So if he didn't do a proper backup of her actual documents, odds are that he has irretrievably destroyed all of her work, unless she had some other backup of it (which she might not even know at this point given her advanced dementia).

I still have the photos of the bible pages, but that's only a few people... maybe 12 or so, I haven't had a chance to look closely let and copy down the information.
Justin Thank You for your additions to the Tree.  I prefer to call those "stubs" buds because they can provide a source of new growth later on.
Great news! He still had the original drive untouched and sent me the .ftm file. I looked at the raw data and it looks like it's all there. I just need to get a working copy of Family Tree Maker installed under Windows now and see if I can get a workable GEDCOM file out of it. :D
Great!  Nice save.  Now, once you install FTM and open the file, print it out!  The best way to save info is still paper (not the best way to work with data; but the best way to archive.)

I got FTM 2014 installed and got the tree imported (343 people in the tree it looks like from the index, with varying amounts of information).

The media files are missing (12 photos), so I'm waiting to hear back from my cousin with those.

I've also asked him to scan the bible pages so that we can have some nice hi-res copies for posting on the site as reference material. :)

http://postimg.org/image/7p5exwdb1/  <-- from gf's phone.

I took 21 photos of the 3 pages, and between the lot of them I can make out pretty much everything that is written, but as you can see, they're pretty terrible quality. ;)

+9 votes
Good afternoon everyone, hope you have a good holiday weekend whether it's a Memorial day weekend or the Spring bank holiday weekend as it for us in the UK.

I've not done a lot of work online at Wiki this week apart from reading lots of questions and answers in the G2G forums. I've been working on typing up my Aunt's memory letters as they'd been languishing in a folder doing me no good. I've pulled a lot of info out of them this week including my own baptism date!  I had asked her to write up her memories of WWII, she was 5 when Britain declared war on Germany, and I found and typed that letter up. Interesting to read about it from a child's perspective.  I've been working on her profile in between so added most of it to that once I managed to convert it into 3rd person lingo. I've done that offline too, haven't finished yet but been quite pleased that I've managed to do all the coding for sources and links etc without having to continually look at the help pages as I was when I was doing it on Wiki. Mind whether it will be right when I do copy and paste it in remains to be seen.
by Anna Hayward G2G6 (9.1k points)
Thank you for posting Anna, happy holidays to you too!

I like reading G2G as well.

That is very cool that you found your baptism date.  That's a neat one.
Thanks Robert. G2G is great for learning about things you know you want to learn about but this week I've found things that I didn't know I needed to learn, like finding the post on nee versus formerly for maiden names. Such a lot to learn and too much to take in at one go, the forums make it easy to take it in small amounts. I check at least one topic from my feed email every day and then browse the similar topics too.
+9 votes

So I've spent a fair bit of time over the past week researching a family that I may or may not even be related to. It all began when I got my DNA results and started contacting matches. One of my brick walls is William Easton. All I know about him is that he was born in Scotland and he got married in 1825 in New Brunswick. One of my DNA matches has an ancestor named John Easton, born in Scotland who was married in 1829 in New Brunswick. We're assuming that they're brothers, and are looking for the evidence.

Meanwhile, I contacted another person with whom we have a match on the same segment. She replied that she has no known Easton ancestors, but she did have one ancestor who was born in New Brunswick, a Pearl McAlmon. I looked up Pearl on the New Brunswick Archives site, and found her birth certificate. She was born in the same small town as my great grandmother Williamina Kirkland, who was the granddaughter of my William Easton.

While this of course does not confirm a connection, I figured it was worth pursuing further. I have since found lots of great information on the McAlmon family, particularly on Pearl's father, John McAlmon. This of course led to creating WikiTree profiles, seeking out more sources, and getting them connected to the global tree. I don't even know if I'm related to these people, but because of WikiTree, I don't really care. Even if I turn out not to be, I know my research will end up being useful for someone!

The more I share my research on WikiTree, the more I love the whole concept!

by Leanne Cooper G2G6 Mach 3 (35k points)
Hi Leanne,

I too have an Easton brickwall on my mother's side of the family, but our missing guy is from within the states around that time.

I can't believe I've not had my DNA tested yet.  I'm a little jealous.

Thank you for all the work you do on the tree!
I was enticed into doing DNA testing after seeing all of the great new DNA tools being rolled out on WikiTree. And I'm having great fun with it. So many mysteries to solve :)
+7 votes
The software needs to be updated with respect to expunging imported trees.  Right now, it uses a simplistic 30 day expiration, however, when importing a large tree, it can take a long time to go through and find matches and decide what to skip.

Therefore, the software should be updated to only expunge after 30 days of no activity on the import.  Each time you make a match or mark an item to be skipped etc., the clock should be reset and another 30 days should need to elapse.

Lacking that, at least an email warning message 48 hours in advance would be good.

For myself, I lost around 30 hours of effort when my tree was deleted, this is a huge turn off, and I stopped using the site for a while when that occurred.

To me, this is a huge issue that should be easy to fix.  We don't want to turn off contributors by destroying their active work.
by William Foster G2G Crew (890 points)
I wondered where my original gedcom import had gone. I guess this answers my question. Your idea sounds totally reasonable.
Wow.  I'm sorry that happened William.  That's not fun in the least.

Those are good suggestions.  This was a good place to post them... they will certainly be seen by all of the right people who are able to consider those kinds of things.
... and thank you for stopping in and joining us William.
+8 votes

Here in Colorado, USA, it's been surprisingly rainy this month. Our heavy clay soils are a little too sticky for weeding today, so hooray! I was excited to see the challenge to add Global Family Reunion attendees to our global tree, and the person I chose to work on certainly is a big challenge! I've added about 150 profiles of her cousins from Gadsden County in the Florida panhandle. I keep hoping to find the magic cousin who will connect to the 6.6 million ancestor profiles here on WikiTree that are connected to each other, but it hasn't happened yet. Sometimes I'm tempted to give up on Henriette Mabry and pick another cousin so I can smoke Doug and Lucy and the other challengers (that would be tough - they're really good at this!), but I think I'll just keep plugging away. I'm sure the link is out there somewhere!

by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (127k points)
You are very good to Henriette... she would appreciate your loyalty.

That was awesome Karen, thank you!

I very much enjoy hearing "real-time" how the weather is all over the country.

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