"Weekend Chat" - All Members are Invited! (29 May 2015)

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This is an ongoing "Chat" post that can be added to throughout the weekend.  All members of WikiTree are encouraged to join in, especially first-timers!
Say Hello and introduce yourself... where are you from and what are your interests?
Leaders, Mentors, Greeters, Pilots - What tips can you share with us today?
What improvements can we make?
What do you enjoy most about WikiTree?
Do you have any stories to share about famous or notorius ancestors?
What projects are you involved in, and how are they going?
What's the weather been like in your neck-of-the-woods?
... anything that you want to talk about!
Post answers here, comment on answers, up-vote things you like or agree with and have fun!  To receive notice when future Chats are posted, add Weekend_Chat to the list of Tags you follow.  You can edit your list by clicking on "My Feed" on G2G, then click to "add or edit".  Seperate words with and underscore.
asked in The Tree House by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Super job hosting the Chat Dale... I met several new people and had a great time.  This will be on the G2G Hot List for a long time.  Thanks for a great event!
Robert I must stop with the Weekend Chat at least for now.  My primary internet connection went down and I am using my backup connection with a limited amount of Data available so unless I can get the primary back up soon I will be offline.  Sorry.
No worries Dale.  You ran a great show.  I'll say hi to people who stop in.  Thanks again!

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Hi to all, I am starting this one this week to give Robert a break.  It is going to be a hot and wet weekend here in Northeast Ohio, United States so I should have the time to keep watch on this thread.  As for what I have been doing, Last week I got involved with the Rangers Project on Wikitree and continue to work on some of the profiles that have not been edited since 2010, most of them from a GEDCOM upoad that have very poor of no sources and even some without dates, to try and bring them up to the current Style Guide standards.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Thanks Dale, I'll go invite some people who won't want to miss this Chat.

Hi Dale and thanks for the welcoming words smiley I'm from Holland, Overijssel and the weather for today and till now is fine, hope it will last for the weekend. Working on the Dutch Roots Project with our members and just like you this also means we all are trying to find sources and improve many profiles . Love Wikitree and building our worldwide familytree together , really greatfull for all help I receive every day from people all over the world . So to all of you a BIG thank you and keep up the good work ! Have a great weekend and enjoy live !

Glad you could join us Bea.
It's hot and VERY wet here in Northeast Alabama.  It's not raining at all, though - it is a magnificent day.  The wet is what my husband and I just got in the pond ... I suppose I need to explain.

Once upon a time (the start of last winter, that is) my husband fired up his autocad and started a project he says he's dreamed of for 60 years, since he went on a canoe trip with the Boy Scouts.  After a couple of months, during which he said a lot of very bad things about computers, he printed a couple of pages of drawings and went to Lowe's to buy some cubits of wood.  He spent most of the next few months in his workshop.

Today, history has been made ... now known to me as Noah, Jr., with my help, he loaded his creation on top of the lawnmower cart and took it to the edge of the pond.  There, we put it in the water and the first miracle occurred - it didn't have any leaks.

He climbed in and started to paddle it, noting that it wasn't as stable as he had planned.  He leaned to one side a little too far and ... you can probably guess the rest.  The next miracle is that it didn't sink.  I had to wade in to help him turn it over, though and now I'm calling him Noah the grouch.  I really wish he'd grow up and learn not to take it out on those not responsible when domething doesn't go his way.

The good news is that neither he, nor I, nor his precious boat drowned.  Now he's back to calling his computer bad names while trying to figure out Rev 1 to today's debacle and I'm staying far away from him to protect my own self-esteem!
I just got the estimates to replace the awning on our RV that was destroyed in Wednesday nights storm.  Bad nwes is the low estimate was over $1900.00, The good news it will only be $100.00 out of our pocket.
That's some funny stuff Gaile... you can sure paint a picture :)

laugh Movie stuff Gaile or maybe you could write a book ....hahahaha , still laughing here ! Have a great day !  

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Hi Everyone,

Bright and sunny in Vermont today.  The word right now is that we are supposed to let our lawns go and the dandelions grow to help more bees come to the state.  I don't mind skipping mowing this week :)

The Integrators Project has made some serious headway on fixing Tags here in G2G; they are already shaping up quickly... thank you Integrator team!

We're still planning on going to the Global Family Reunion... fingers crossed on the last few arrangements.

I'm loving everything WikiTree right now!!!
answered by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (595k points)
Hello Robert,

I forgot to mention the Integrators project above, still low on the coffee level this morning, but I am still trying to figure out my place in that project as well, so much to do and so little time to do it.
Being in New Hampshire where we usually get our weather from Vermont, I'm happy to see your weather report! Keep sending sunshine our way!

Good luck helping/encouraging the Bees ~ really nice to read that :)

Thank you, on behalf of all Bees yes

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answered by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (595k points)
Who did the dusting?
Glad it's not me.  Thanks for the laugh RJ :)
Was not me  but if you are volunteering RJ  I hate to dust and it shows here.
Same wall paper that was in my Grandmother's house!!!!   It was a mauve background, with pink flowers and very green stems.
The sufferings our ancestors used to endure
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Hi Everyone

It's in the 90's in southeast Virginia & my lawn is mostly clover (self fertilizing). This past week I've been working on unsourced European Aristocrat profiles. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
I am very glad to see that there are others working on adding sources to the large number of Unsourced profiles on here.  There are enough for all of us to work on.
Hi All - from a cooling-down South Africa. Realised today it may be time to bring out warmer shoes. So enjoying Cape Dutch Project, I can't bear to think of all our ancestors waiting in anonimity for us to find them. Enjoy the weekend, whatever the weather.

Thank you Wendy, smiles to you too :)
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Hi, I've been working a little on the One Place Study for New Haven Colony. I made a chart of the seats in the New Haven Meeting House and added it to the page.

Seat New Haven Colony Meeting House

If you have New Haven Colony ancestors and you have their seat assignments, you can see it graphically now. Or if you want to find out where they sat. There's a link on the page to Atwater's History.

answered by Anne B G2G6 Pilot (991k points)
Looks good Anne.
Anne , what a genius of an idea !
Hello, I am new to this site. I have Trowbridge ancestors who came from Exetor England to New Haven, Conn.
Welcome to Wikitree Tom, Hopefully someone, Like Anne, can steer you in the right direction for your search.

Hi Tom, Thomas Trowbridge sat in the fourth row of the "short seats at the upper end". Upper left corner on the picture. His wife sat in the same seats on the women's side but was in row 3.

Have you seen this Trowbridge Genealogy Jacobus calls it an "excellent work" and Jacobus was the expert in New Haven Genealogy.

And... if you haven't found Thomas from Exeter yet on Wikitree, this is him

Thank you all so much. I have read the Trowbridge Genealogy and my line is included in it. I will add this information to my genealogical records. Once again thank you all so much. I have a picture of my ggg- grandmother Mary Trowbridge.
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I paid a visit in my lunch hour to Brompton Cemetery today. I have an ancestor who was buried in a common grave in 1876 - he died of tuberculosis in 1876. Anyway, when I arrived it was pouring down with rain. Brompton Cemetery is in Kensington but it is like another world when you go in. The grass has grown very high so many graves are actually inaccessible. The statues were drenched from the rainfall and it was so peaceful. I could not find my ancestor's grave. There was a burial going on right in the very area where I needed to look. I am not sure there will still be any memorial stone surviving so perhaps I would not have been able to find him anyway. So I waved in the general direction and sent him a silent message to let him know that I had stopped by. And I walked back to the tube in the pouring rain. Wandering around the mysterious Brompton Cemetery made me think about joining the Cemeterists. Perhaps this could be a project for me in my lunchhour, every day transcribe a different grave stone and research the many individuals who are buried there?
answered by Leigh Murrin G2G6 Mach 5 (55.2k points)
Sounds like a nice lunchtime Leigh in spite of the rain. The cemetery project is one which calls to me, I've always like walking round them and on trips with another gene friend we've picked out a family that piqued our interest and come home to see how much we could find out about them just because we could.

Looking at the wiki article on Brompton cemetary, it looks beautiful and also the list of notable people buried there would make it a fascinating project.
Hi Anna, I think this sounds like a good idea.  The cemetery is a 20 min trip away from my office, more than enough time for me to slip away, take a few pictures and come back to my desk again.  I will seriously think about it :-)
I got nettle rashed in Brompton Cemetery on a beautifully sunny summer morning. My G.Gs had a cheese shop in Montpelier (Rawstorn) Street opposite Harrods, the children were at school in the Duke of York's HQ (Saatchi Gallery) Kings Road. Ex army family.
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I'll be at home this weekend, lots of things to do around the house!  We had a new fridge/freezer delivered yesterday which is taking up half of our kitchen, the old one is currently in the dining nook, still in use, until the new one is in place and cooled down enough to put the food inside.

We also went to Home Depot last night and brought back 8ft by 4ft sheets of drywall, underlayment for a new sub-floor and bead board sheets for the walls.  These are also taking up a lot of space and need to be cut to size and taken upstairs where we're re-modelling the master bathroom.

Weather wise it's supposed to rain this afternoon (Fri) and also tomorrow (Sat), and then get quite cold for the time of year on Sunday (64F/43F).  I have annual flowers and vegetables on the deck that I want to get planted and I'd like to get the deck furniture out of the basement, but there seems to be a fridge blocking the patio doors out to the deck!  I also need to carry on with my garden rejuvenation project.

I haven't had time this week to work on anything WikiTree or ancestor related and this weekend isn't looking good for that either!
answered by Brenda Butler G2G6 Mach 4 (40.4k points)
Have fun with the remodel
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Cloudy and muggy in NW Mississippi. Today's project for me is descendants of Walter Shattuck. Distant cousin, but a cousin none the less. His father married into the Harrington's via the Waite's. Glad hyphenating wasn't popular back then. We'd all have mile long last names.
answered by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (166k points)
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Spring has been great here so far in New Hampshire. The only downside is that I'm spending too much time outside and neglecting WikiTree... :(

Oh well, to make up for it, I just signed up to volunteer Saturday morning at the Global Family Reunion. It's coming up fast, can't wait to meet all those cousins!

Who else is coming to the GFR?
answered by Roland Arsenault G2G6 Mach 5 (53.3k points)
We're really trying to get there.... I'm hoping to pal around with the whole extended family.  It would be great to meet you in person Roland.  We're looking forward to it!
I've been thinking about going.
You're going to be one of the stars speaking.... I hope your thinking about it!

Al Jacobs, David Blaine, Eowyn Langholf... it's a red-carpet lineup :)
All work & no play makes Roland a dull boy....go out & enjoy the weather!
Unfortunatly Roland, and all others, I will not be able to attend.  Too many other family obligations for that weekend.
Did you know we are planning on having a live hangout from the WikiTree Tent during the GFR?  We are!  I can't wait to talk to everyone!

Since we seem to focus on weather in this chat, I'll discuss the weather from NY as a shout out to y'all.

Mags, I will try to catch some of that but I will be very busy with a grandaughter, and her parents, who live out of State.
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I'd like to say it was just as nice in the UK, but sadly it is raining right now so I'm sitting indoors adding to my biographies.

I'm Matty and I'm a Greeter and Mentor. I've been away for a couple of months but I'm back now and I'm ready to begin taking an active role again. I love being a greeter as I get to be the first person to talk to new members on WikiTree and I like to think that the impression myself and other greeters leave on people makes them want to stay with us. While I havent been a mentor for long, I can say it is equally as enjoyable as being a greeter as I get to help people with any problems they may have. I'm extremly proud of what both teams do and I think we are doing a great job!

The best tip I can give is to say: keep at it! Sometimes you may think that you may never find a specific line or a mysterious ancestor, however if you persivere you may just find what you are looking for.

One of the biggest problems that we could improve - and I am guilty of this myself - is unsorced profiles. As soon as you import a Gedcom I would immedieatly start sourcing the profiles as the imported biographies are messy and confusing.

Keep up the brilliant work WikiTree!
answered by Matty Gerrard G2G3 (3.4k points)
Matty, Sorry about the delay in responding.  Your experience is very much like my own with GEDCOM imports and is the big reason that I try to discourage everyone form importing a GEDCOM, it winds up taking more time to clean up and add sources than it does to just enter the profiles manually.
Hi Matty, I too am from the UK. Interesting to read your thoughts on importing GEDCOMs and you too Dale. When I signed up to Wikitree in January  I uploaded mine, got as far as checking the few possible matches that came up which weren't matches in fact and abandoned the idea of going ahead with it and decided to do it all manually. I remembered the clearing up I had to do when I changed family history software and imported my GEDCOM into the new program. I have been wondering lately whether to try again but the idea having over a thousand messy bios to clear up had put me off.
Anna it actually is less work and time to do it manually and I speak from experience.  Plus you get a better looking profile.
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When I joined wiki tree over a year ago and began finding relatives, I found

all kinds of thing out. When I was asked to volunteer I thought how could I possible

help but I had learned a few things by finding my own relatives that started me off.

I have had so many people contact me asking for my help and I was able

to help them a llttle.

What surprises me the most is we all leave a trail, know one lives unto themselves. People can be found and what they did can be traced.

Finding people is like a treasure hunt and the reward is at the end someone is happy to find out about their relative.

So, many generous people in wiki tree taking their time to help others. Thank you
answered by Chris Mckinnon G2G6 Pilot (335k points)
Chris, glad you are helping out where you can !
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I signed up for the "14 day free trial" on ancestry.com and have been using that to add sources and flesh out the information on my tree. I've added over 300 ancestors and relatives, hundreds of citations, and hundreds of photos.

(The fine print says that you must cancel before 2 days from the end of the trial period or you will be charged. So while they say I have until the 8th, I really have to cancel before the 6th. I can't help it, we're very poor at the moment and can't afford the $45 charge right now.)

I got in contact with a cousin on my mother's side who pointed me to a very helpful site that has been helping me add death certificates to my entries as well as help decipher some relationships and add additional information.


It's Michigan specific, but I HIGHLY recommend any fellow Michiganders give it a try. It allowed me to add or clarify the birth and death dates for a number of relatives who died at young ages and thus were either missed on the censuses or lacked much information otherwise.

I've also added some deep trees, one in particular on my mother's side that goes back a dozen generations and leads me to be highly skeptical, but I'm just grabbing the information for now and I'll sort through it later with a fine tooth comb.

Basically a cousin of mine who is around my mother's age (and was friends with her and my aunt) received a copy of our genealogy from my grandmother in 1988. My grandmother was the family genealogist. So my cousin has then been working on it for the next more than 25 years.

So I'm just starting to figure out what information he actually has, what sources (since this predated the internet and my grandmother had large volumes of hand written trees, photos, records, etc).

Until then I might just cut off any branches that go back beyond my great-great-grandparents if I don't feel extremely confident about them. I don't want to add bad information to the tree.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago and now this cousin is trying to get in contact with my aunt again to see if he can get access to the photos and information that she should still have.

I think another relative might have taken a fair amount of the information as well, so I'm going to be talking to my mother later today to try to pursue the issue further, both for my own research, and for that of my cousin who has been diligently working on this for years.

I'm basically spending about two weeks expanding my family tree on there as much as I can while I have access to the ancestry tools, and then I'll take a deep breath and start transferring that to my tree here on wikitree. :)

Wish me luck. :)

answered by Justin Stressman G2G4 (4.4k points)
Good Luck Justin, let us know how it goes after you cancel Ancestry.com.  Be sure to download what you learn as you may not have complete access after you cancel.

Justin, you can also find similiar records at the very free http://www.familysearch.org ! I agree that the Michigan is dynamite.

Thanks for the Michigan link! Already found the death certificate for my great-grandmother there.
Thanks Maggie! A cousin of mine had pointed that one out to me right when I started (a few weeks ago), but it got lost in the shuffle. Thanks for the reminder!

Glad you got some good use out of it Peter! :)

I've hit a bit of a roadblock around my great great great grandfather on my dad's side where I see some conflicting and confusing records... where it seems like there are two couples that are very similar (Carl and Caroline Stresemann), but their year of immigration from Germany (Prussia) differs... one set says 1868, and the other is 1889 or something. And they both live in the same town here (in Montcalm county), around the same time.

I need to get all the relevant records I can find and try to create a sort of spreadsheet or something to sort them out to figure out which is the correct family. That would potentially allow me to take my family search back across the atlantic to Prussia and beyond. :)

There are other spots in my tree like this of course, but that is the one I'm focused on at the moment. ;)
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It's Friday.  The final Friday of the month and that means is time for Friday Family Finders for the Mountain Genealogists Society.

In Evergreen, CO, the MGS has opened its Friday Family Finders to the public.  We have partnered with our local libary to offer Genealogy drop-in assistance.  We are making ourselves available to answer questions and offer assistance.  Questions like, How to get started? How to break down brick walls?, anything about Genealogy or Family History.  It was inspired by the TV shows like Genealogy Roadshow, Finding Your Roots, and Who Do You Think You Are?

This is an outreach effort for our Society and something we have never tried.

So, wish us luck, as today is the kick-off for our new endeavor.

answered by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (361k points)

As for the weather, methinks a month of praying to the gods above have finally worked, no rain this morning and some thing that old-timers call "the Sun" is making things bright, warm and dry...very strange.

I would give you the weather but it changes so fast.  For the latest at my house check out this link.


Good luck Michael !!!
Hey, it went well.  We may have two new members join as a result and we had on great discovery for a new member who had never attended a meeting.

She had a Sampler Quilt with only a name and date, she knew it was from a family member but not sure if it was her mother's side or her father's side.  In the process we discovered that Doisa born in 1784 is actually Theodosia which broke open the discovery and we connected to an Abbot which is on her father's side.  She now knows exactly who the Sampler belongs to.  We talked about DNA, Shipwreck Databases, Ancestry.com's Beta testing and Wikitree. It was a great day.
Hi Michael,


Here is my weather station  http://www.wunderground.com/q/zmw:95629.1.99999?sp=KCAFIDDL4
Wow Robin, 80 degrees.  I will trade you some Sun for Water.  CA really could use the water, eh?
Mary Richardson here, well the rains are coming into Colorado, move on down, southward and blast through the Panhandle and North TEXAS as well as Central Texas.  We have had almost 2 months of rain.  Today sun, but more expected.  OUR lakes are all full, and above level, Creeks are full, ground is soggy.  We may sink. They are letting some water daily out  of the dams, so it goes into the next lake which is also full.

I think we all have trouble with the Gedcom files.  All have very little data and no sources.  We keep trying to fix, find sources and DOB, DOD, and we mentors continue to recommend that request.  Welcome to newcomers, I also you  read all the WikiTree Helps, and go slow as you add relatives, and continue to share your questions, etc here on G2G.
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Hi everyone. We have a cloudy day here in Calgary, Alberta. There's a change of rain. Perhaps it will extend further north where it is much needed to douse the forest fires.

Where can I find more about the RESTful API under development? WikiTree is great, but... it requires a lot of manual work, even when importing GEDCOM files.
answered by Doug Henderson G2G6 (6.9k points)
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Hi Everyone - sunny here in Colorado this morning but expect rain this afternoon. I'll be digitizing more of my dad's old papers, photographs, and home movies (there's still over 5,000 to do!). I find a gem or two every week. Just found images of the marriage licenses of my aunt and her parents.
answered by Peter Whalen G2G6 Mach 2 (24.3k points)
Peter You reminded me that I have a stack of papers from my grandmother that I have to go thru and enter on here.
+18 votes

Greetings! My name is Jeff Ricker (Ricker-359). I was born on Long Island, NY, and lived there until the age of 5 years. My family then moved to suburban Chicago. I lived in Illinois for the next 25 years, until I moved to suburban Phoenix, AZ. I have lived here for almost 30 years.

I developed an (obsessive) interest in doing genealogical research on my family over the past year. Mysteries surround the early years of both my paternal and my maternal grandmothers. I spend most of my time trying to figure out their origins. I will try to find time to share more later.
answered by Jeffry Ricker G2G4 (4.3k points)
Welcome Jeffry ~ WikiTree is a good obsession to have while you are working on your family mysteries !
Thank you Jeffry, I hope we can help you find their origins.  If you like you can share some details on them right here or as a seperate G2G post and everyone can take a crack at it.  Some of the people here are very good at finding records and super generous with their time.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, but lived on LI from 1968 to 1991, first in Stony Brook, then Northport, and finally Deer Park.

There is a chance that I might have known your grandparents, or perhaps some of my friends did.  If you let me know their names, I'll see if I can be of any help, although I don't live anywhere near there now.

Welcome to WikiTree!

Thank you, Maggie, Robert, and Gaile. I actually did ask for some help here.  John and Nellie Brew are my maternal great-grand parents. If I can learn more about them, I may be able to understand what happened with my grandmother, Lillian (i.e, why she changed the spelling of her name and seemingly tried to cover up her origins). My grandmother was born in Brooklyn in 1895. When my grandmother turned three, Nellie (aka Ellen aka Helen) Brew (neĆ© O,Neil) gave birth to twins--a boy and a girl. I don't think that Nellie could care for three children, and I suspect that John (my great-grandfather) either had left or was ill--he died, it seems, not too long afterwards. Lilian's aunt brought her to Ireland, where she lived until 1912, when she apparently 'escaped' back to Brooklyn. If Interested, you can read the rest on the question board.

I'll tell you the story of my other grandmother tomorrow.

Actually, I just asked a question (a long message) about my paternal grandmother in the G2G Help Section.

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It is a dry, warm, sunny day here in New Mexico. I have a long weekend off and hope to get to some desparately needed yard work. Hopefully, I will get to profile a local cemetery.
answered by Amy McAndrews G2G6 Mach 2 (29.7k points)
Spliting your time between the living, yard work, and the dead, Wikitree, is always difficult.  So Good Luck
+15 votes
Thank you to all who have been responding to this wekend chat, I had a minor emergency to attend to this morning.  We had some damage to our RV due to the storm Wensday night and I had to deal with insurance companies but I am back now.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Hopefully the air-conditioner is ok :)
The only damage is to the Awning, it is a total loss, and I am going to have to get a couple of estimates tomorrow to send in to the Insurance company but all things considered it is not too bad, just aggravating.
+16 votes
Today has been a great day!
I want to personally thank Doug Lockwood for helping me to find my g-g-grandfather as well as my g-g-g-grandfather.
I was able to get my one and a half acre yard mowed with a push mower in three hours today. It hasn't rained yet, but it is forecasted to.
I am now part of an exciting project the Integraters!
answered by Chryse Whitis G2G6 Mach 1 (19.8k points)

Itis great that you broke thru a couple of brickwalls and welcome to the Integrators project, which is finally getting going thanks to Robert.
That is so exciting Chryse! Congratulations on connecting to your grandfathers.
Thanks Dale, and April

Oh my aching back. Great that you found the ancestors, even more amazing that you mowed that much lawn with a push mower and lived to tell about it.smiley

+13 votes
Hello everyone, I hope you all have a good weekend.

The weather's been very changable here in the UK one minute bright sunshine and warm the next windy and a deluge. I sat in the car for 10 minutes this morning before it eased off enough for me not to get soaked through just getting to the front door.

Still going slowly with my tree, mainly worked on my father's profile this week when I've had time. I've seen comments about long profiles in G2G and I wondered how long is too long?  I seem to have written reams about my father and I haven't finished yet!

Hopefully once I get beyond the people I knew personally and have their papers etc it will get quicker otherwise I may need 3 liftetimes to get it all entered. I'd like to be able to have the time to get involved in some of the projects and help others too. Reading through all that other members are doing  I stand in awe of you all.

I discovered that if I changed the "r" to "l" in the coding for inserting an image into the bio that I could make it appear on the left rather than the right and then I wondered if I should be doing that?  Most wikipedia photos appear on the right, is it one of the standards of wiki?
answered by Anna Hayward G2G6 (8.8k points)
Anna welcome to this weeks chat, I can attest that it is a never ending job just keeping the profiles up to date as new information comes in every day but a lot of us do other things to break up our time so we don't get burned out.  As for your editing question I am going to pass on that and hope that someone who knows more about that topic chimes in

Thanks Dale, makes sense about burnout. Logically I know I can't get 15 years of research entered in a few weeks but that doesn't stop me wanting to do it and I have been getting frustrated with how slowly it's going because I also want to do it perfectly too. I should imagine perfectionism is something that most of us suffer with and OCD! laugh

It's perfectly acceptable to change the r to l and move the photo to either side or leave it in the middle of the profile. you can also change the size. use

|size= (l, m, s) or set it to eg 250 (which is pixels), but don't use more than 450.

Here's one of my favorite examples Laura Bond You can see we bounced the photos back and forth and in the middle. You can look at the edit page to see how we did it. She was a Collaborative Profile of the Week so is a "creme de la creme" profile. Most profiles are not this elaborate.

Thanks Anne for the tips on other edits I can use.  Thanks also for the link to Laura Bond's profile it certiainly is creme de la creme!  I've bookmarked it, it's helpful having good examples.

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