what happens to sources when a GEDCOM is imported?

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A relative and I have some of the same family. I have been on WikiTree a while. The relative recently joined and asked to be a trusted member. I approved that and asked him to make me a trusted member. He apparently did a GEDCOM import to WikiTree. My trees looked a mess and when I viewed sources there was a message imported by GEDCom. The person did not reciprocate and I am unable to see the information in his tree. I took the person off my trusted list because I want to be able to see sources and click on them to view them. Help me understand why some of my files seemed a mess and some information was incorrect people. Am I misundertanding the system? I am a novice. I want to share my trees and have others share with me, but am very confused about how and why the GEDCOM affected my tree.
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Robert, thank you for recatagorizing my question. Appreciated.

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Bill, Wikitree's GEDCOM importer assigns each source in that GEDCOM a number. Actually, it uses the source number that comes along with the GEDCOM. Each GEDCOM assigns a number to each and every source. So, if in your personal family tree program, you have a variety of sources, when you export from the program to a GEDCOM, the export process creates, for examples:

S1234 Vital Records of Massachusetts

S4567 Probate Records of Sussex County, Massachusetts

S8910 1930 US Census... etc. (dpending on how you entered it in your family tree program)

If you look at a wikitree profile created by an uploaded GEDCOM, you'll see reference to these #S1234 source numbers.

Personally, I go through such profiles, and clean them up.

Is there a particular challenge you're facing that you'd like help with?
answered by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (650k points)
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Juliane Smith, thank you for your response.
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Well to start there is no "My Tree" on Wikitree it is "The Tree" and for me when I look at it the import GEDCOM function does more damage than good, mostly because people do not take the time to review possible matches and just go ahead and create duplicates, but this is just the way I see it, I'm sure more knowledgable people here will have a better explication.
answered by Claude Emond G2G6 Mach 1 (15k points)

Well, you understand there is "no my tree" but in your question you refer to your tree twice and to his tree once, his gedcom upload did not affect your tree, it affected the profiles that you manage, he may have attached other profiles that have nothing to do with the profiles you manage creating a mess, I stand by my words, the import GEDCOM function does more harm than good, in all the years that I have done genealogy I can probably count on one hand the number of "genealogist" that I've seen that are thorough in their research.

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