If I wanted to add a category for "people born in Scotland" what would be the best name for that category?

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Hi Stan,

There is already a category for Scotland.  See http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Scotland

That category has many subcategories, which you'll see on its page (the one linked here).  You should not be adding profiles to that category.  Instead, you need to determine the name of the town in Scotland where the person was born and put that category name at the top of his/her profile.

We are only supposed to add people to the lowest level subcategories.

Welcome to WikiTree and thank you for asking!

by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (838k points)
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It would be great if the category page for Scotland included instructions (like those Gaile gives above) .

I saw several G2G items within the last week about the current major effort underway in the categorization project to clean up the entire category hierarchy structure.  I believe there was something in one of those that said they are going to put notices to that effect on pages of all categories that they don't want to contain profiles.

I hope I'm (a) remembering correctly and (b) correctly interpreting what I read ... sorry, but I don't have the time to try to find all those questions (there are about a half dozen, as I recall, all within a couple of days) and go through them all to find what I'm referring to.
Hi; as mentioned the high level category for Scotland is Category: Scotland.  The project has build a page of this http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Categorisation_for_Scotland to help people categorise and it provides tips for both PM and Cat project people.  It is a recent innovation and it will build out to be more comlete.  If interested please keep an eye out on these category pages.  The effort is, like wikitree, a work in progress and we are always in need of help.  These pages are open and so, if you have a tip to share with the community please pop it onto the latter page.
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It's best to make sure such a category already exists and contact Phillip from the category project.

by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (840k points)
Sitting very quitely and poking Maggie when she aint looking.  


the devils made me do it
Maggie, could you please add the categorization tag to this question - that will get Philip's attention, I'm sure.  THANX
I just see you joined the chorus here, Jacky - maybe you can beat Maggie to adding the categorization tag here ... I ain't got no super powers sp I can't do it.
all done.  I is half asleep here and dont wanna go to bed yet
Glad to have someone to burn the midnight oil with, Jacky.  As I just explained to Maggie, being 21, I can burn the candle at both ends ... it's one of the many benefits of staying 21 all these years.

OK - now where do we go for some action tonight?
Dunno  cos the only action in me future is my pillow. Been doing profiles, working and research and talking t a direct desendant about the history for a group of profiles. that dont count chasing this young man down here (he is 10) amongst other things LOL
oh and I added the father to http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Allison-2145  so I could connect to his father who was already on wiki and his sister who is President Mckinleys Momma
you mean you're gonna be a party pooper?

I've been doing profiles and research too (did Heilberg-83 from total blank today) plus working on ideas for a new website for my newest client, plus spent the morning waiting for husband to get medical tests while working on (ugh) tablet and spent the afternoon running around the local airport looking at the state of new hangars we need to move to, since they're tearing down the old ones.  I don't know if all that equals chasing a 10 year old, but I've been 21 too long for that - I prefer older men - like in their 70's.

I guess if there's no one to get into trouble with, I may as well shut down and go to bed, too.
LOL I a proofreader been on here nonstop 18 hours today  except when dealing with the 10 year old  did I mention he is autistic? This ole lady needs sleep before he up in 6 more hours
Hmmph!!!  Now you're a name dropper ... hobnobbing with the likes of Presidents!!!  That does it - now I WILL go to bed!!!  ... see you in the AM ... gnite, girlfriend.
What a sweet conversation and a great example of Wikitreers having fun! AND learning at the same time!

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