Banks of the Banks Ship Rigging Corp ?

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I believe this was owned by 3 of my grand uncles in Red Hook Brooklyn, NY USA. I have been try ing to find info too. Do you have any?

My father and brother and other family members worked for them for many years.
My grandfather was Robert Banks.  I believe he started the company during or right before the depression.
My family worked for Johnny Banks in Red Hook Brooklyn who may be one of the three grand uncles of yours.
I was a 3rd generation Rigger with Banks Rigging on Van Brunt & Verona.

My Grandfather, my Father & Me.


My great grandfather Bill Banks started this company.  Gloria Banks was my grand mother.
My name is Tom Banks .... grandson of Andrew Banks who ran th company

in the 50,60’s... where do you live?
My great grandfather was John George Banks. He was the older brother to the 3 owners of Banks Rigging. The story I have is that he worked with the brothers when they were first starting out and lost his arm in an accident on one of the ships. I'd love some family stories. If any of you ha
Im in Rochester, NY now but was born in Red Hook. Who is Andrew Banks the son of?
My last name was Murphy but my mother was Roberta Banks, daughter of Robert who was the son of John George Banks.
I do have alot of stories ... I'm just not sure of the history before the 50's ... I was told the company started in East Port, Maine and came down to New York City and ended up in Red Hook Brooklyn ... Brooklyn was the place I remember the most ...the shop and office on Van Brunt St ... At that time it was my Grand Father and his 2 sons John and Dave ran the company ... we also had a facilty in Port Newark, NJ ...  I was one of John's sons ... He had 5 kids and Dave had 2 kids .... Both families lived in NJ ... My Aunts were Gert, Mary, and Edna ....
My grandfather was Robert Banks and I was always told that he is the one he begin the company. ?
What’s his wife’s name Winifred?
I was told it was William Banks who ran the company. My Great Grandfather. He was quite wealthy and eventually moved out of Brooklyn to the North Shore. He was a member of the Manhasset Bay Yatch Club and kept his 72 foot gaff rig schooner there. From what I understand, his father John Banks started the company. John Banks I believe was born in Scotland. He and his wife lived with my Great Grandparents towards the end of their life in Brooklyn. My grandmother knew them as a little girl. From what my father told me growing up, William Banks tried to set the company up in Jersey (1950s) along the Hudson when the hulls of the ships required deeper water and could no longer dock in Redhook. He was unsuccessful and had one last idea before he died - he wanted to start developing houses on Long Island with my father. As the story goes he died broke except for the fact that his wife Kaye had squirreled away money earned by the rigging company to buy the building he lived in - in Brooklyn - he had moved back to Brooklyn in the Rigging Company's declining days. So the last of the money, vast amount of money made by the rigging company, that was my Great Granfather's portion ended up with Kaye. Uncle Billy, my grandmother's brother was the Rigging Company treasurer for some time. And my Grandfather worked there during WW ll. I have many stories about my Great Grandfather. Thanks
My grandfather worked there after he retired as an engineer 60s to the 80s I believe Ernest Daniels

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