What about mathematician Nicola Tesla?

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Nicola Tesla was one of the most prolific mathematicians of all times. He invented free electricity with his numbers. You don't hear about him because he was canceled so to speak by his investor, John D Rockefeller,  I believe. Tesla went on to invent over six thousand inventions. Which we will get to hear about in the next two years, hopefully sooner.
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The "cancelling" of Nikola Tesla is surely over and he is well known today.

He is one of the few scientists that has an SI unit named after him. The Tesla is the unit for magnetic flux density. A well known car company is named after him. And he is claimed by two countries, Serbia an Croatia, as their most important scientist.
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Actually two car companies. The other is Nikola Motors, also working on EVs, but not as successfully at this time. There's a whole Wikipedia page just on things named after him.
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He's viewed more as an inventor and physicist than a mathematician. Of course, math is an important aspect of what he did, but that's not what defined him.

He was a brilliant person, but in his final years became eccentric and many would even say disconnected from reality.
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Tesla was in love with his pet pigeon, I'd say "disconnected from reality" is a fair judgement. But then, one of Sir Isaac Newton's proudest achievements was dying a virgin, so maybe it's we non-geniuses who just don't get it.
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Tesla was not a mathematician, nor a physicist, he studied electric engineering in Graz and he became a prolific inventor. He made major developements in how to use the relatively newly discovered electric power. Every physics or electric engineering student learns about Tesla's main discoveries/inventions related to magnetic fields, induction effects and alternate current.

The mathematic theory for electromagnetism was developed by James Clerk Maxwell many years before the technology to prove it with experiments was developed, a bit the same that happened with Einstein and the relativity theory. Inventors like Edison and Tesla were well versed in Maxwell's theory and equations.

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