Who was Inconnue Collineau de Montaguerre? [closed]

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I am tracing my geneology, and am apparently descended from an Inconnue Collineau de Montaguerre in a few branches.  Does anyone have any information concerning this family?  I remember reading somewhere that there were 15 daughters, but I don't know when, where or what their first names were.  Any info?  Thank you!!!
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In French - Inconnue means an "Unknown Woman".  Inconnu means an "Unknown Man".  If only a surname is known (for example - Smith), then the person can be called Inconnue Smith.  Unknown Smith.

Inconnue Collineau de Montaguerre does not make much sense.

Good Luck!
She is my 15th Great Grandmother born 1542 and died in 1624 in France. She was married to Nicholas Fortin . They had 12 children
I've been doing my family tree lately and I've recently discovered that Collineau DeMontaguerre (1578-1649) was the daughter of Guillemine Briere (1536-1581).

Guillemine also married Jean de Pinot des Fontaines, a direct ancestor to Winston Churchill and the Cavendish family. I do hope this helped a bit, because her name could be Collineau de Pinot des Fontaines and married a DeMontaguerre (Montague). I'm related to a lot of Montague's.

Although, I have her son Antoine Bitouset. If you have any further questions, email me at liamcarignanofficial@gmail.com!
Sherry and Liam, could you tell us the sources for this information, please?
I just googled this name as well as it sounded important and shows she was my 10th great grandmother. Good luck on your research!

This person did not exist.

Multiple Collineau profiles set up as mother of a person with unknown parents.

"Collineau de Montaguerre" is seen as a placeholder for earliest female ancestors in ascendant lines for French emigrants to New France, in numerous online genealogies. This person did not exist. The Collineau de Montaguerre family name appeared at the end of the 18th century or the beginning of the 19th in Nantes. The family settled in the French Antilles.

The profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/De_Montaguerre-4

Hi Tanya
The profile "Collineau de Montaguerre" represents a widely repeated mistake, often an unknown woman, married to a multitude of different husbands, recorded as the grandmother of an immigrant in New France.

Originally without place or dates, in the ancestry of many emigrants in New France, they were then propagated without explanation of an Internet genealogy website to another with wacky places and dates.

Sorry Tanya, but this person did not exist ....
I’ve heard it was 1560-1625 I’ve heard she had 9 children, 3, children, and 1 child. I come from her son jean derainville

There are several different people who claim the fame of Collineau de Montaguerre. However, this is all false. Collineau de Montaguerre is indeed a surname, not a person. These specific individuals descend from the de Montaguerre family through the desceased Collineau family (Montaguerre is also spelled DeMontaguerre, de Montaguerre, Monteguerre, Montagerro, Montague).

A specific individual I highlighted two years ago was Collineau de Montaguerre, however, upon further inspection, her descendants bear the surname Rapin. In particular, Jean-Baptiste Antoine Rapin (1610-1694).

The de Montaguerre family is a notable Huguenot family. I descend through the family by Sieur Robert Briere II (1490-1563), who perished alongside his wife, Jehanne Collineau de Montaguerre (or Jeanne Guerry, 1500-1563) in May of 1563 during the Sack of Rouen.

Their daughter, Guillemine (1536-1581), married Jehan de Pinot des Fontaines (1534-1604), who changed his surname to du Pont upon this marriage. They had a daughter named Collinette du Pont (1580-1649), she married an Inconnu Rapin (1585-1635), the parents of Antoine Rapin. Antoine married Marie Barbe Boufandreau.

I genuinely hope this helps you on your genealogical trek, I've been trying to understand this specific part of my tree for the past few years and I think my own searching will decrease the amount those before me have or will attempt.

If you have any further questions, contact me at my aforementioned e-mail. Thanks!

(P.S. If you are whole-heartedly convinced that Collineau is the name, change the surname to Colinet or the first name to Colette, common errors are likely to happen and alter our records, be sure you're putting as much accurate information in to get the best results.)

I would be most interested in seeing sources for this (and by this I mean contemporary sources, preferably from France, though I'm aware that with their being reported as Huguenots it is easy to argue that the whole paper trail was destroyed and that they had to completely change their name with each generation).

There IS a Collineau de Montaguère family, but it is modern, as the name was created by descendants of the Collineau and Ollivier de Montaguère families in the 19th century.

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I have encountered the compound name Collineau-DeMontaguere several times in researching my family tree. Only once is a personal name connected to it, Marguerite. Collineau is the unknown mother's maiden name and DeMontaguere is the father's name. I have several dates for each but no first names and the children listed are numerous and have a variety of family names.

There seems to be a number of things wrong with all of these records which suggests that numerous errors have crept in.

There is one less garbled reference to a Miss Collineau-DeMontaguere, however. Perhaps the Father's name is Thomas Gagnon and the Mother's name is Collineau. It looks like in this case a title or location has been garbled together with the Father's name.. This may be the origin of these garbled records. There might be a real Collineau DeMontaguere marriage somewhere.


I just read a series of posts in a Geni family tree forum that suggests the problem may have started there by inadvertantly merging a number of different women, possibly named Collineau. This would explain the large number of children bearing the names of various men. I recommend that you ignore this couple and replace them with "Unknown" or remove them altogether.

The trouble with the use of software in genealogy is that it is far too easy to make errors and to duplicate and multiply them indefinately. My family tree is large and riddled with errors created by software, hardware, other people, and myself. It's mostly reliable but it is now difficult or impossible to clean up. Be careful and think careful before you accept any thing as correct. Don't jump to conclusions. Consult sources outside of the commercial and free genealogy website circuit.

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It means unknown, the name is de montaguerre but the first name is unknown
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She was born on 1555  Rochefort, Allier, Auvergne, France.  Apparently she maried Basile Routhier Coutancineau  St-Martin, Île de Ré, La Rochelle, (Charente-Maritime), France, Europe.  They had a son called Julien.  That's all i know.



Is there any source about that Basile Routhier Coutancineau and son Julien ??
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I just received ancestry work done on my family "LUSSIER".  It shows my early ancestor Pierre L Loisseau married Collineau DeMontaguerre 1555-1640. They produced a son Jacques Lussier (name change here) 1627-1669.  If this helps at all there is lots more of the LUSSIER family  up to me 1940-  . Contact me is ok. I live in So. California, USA
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Ooops..me again with correction... Pierre and Collineau had a daughter Marguerite Ursule Darmine 1626-1669 and she had a son Jacques Lussier 1646-1713.  Jacques and wife Charlotte Lamaarche 1650-1671 had a daughter Cathterine Clerice 1653-1671 and she had TWELVE children. Maybe that's the 12 you were looking for...
Hi Dane, I just found Jacques Lussier on my family tree.  My Mother's Paternal line contains a Christophe Lussier who is a son of Jacques.

Lussier, Tetreau, Vallier, VaLue, Givens, Jameson

I live in Iowa and I kinda wish I lived in California right now to tell you the truth.

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