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The Outlaws Project and Collaborative Profile of the Week present

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker
One Half of the Notorious Barrow Gang "Bonnie and Clyde"

This should be an interesting profile to work on. Add what you think is pertinent and interesting.

1) Bonnie has sources attached, some good, some bad. I feel certain there are lots of other sources to be found.

2) She needs a more complete birth date and source. (Hint look at Find a Grave and link to the profile, No need to add the photo)

3) Photos? Please do not add photos that are not in the public domain. As a general rule, if it doesn't say it's public domain, then it isn't. Try Wikimedia Commons.

4) Can someone write a biography? Make sure to use sufficient inline sourcing. Need help with how? ask!

5) Did Bonnie have two sisters named Billie? Is one of them not her sister?

6) A couple of questions have already been asked about Bonnie. Would someone read through the questions, see if they were answered and report here or on the profile.

As always, when you work on some aspect of the profile of the week, please post an answer here so the question stays fresh and we don't duplicate work.

An outlaw is: A lawless person or habitual criminal, one who is a fugitive from the law. A person, group, or thing excluded from the benefits and protection of the law. A person under sentence of outlawry.

The Outlaws Project (a sub-project of Black Sheep) is for profiles of persons classified as Outlaws, American Outlaws, Australian Bushrangers, English Highwaymen and others.


WikiTree profile: Bonnie Thornton
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Is there a way to get the profile manager of her siblings & parents' profiles' to hurry up and open them for the contest ?
There was only one sister named Billie Parker. I added some sources to her profile.
I'm checking about opening the other profiles.

There seems to still be an extra " sibling" other than the other Billie . Can a sysop merge the two Billies ? Also there is no evidence for a brother that died in Maine either See

He should be detached from this family group. There was another brother other than Hubert but he died as a baby ( see Find A Grave)

I will keep adding sources to Bonnie's but hoping someone with writing talents can do her biography ! Working on her Walker lines now.
Maggie the two Billies look like two entirely different people. Do you know which one is right?
Billie M. Parker
State of Issue: Texas
Date of Birth: Saturday  April  19, 1913
Date of Death: Wednesday  July  25, 2001
Est. Age at Death:

88 years, 3 months, 6 days


Acccording to This Bonnie & Clyde site Billie the sister was born 1912 died 1993. So Billie Jean is the correct sister.  she was married three times and I do not think she is registered on the SSDI. I searced all kinds of ways to find her.


It's amazing the number of Ancestry trees that have Ora as the child of Charles and Emma, yet she's not with Emma in the 1920 Census. And there is a perfectly good alternative. Ora right age born in Texas, living in Oklahoma with Charles and Anne Parker in 1910 and 1920. Of course this supposes that the Ora Parker in the SSDI (1908-1994) didn't marry or kept her maiden name.

So confusing , I know. Billie Jean Mace Moon at two Find A Grave sites :

Because it lists her deceased Mace babies, this might be her proper dates at the one site ? I am looking for all three marriages and her death record this morning.

Follow-Up on death record : Only an indexed one so we can not see who her parents are with this death date but so far,evidence shows the 1993 death date is hers. ( the 2001 death date is from an erraneous SSDI source for a Billie Parker (in name) but Billie Jean Parker Frazier Moon would not be under SSDI with her maiden name.

Agree with you on Ora Parker not being part of this Parker clan.

My folks were from SW Arkansas, the region of the ARKLATEX between Fouke and Taylor. My Dad [[Jester-199]] often told about playing baseball and that Bonnie and Clyde would stop if they were playing and play ball with them. I asked him if he'd been afraid. He said, "No, they knew we didn't have any money o anything worth stealing. And they didn't rob our banks. they only shot police and people who got in their way trying to stop them." Daddy never told stories for entertainment or to brag. He was trying to tell me about growing up and getting stories out of him about growing up was hard enough.
Could the one be buried in the pleasant grove cemetary in Dallas tx. I can go check this week. I live 8 miles from the cemetery located off Buckner and sceyene.

Thank you Jason for your offer to look, I think we have Bonnie and Clyde and family covered, cemetery wise.

Bonnie is at Crown Hill Memorial Park Dallas
Billie is at Tool Cemetery in Henderson County

Hubert is at Crown, Emma the mother is also there

and Clyde is at Western Heights Cemetery, although we never did anything with his memorial.

4 Answers

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Great choice. I will give it a whirl.
by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (820k points)
Thank you
Maggie, Bonnie Parker's siblings are now open. I removed the extra children.  I've added some basic bios, if there is anything else you want to add you can now.  Thank you again
+8 votes
Added death record and some census data.  Should her current last name be Thornton, as she married Roy Thornton and never divorced him?
by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (735k points)
Good question, I suppose by American customs she would still be Thornton, but the newspaper accounts of her death and her tombstone and her death certificate list her as Parker. You could add Thornton to the Other Last names box. Does Roy have a profile? Want to create one?
I added profile for Roy Glenn Thornton , her first husband. I wanted to add a picture of him but it was hard to figure the copyrights for it.
There are mug shots of Roy Thornton and I believe mugs are PD. My great grandmother had said we were related to Bonnie, but I think she was bragging. I haven't found any evidence of it. It would stand closer that we'd be related to Roy since he was a Thornton and so was Gramma Annie [[Thornton-2727]] But I never found evidence of Roy Thornton being of my Thornton line.
+7 votes
Thanks, Anne!

I'll see if I can add a photo or two, then link it from the main home page.
by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Thanks for adding the photos Chris.
+5 votes
Background Added that the edge one
by Jacqueline Clark G2G6 Pilot (159k points)
Thanks, Jacky, Chet, Chris, Anne, J., Chris W., and everyone. As the profile manager is not around at the moment, I was not able to merge the two Billies and remove the wrong sibling, Ora Parker.
Thank you Jacky, for the background.

And thank you Maggie for your efforts getting the family fixed.

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