Family History Photo of the Week?

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We've talked about having a feature that would highlight one profile per week or month. I think that's a great idea, but I'm thinking we should start with a feature that highlights photos instead. Photos have broad appeal and are fun to review. Once we get this off the ground we could add a parallel feature for profiles.
I'm envisioning a "Family History Photo of the Week."
Hundreds or even thousands of images are uploaded to WikiTree every week. Half or more are private, but that still leaves a lot of public images to choose from. And having a feature would encourage more.
Other notes:
A.) Gallery of new images.
To facilitate nominating photos, we'll have a gallery of new, public images so it's easy to browse them.
B.) Selection criteria.
I'm not sure what criteria we'd use for selecting the images. It probably wouldn't need to be very strict.
A winning image might be historically interesting. Or engaging because of the people photographed. Or have an interesting story behind it.
We might also use it once in a while to highlight "lost and found" photos. Perhaps by having a group of people looking at it and puzzling over the clues some of the photos would find their homes.
C.) Project members.
Anyone who is interested would be part of the "Photo of the Week" project and get a badge for it.
Members would nominate photos and vote on the winner.
D.) Project leader.
We should have a project coordinator.
The leader would make sure that we have enough nominations, coordinate the voting, inform the nominees and winner, maintain the list of past winners, etc.
E.) Featuring the winner.
The winning image would be featured on the home page for a week. They'd also go on a list of past winners. And we'd highlight the photo on the social networks.
The person who uploaded it would get a badge for it.
What do you think? Input or ideas?
If we do this, would you be willing to be a voting member?
Would anyone be willing to be the leader?
in Genealogy Help by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
retagged by Chris Whitten
love to help Chris - there is something so cool about old photos that brings us a realization of how the past was.

Here is a precious photo of my family several generations back: it says so much about life in that era:

Thanks, Bill! I'd nominate that photo. I love the descending order of the girls ... right down to the family dog. :-)
I nominate that one too . That photograph is amazing , btw, Bill Jennings. Chris, I like this "photo of the month "  idea and it will  appeal to a wide audience . Not sure what the criteria should be in selecting 12 -52 photographs a year , though .
i just love the idea ,glad to help also, i just love old photos

The Photo of the Week is now ready to go!

We should be able to select the first winner at the end of the week.

Here's the draft page with rules and stuff:

Bill, Maggie, and Terry, can I set you as founding members?

P.S. Also see

Count me in - looking forward to seeing some great family photos of eras long past.  Bill
the old photos are lovely and so many to choose from still not sure how it all works but i  will get the idea,one question  how do you second a photo that has been nominated  and can your own photos go on the list if you are a founding member Terry

Hi Terry. I wrote an answer here:

The short answer: In the e-mail list. But we may be moving the e-mail list today.

We might want to start another category for "Obituary of the Week" or "News Item of the Week" and "Document of the Week" given all of the photos of those that have been posted. There are tons of interesting obits out there, and some fairly scandalous and "fun" newspaper items that may pop up as well. It's just a thought as I went through the images this morning.

Also, are voting members eligible to win? I have some photos and old tintypes that are delightful but have yet to be posted. Would the voting member just recuse themselves from voting if their photo was chosen? That occurred to me as I thought about how many photos I have to upload!!!

Slow down, Kellie! :-)

I think doing supplementary categories is a great idea, but we should get the basic Photo of the Week going -- and work out the kinks -- before expanding the scope.

I see no problem with Voting Members winning. You'd just need to "recuse yourself" from the voting and discussion.
LOL Sorry, Chris! Didn't mean to get carried away there!

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Would be eager to help and vote for winners.
by Keith Baker G2G6 Pilot (105k points)

Thanks, Keith!

We're now starting it up.

I took the liberty of adding you as a member of the group.

Thanks, Chris.  Looking forward to this.


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I'd be glad to help.
by Kellie Reeve G2G2 (2.5k points)
i love the idea ,glad to help also ,i just love old photos

Thanks, Kellie! Are you still interested? Check it out:

Terry, I took the liberty of just setting you up as a member:

Absolutely, Chris! Sign me up :)
That's great, Kellie. I added you.
Hi Chris,  I am still in too . I think this is will be a great way to show how easy it is to upload photographs to WikiTree too .

Magda " Maggie "
thanks chris looking forward to all the lovely old photos terry

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