Should Catagories be sourced?

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I have a profile that is under the U.S. President Direct Descendant category. There is no source in the profile to back that up. Should there be.
asked in Policy and Style by Trudy Roach G2G6 Pilot (169k points)
retagged by Keith Hathaway
Have you tried running the relationship calculator between the profile and the president? Perhaps the relationships are proven?
The President is still alive. Will that still work?
Carrie I tried to find a relationship with my anscestor and the President. It didn't work. Because the tree was private and I'm not on the trusted list. But then I ran my relationship to the President and the common anscestor we share was William Carter the father of Carter-4295. So do I just check all the profiles for sources to see if any of those relationships are proven?

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Hi Trudy,

The profile should have sources supporting the information posted including categories the profile is connected to.

Thank you for all you do!
answered by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (595k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
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I agree with Keith. Everything on a profile should have a source. In the case of categories, there should be sufficient evidence in the bio to support the category. For example Place categories should say what happened in that place and that event should have a source.

U.S. President Direct Descendant category standing alone bothers me, because usually there is no source listed, and frequently we don't have a clue who the president is either.

Ideally, I think, that categories should be added after biographies, with sources.


answered by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1m points)
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I am on the US President Project. I think I can speak for everyone on the project, that we always try to add the source, and a sentence that tells which president is the descendant. Sometimes people slip up and miss something.

Please send me the profiles that are missing this info and I'll do my best to make the corrections.
answered by J. Salsbery G2G6 Mach 2 (26.4k points)
The profile is Carter-4295. That should have the category and it does. But I can't find the profile that had the category but not the source. Should William Carter the father of Carter-4295 get the same category if the sources are there? Thanks to everyone who is working on this set of Carter's they are starting to come together. Nicely. Your work is greatly appreciated by this techno defunct critter.

This category may have been added to Carter-4295 by someone who is not in the US President's Project.

I checked my copy of Ancestors of American Presidents by Gary Boyd Roberts. There is a Thomas Carter, born ca. 1528 who is the ancestor of President's William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison. Following the tree back from William Henry Harrison, it looks like Carter-1789 is in his direct line. This line has not yet been worked on by the President's Project.

There are other Thomas Carter's though, in the lines of other presidents. I'll try to work on this but it will take awhile and I'm leaving home for about a week. I won't forget it though.

J. Salbery. Thank You .    The  sources would link this Thomas Carter to Pres. Jimmy Carter. I'm not in any rush. I just wondered how it works.  I am learning alot just exploring this tidbit.

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