I am looking for any Baggott's or Baggett's from Staffordshire, England.

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My Baggett lineage goes back to Staffordshire, England.
I understand the spelling may be different; such as Baggott, Baggot, Bagott, Bagot, Bagod, Baggit, and so on.

I do know that my family's crest is from Staffordshire, England with 2 chevrons, two goats heads, and the motto: Antiquum Obtinens-meaning, Possessing our ancient honour.

If this describes anyone with a family line from Staffordshire, England, I would love to join your page.

Thank you!
asked in Genealogy Help by Debbie Buck G2G2 (2.1k points)

Not an answer to your question, but you may be interested there is a Baggots castle at Bagington, Warwickshire

link http://www.bagotscastle.org.uk/


Hello Debbie based on the research iv done, Im related to the baggot Family in the Form of John Baggott 1489 in Staffordshire to  nov 27, 1512 he married Eleanor Butler. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. and I'll also work on putting all the information I have up.
You're welcome to join my page

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Have you looked at the WikiTree surname list.  There seem to be several from Staffordshire.  If you see what looks to be a connection - you can share information with the profile managers.  On the left side of any individual - under their personal details - you will see a line with Profile manager [Name] and [send private message].

Click on [send private message] to contact them.

Or post a message on the managers Public Bulletin Board on the right hand side.

Here are surname examples on WikiTree.


Walter Baggott 1780 Darlaston, Staffordshire, , England  Oct 17, 2012 Sammy Lane

Margaret Baggott 1900 Hednesford, Staffordshire, England  Oct 9, 2012 Philip Wooffindin

John Baggott 1864 Tividale, Staffordshire, England  Oct 9, 2012 Philip Wooffindin

Emily Baggott 1890 Cannock, Staffordshire, England  Oct 9, 2012 Philip Wooffindin

Emily Baggott 1892 Hednesford, Staffordshire, England  Oct 9, 2012 Philip Wooffindin

Frank Baggott 1894 Hednesford, Staffordshire, England  Oct 9, 2012 Philip Wooffindin

Birty Baggott 1897 Hednesford, Staffordshire, England

Elizabeth Baggott 1400 Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, , England  Jun 6, 2011 Buckley Howe

Alfred Baggott September 1859 Rowley Regis, Satffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

Olive Baggott March 1857 Wednesbury, Staffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

Tabitha Baggott June 1852 Tipton, Staffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

Joseph Henry Baggott March 1847 Tipton, Staffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

Caroline Baggott June 1846 West Bromwich, Staffswich, Staffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

John Baggott September 1864 Rowley Regis, Satffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

Samuel Baggott September 1862 Rowley Regis, Satffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

Joseph Baggott January 1833 Bilston,Staffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

Moses Francis Baggott October 5, 1823 Darlaston, Staffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

David Baggott 1800 Darlaston, Staffs  Feb 2, 2011 Lancelot Barron

Phoebe Susannah Baggott December 19, 1830 Bilston, Staffs   



answered by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (612k points)
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I tryed under all the spelling's you listed for Baggetts in Stafordshire, England; in the places that follow:  www.findagrave.com     and also:  www.ancestry.com    I was not able to come up with any of them.  If you come up with any other names you can look them up under the two listing's I gave above to see if you can locate them.  If you still can not find any Baggetts here is another place you can check I just recently found, but had forgotten about untill now.  http://www.billiongraves.com/
answered by Barbara Jean Duren G2G6 Mach 3 (34.8k points)
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Yes I think Elizabeth ( "Bess of Hardwick") married a Baggot, if you contact the records office in Stafford you could gain much information.
answered by Roger Bates G2G6 Mach 3 (36.2k points)
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Debbie, I just ran across your inquiry and wanted to reach out to see how your reaearch is going. Thx Drew Bagot, Dallas, TX
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Hello, My name is Cliff Baggett and we have traced the family back to Virginia and North Carolina.  John Baggett of Surry as he is called seems to be the first Baggett in the colonies.  Born in England, his children were Christian in St. Margaret's Parish, Westminster, England.  John is recorded as living with one of his daughters Martha Swan and husband in 1683 Virginia.

Many people tracing the family Baggett have found information on the net that the family is connected to the Bagot Family of Staffordshire by way of John being son of Hervey Bagot.  This information was givien to Maury Baggett who has an excellent site on the Baggett/Baggott family by  a lady who traced the family and gave as source a book written by a member of the Bagot family.  The book is quoted on Mr. M. Baggett's site (he has since passed away) and I have read the book on line.  I was curious because as eldest son he would have gotten the family title and estate.  The family was involved in the English Civil War and the two youngest son's were officers in the King's army.  The second eldest remained at the estate and ran it during this time.  Why the second eldest?  Only two reason's.  The eldest joined Cromwell or he wasn't alive.  It was the second.  The book states that the young child died and no other child, as was sometimes the custom, was named in his place.  Thus the second eldest became head of the family.  I was unable to chat with Mr. Maury Baggett as he had passed away, but I did chat with the lady who was responsible for connecting the Baggett's of American to the Bagot's of England and she admitted that she made a mistake and I was correct.  It would be nice if we were related.  So far nothing has been found to connect John Baggett's line in England other than St. Margaret's.  That is one of the problems with using someone else's work without double checking as errors are passed on from one site to another.  The majority of Baggett's in the U. S. can be traced back to Nicholas I of North Carolina, son of John Baggett.  The family spread thru the southern states with some of course moving to the north.  

An example of how history and our education system fails to pass on information is a story about the Mayflower.  Part of the Baggett family are associated with the Mayflower.  The story goes our ancestors were Separatists, but not the Separatists, they came over on the Mayflower, but not the Mayflower.  Which is all true.  Also ask any child if the Mayflower sailed to the colonies alone and they will say yes, but that is not true.  One needs to check the full story.

Our father was born on the Yuma Indian Reservation and his family lived there for many years before coming to California.  They came from Texas and before that from Georgia and from the Carolina's and early Virginia.

There have been Baggett's in every major war and many of the minor wars that they don't teach you about in school.  At times it can be confusing following the family line as in the early days many members were named after each other and even cousins would have the same names  thus adding to which is which.   

.I believe Mr. Maury Baggett's site is still on line as his son's said they would try and keep it, but are not active on it.  I have information on the Baggett's and related families.  Let me know which state your line is associated with and I might be able to add to your records.

You might be surprised when tracing families how many "famous" or "unfamous" people you are related to thru history.  Also people should never judge one generation by their own present standards.  What is unacceptable today was correct back then and what is correct now will not be acceptable in years to come.  

Best of luck in your research.

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Again in checking facts I find that I made a mistake in that John Baggett's daughter was not married to Sam Swan.  John did live on the property owned by Mr. Swan, but in tracing his family I find that his wife was not a relative of the Baggett family.  This would have been nice if so as women have a way of disappearing in history.  

In addition, I should add a little about the Mayflower.  A relative was a member of the movement and forced to go to Holland where his children were born.  In 1620 he and his son were scheduled to sail on the sister ship of the Mayflower, the Speedwell.  To save space you may want to look that up on the internet.  The two ships left England together twice and they had to return which is why the Mayflower, when it did arrive was late in the year which caused the death of many people.  Our link, an educated man, left a letter to the leader of the movement describing his failure to cross as the Mayflower had taken on many of the people from Holland off the Speedwell, again reason for so many people on that ship, and was left behind.  He didn't arrive till 1629 on the second Mayflower with his wife, two new sons and a daughter.  The daughter's line is to the Baggett family from N. E. south to N.C. and S.C. and then west.

As to John, unable to find if it was John of England or his son that lived on the Swan land. Will do more digging.

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