Would like to assist any research in the Manchester, Lancashire, England Area.

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If anyone needs any  research help, in the  Manchester, Lancashire, England Area will gladly assist if i can. No Gaurantees as i am no expert,  but certainly will try to help. I dont mean taking photos of Headstones or going to Libraries I mean help with research on internet searching for Sources, with these areas in which i am familiar with.

Healey -268 Susan Healey
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Hi Jane Really Struggling to find much info on Jack, Marjorie and their children. I will continue and i come up with anything ill let you know
I'm looking for information on my Kenyon ancestors? I know of many of their wives and children, but not about any more ancestors, with the "Kenyon" surname in the region, where it originates.

Here's the details of three of the men that I know of:

* Robert Kenyon (Kenyon-667)
  Born 1805 in Shaw, Lancashire, England
* Robert Kenyon (Kenyon-640)
  Born 1837 in Shaw, Lancashire, England
* Charles Kenyon (Kenyon-629)
  Born 2 Dec 1860 in Staleybridge, Cheshire, England

Do you think you can help Susan?


Bob Kenyon

I was wondering if you could possibly help with my search? I don't know much about my father at all, I don't even know if he's alive. I am trying to get a more complete look at my lineage like his parents and further on back and have been honestly trying to find out since google first came out (roughly 15-16 years). I have barely made any progress in all that time! I have some medical issues but with 50% of my background missing it has become difficult for my doctors to know what to look for. 
I know that his name was John Bingham(SP?), he was a local DJ/possible local TV Anchor/occasionally was the Manchester City announcer circa 1985-1994? He was ten years older than my mum, so approximately at the age of 62/63 now. My mother believes that his parents passed away before she met him in 1988/1989 and does not know whether or not he has/had siblings. (I was born 7/7/89 at St. Mary's in Rusholme) The only things that I found (and that's if i found the correct person) was that in 1994 he moved to Florida. (I found an article in my grans house before she passed last year in Chorlton that mysteriously vanished shortly after) I moved to america and was only 300 miles away from him about year later, 1995, without knowing. I vaugely remember my mum showing me the article where it said he was moving to florida back in 1994/1995. According to the article he moved back around 2000/2001.

I understand that this is totally not much to go on and I'm not even sure if you're still responding to this thread, but thank you anyway :)

Hi Elle, Looking like this is not an easy one as i am no expert. But ill give it a go. After just looking on Family Search.org came up with the name John H Bingham born in Salford, Manchester, Lancashire, England in 1952. States that his mothers Maiden name was Booth.... Is there any possibility this could be him, if so will put details up for you. Ill still keep searching and let you know any more i find.
Hi Bob so sorry i not responded just that ive not been doing much family research for a while as i have been busy doing other things. Ill certainly try and help with your search...please give me time as it takes a while. Once again sorry for not responding
Hi Bob Have found a Robert Kenyon born 1837....... aged 4 on the 1841 Census whose father is also named Robert Kenyon he was aged 30/34.........Problem Area is, it states that they lived in Prestwich Cum Oldham, Lancs Roberts mother was called Mary and their were3 other sisters living in house Ann, Mary and Hannah.. If you think this may be them please let me know and i will pur details of Census up for you,,,,Hope it helps........
Hi Susan, any assistance you could provide on helping me find more information about Eric Wright?


He married Marion Wright (Wright is Marion's maiden name too) in Ashton under Lyne around November 1940, and subsequently had 3 children with her, but that's all I know of
Susan, only just seeing your reply, sorry! That year does sound about the right time!
Hello Susan,

I am hoping that you are still providing help in Lancashire research. My grandfather, George Richard Holahan, is said to have been born in Manchester in 1858 (+/- 1 year). His father was James Holahan and mother was Ellen Howard, both born in Ireland. I have looked through the English BMD records and can find no reference to his birth and would like to know if you have any additional resources that could help.

Thank you,

Peter Holahan
Hello I'd like help with my Manchester lineages especially the Marr family who I assume came from Ireland. Gillian Byrne might know more but I'm not sure.

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This is a wonderful thing that you offer.  Have considered listing yourself as a Research Volunteer?

See here: Research Assistance

Let us know if you have any questions.

by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (397k points)
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Hi Michael, I dont think i was very clear with my offer of help, I really meant researching as in Sourcing and helping to find info on internet., more than feet on the ground ie Photographing headsones and going to Libraries. Can i adjust my offer is so Sorryto mislead you.


Hello Susan

I really think that your offer is still as good as Michael suggested. Don't under-rate the importance of the internet searching. It can be time consuming and you may have access to sources that others may not. In both cases, to people with little time, or without access to those sources, your assistance will be fantastic.

I think perhaps you feel that it has less value than foot-slogging. Internet searches can be of immense value and will often lead to new avenues of research that a gravestone may not, and will almost certainly mean that the person being helped can narrow their search in terms of identifying archive repositories.

So, dust yourself down, pat yourself on the back and believe it - your offer is well made and will be gratefully received! smiley


Did I forget to mention - as a local, your knowledge of places will be of immense help too. People in British Columbia may not realise that the story they heard about the great aunt Agatha walking daily from her home in Eccles to nearby Rotherham is probably false!
Thanks John, Suppose i did think it was less of an offer, didnt really realise in the first place that id worded it all wrong, as still learning. Youve made me feel alot better and i surely do understand more now Thanks. Who know why we think like we do sometimes gusee its just being human. Also understand about peopl not knowing my area of research so true


Healey-268 Susan

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