Combination of Holocaust and Dutch Roots templates considered tasteless?

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Persons who are or were part of the holocaust AND were born in The Netherlands should, in theory, have both the Holocaust and the Dutch Roots template applied.

I think the result is rather tasteless, see the profile referred to below.

I suggest to not apply the Dutch Roots template, but instead insert the categories that would result from applying this template manually.
WikiTree profile: Frits Woudstra
in Policy and Style by Jan Terink G2G6 Pilot (254k points)
Looks fine to me!

The Dutch Roots project has a policy: We don't add the Dutch Roots Template to profiles if the profile is already added to another project  we always first and indeed just  like now (but without the template already added) are going to ask in a G2G , what should / could be done or which project would be most proper for the profile, the template of the chosen most proper one will be the one added to the top and the other one can of course be placed at the bottom if .....people/projects feel the need for more than one template for a profile...

Personally I don't like for any profile to have more than one template especially not at the top of the profile, for me a profile should be about the person, it should be about his or her life, and not about the amount of templates.

So in this case, and just like you suggest and seem to prefer already as well, yes I totally agree with you Jan, just the categories will be fine, so I trust you will remove the template, you're a great member of the Project and guess you just didn't  remember our policy ...

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Yes Jan totally agree and it's mentioned in our to do Task list as well see point 6. 

But really you made such a wonderfull profile for him , a big thank you for that !

This is so what I love about Wikitree and think how all profiles should be , beautifull monuments honouring people's lives ...

by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (282k points)
selected by Abby Glann
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I have to admit that I don't understand this objection. To me, the profile is very well done. Perhaps, one has to be Dutch to understand.
by Henry Chadwick G2G6 Mach 4 (48.7k points)

My point is that the sober, solemn appearance invoked by the candle image is negated by the cheerful image of flowers and waving Dutch flag.

On G2G somebody already objected (and rightfully so i.m.o.) to the exclamation mark in "Holocaust Project!"

Jan, it's funny that you mention the "somber appearance" of the candle in the Holocaust template.  The somber appearance is certainly appropriate when the template appears on a victim's profile, but I have often had the thought that it seemed a little out of place on the survivors' profiles.

I am still in awe over the unbelievable profile you created for Frits Woudstra ... and can't begin to express my gratitude to you for having honored his memory so magnificently.  For whatever it's worth, I don't see anything wrong with both templates appearing on the profile of someone who qualifies to be included in multiple projects, but I do agree with Bea's thought that the profile is supposed to be the story of the person's life and all the templates and categories and migrating ancestor templates and military service templates at the top can distract from that.

My bottom line is that whatever you do is fine with me ... then again, I am firmly convinced that you can do no wrong, no matter what you do!!!

THANX again.

Well in that case smiley, we could look at it like this as well of course...his life wasn't just about the holocaust, the years before his tragic death....he was born, could for all we know have had a great childhood, he lived, fell in love, got married, had the major part of his life probably were very happy, joyfull years and those years were the major part of his life ... so maybe a more bright template at the bottom isn't  tasteless, that is if you would like that Jan of course, it could remind people of that probably for him most important part of his life as well...

So I rest my ''case'' and will leave it to up to you Jan, only next time, please do remember the project policy, luckely now people don't seem to have a major problem with it, but there are many other cases where people would be furious if this was done without consulting/asking anyone first. 

I love this profile you created and with how much love and dedication this was done, it really shows and that's what makes this profile so awesome , so I'm very proud of course this was done by one of our project members ! smiley

Bea, the addtion of the Dutch roots template was only meant as a (temporary) visual illustration of my question, showing the two opposing moods. That I have no intention of keeping the Dutch template there must be clear, given my proposal.

Unfortunately the question did not result in a policy being established. It is counterproductive to again open a G2G discussion for every new occurrence of the Holocaust-Dutch root combination (and there will be many of them).

It's ok Jan and I'm fine with it in this specific case and for this purpose that is, but being the coordinator of the project I'm responsable and have to make sure our members are working according the guidelines of the project, so if it's, like in this case not really that clear, I sincerely thought you just weren't aware of the project policy, and before people get upset , I just have no other option and have to make sure it's clear to not only you but other WT members as well, how we normally would do this .(the Dutch Roots project)

But anyway there was another G2G where we also were discussing this , so about placing templates, with almost the same result , still no policy indecision Most WT members seem to agree it 's more proper (enough) to just have one template at the top, and categories for the other projects or the templates of those placed at the bottom of the profile.

I agree with you it would be great if we could establish just one clear policy for placing templates / categories if profiles fall under many different projects, with more projects there will be more templates as well, but I guess, at some point we will all have to just decide, enough is enough, and that it has to be about the profile , the life of that person what's most important and we should stop ''bombing'' profiles with all kind of categories and templates...

And yes there will be many with this combination, it's a rewarding job creating profiles for them and saddening as well, so I really admire the dedication and love you put in these profiles , don't know if I would be capable to work with these profiles, just one look at the family genealogy with the immens amount of victims was already making me sad ... so keep up the great work and a big thank you Jan!

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