Category: London, England...not sure of the correct set up for a subcategory of London, England

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I want to set up a surname category for London but am unsure of the correct parent category....thanks
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Hi Nae,  Sorry I don't understand what you mean.  'There are currently at least seven different headline categories covering areas of London.   Where and when is your person/family from.

by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
Well, that's the thing.  London is a commonality...Essex and Middlesex are mentioned...Now when I tested:  London and then also London, England categories..they both popped as created...I am working within the England, Scotland and also Ireland categories and there doesn't seem to be a "standard" for cemeteries or answered a question the other day about a Scotland Cemetery...I set up and started that standard of categorization for cemeteries in the states...and now it is a standard...Okay...when does the rest of the categorization project jump in and where...are we going with the established categories or are we going to break them down?  And if so, are we going to use as we do in the states:  City/State or Township/State and then County/State and then State and then Country?


I know categories is sort of going crazy at the moment to fix things, perhaps there should be a standard posted on each top level category so that a standard is established and a guideline is provided?


So really, my question is, do I use Essex, Middlesex, or London, or London, England as a parent category?  I am not from there (Here in USA) so I am thinking that "MAIL" or "Postal Addresses" should be set as a standard for locations?  There has to be some way to get this organized.  Right?
AND:  WHEN DO WE ESTABLISH A STANDARD FOR LOCATIONS?  I guess that is my real question.  LOL

I am not surprised that you are confused by London - I am, and I grew up there! However, the answer to your particular problem will lay in the dates of the events of your people.

London is both a City (very small) and what became a county (very large). The City of London is that small area known as the square mile which includes the Tower of London and St Paul's Cathedral amongst other things. It is the financial centre of the UK and was first established as a Roman town and port - Londoinium.

The nominal county for the City of London was Middlesex, although because of the privileges and legal status of the City of London it was never actually under the adminsitrative county of Middlesex.

The neighbouring City of Westminster on the other hand was part of Middlesex, and from 1889 was the administrative capital of that county with the Middlesex Guildhall being on Parliament Square directly opposite the Palace of Westminster (known as the Houses of Parliament). The Guildhall is now home to our Supreme Court.

The county of London was established in 1889 and absorbed a great deal of Middlesex, and quite a bit of Surrey on the south bank of the river Thames (Middlesex was entirely on the north bank). Very little of Essex was absorbed in 1889, although there were a few minor boundary changes.

In 1965 the new county of Greater London was created which absorbed almost all of what remained of Middlesex - the little bit excluded was around Ashford in Middlesex, and that became part of a reduced county of Surrey, meaning that Surrey now crosses the rver west of Greater London.

In 1900 or soon after, the old County of London was divided into Metropolitan Boroughs. After 1965 these were merged in groups of two or three to form the inner London Boroughs. There are in total 32 London Boroughs plus the City of London within the Greater London area.

Parts of Essex, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire were caught up in the 1965 expansion as well as a large part of Surrey.

All this means is that to answer your question I would want to know the date that your people were there, and the place where they lived. Then it will be possible to precisely pinpoint the correct category.
As for standards - I think that they exist already. WikiTree works on the basis of putting people into the places that existed when they were living there. The categories at higher levels are intended to act as links to the successor categories; so there is a logical structure which clearly identifies the places as they were and the places that they have become part of since.

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