Rename? Francois Fenis dit Dauphine

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In searching for variations of my maiden name (Dauphinee) I found the linked profile (below).

In searching what "dit" means, I'm looking for advice if this guy should be renamed?

So I'm thinking that this guy might really be named Francois Fenis, and then the family took on the "nickname" of Dauphine (or Dauphiné), hence the "dit" name.

The linked profile has the "dit" in his first name (it has his first name as "Francois Fenis dit"). Should this be re-done to move the "dit" to before the "Dauphine" (placed in the Other Name field), even if I leave the Fenis in his given name field?
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Hmm, I added links in his profile to the parish registers of his marriage and burial. He married as Francois Phenis (it's possible it was written Phenix, but looks like Phenis to me). He was listed as Francois Dauphiné in the burial register.

1723-10-12: baptism of Marie Francoise, daughter of Francois Phenis dit Dauphine

1725-07-16: baptism of Jean Baptiste, son of Francois Phenis dit Dauphiné

1726-10-06: marriage of Francois Phenis

1729-08-06: baptism of Charles, son of Francois Fenis dit Dauphiné

1731-06-27: baptism of Francois Amable, son of Francois Fenis dit Dauphine

1757-03-28: burial of Francois Dauphiné

Karen, thank you so much!
You're welcome, Dana! I didn't add the other children since I thought we should settle on last names for them first. I also didn't find the baptism record for Joseph, who Tanguay said was baptized July 19, 1727, at Repentigny.
I found Francois Fenis Gruffat Dauphine on Genealogy of Canada . When i look for brith or death certificates , i never use ( dit ) in the name . Here in New Brunswick if you look for sameone name Raymond Girouard the name will not show up in the New Brunswick Archives ,but if you put Joseph frist the name will show up . Most men are Joseph and woman are Maire , But never used dit in the name it will not show ,  on brth,death or marriage certificates . Ray .
Mercis, Ray! I will update him with more information from that was site:

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Based on the parish registers I found (see comment above), I would change his Last Name at Birth to either Phenis or Fenis. You could go with Phenis as Tanguay did, considering that the earlier records use that spelling variant.

I would definitely put "dit Dauphiné" as an Other Last Name. You can read lots of posts about "dit names" here in the G2G forum. I believe it translates as "known as" when used before a name.

I would remove Fenis as a Middle Name since it is a spelling variant of the Last Name at Birth. I see Ray Girouard has done that for you.

I'm not sure how Gruffat came about - perhaps Ray can tell us?

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Do you know how I can change his LNAB? Or would I need to adopt the profile to be able to do that? I will contact Ray and see if he can assist with where Gruffat came from.
Yes, only a profile manager can see the "edit" link for LNAB. You can certainly adopt him, change it, and then remove yourself as manager on the Privacy tab if you like.
Thank you, I did just that and changed his LNAB to Phenis.
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Variants on the names include Phenis, Fenis, Phoenis, Dofines.  But all the family is baptized/married with it, Dauphiné being a dit name on some records.  I would surmise that the original spelling is actually Phoenix, but given the level of mispelling extant at the time, anything that remotely sounds similar will have been used.  I found the baptism of the son Joseph in Drouin, born and baptized 19 July 1727 in Repentigny.  There is no trace of 'Gruffat' anywhere, I would remove it from where it is and put it in bio as a question mark.
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This web site shows Gruffat, but I am not sure where they get their own information, but it is a government site:

I also found this discussion on Ancestry about how Gruffat CHANGED to Dauphine:

(the starting question is here, you need to scroll down to see links to the replies)
Oops, Nosorigines is certainly not a government site.  Just because you see the word quebec does not entail something is governmental, those sites have gouv or gov included in the URL.  And Nosorigines has errors in it.  Took a look, they list all the children but one as being born Dauphinais, which is incorrect per original records I looked at in Drouin.  Fénis/Phénis is what was used on their baptisms.

I see the point on the Gruffat name, but since it had been dropped, should not be carried down to his children.  I suggest putting it among the 'Other last names' until you have actually been able to verify his birth record to see what was his actual birth name.

According to "fichier origine", Christophe Gruffat was his father's LNAB, his mother's name being Jeanne Laplace. His brother Christophe Gruffat.


He is registered under: PHÉNIX/GRUFFAT/DAUPHINÉ

For François, I would go:

LNAB: Gruffat

CLN: Dauphiné

OLN: Phénix, Phénis, Fénis,

Actually, when I looked over the family in Drouin, he was using Fénis and variants of that name, with Dauphiné as a 'dit' name, so would put current last name as Fénis or variant and Dauphiné in other last name.

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