Removing myself from someone's ancestors and descendants trusted list

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I requested to be on someone's trusted list profile.

The profile manager kindly did this but, unasked, extended my being on the trusted list all his own descendants and ancestors (I think).

I can live with that. Well, I thought I could live with that. But I found that all these unwanted profiles were now included in my watchlist, which I am valiantly tring to manage.

Obviously I can remove myself from each profile as I trip across it,, as I have been doing but is there a quicker way?

The bulk change tool would be OK (nominating myself) if only I could identify all the unwanted  profiles, which I cannot easily do.
in WikiTree Tech by David Wilson G2G5 (5.4k points)
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Hate when that happens.   I hope somebody has found a solution for this by now.  In the meantime, when you open the page for your watchlist, the third column with the hubric Status/ID lists the Wikitree-IDs.  On the left side of the column is an M indicating you are the manager.  If the M is not there you are only on the trusted list and this is likely a profile where you have been added by someone else.  If you leave your watchlist open and then open a new Wikitree tab you can copy and paste the Wikitree-ID to the other tab and remove yourself that way.  The best way of course would be to contact the person that added you and tell them to completely remove you from all their trusted lists with the bulk trusted lists tool.  However, the reality is that in general the person that did this in the first place is likely a rookie, will be difficult to educate them on what they would need to do and likely you are frightened of even thinking about them coming near any of the profiles you manage anymore. Non é vero? Good luck!

Thank You, Vincent. I feel somewhat validated.

I suggest it should be made clear when someone requests to join a trusted list that they are also requesting that by doing so, that profile is added to their own watch list with all the responsibilities that that entails.... I didn't know until I tripped over the new entry (entries!!!) in my burgeoning watchlist.

Also, I suggest that if a requestee (?) acts to add the requestor to all ancestors and descendants of one requested profile, then the requestor should first be asked whether that is OK, before the bulk change takes effect.

Again it happened, out of the blue. This time about 1000 new profiles landed on my watchlist that I am desperately trying to manage and reduce.

I have written to the person who wrought this havoc, and asked her to globally undo. But in the meantime, I have found that by sorting the watchlist on Edit Date I have found that most of the offending entries happened on a certain date, and I could identify the ones I didn't manage in that there was no "M" (as Vincent kindly pointed out above).

So, an hour out of my life, and I hope I've removed myself from these trusted lists that mean nothing to me.

In the bulk removal tool, when requesting to provide a list to remove yourself, could we please have the same "M" indicator displayed?
I think we could add those Ms to the bulk Trusted List removal tool.

One thing to note for others reading this: The bulk Trusted List removal tool has "select all ancestors" and "select all descendants" buttons. Using a few of those should help speed things significantly.
I have to say that the idea of requiring an approval when a person hits the "all ancestors" or "all descendants" button would be wonderful.  (See Kay's answer below)   I have spent the last two days working through this exact issue on the US Presidents Project Watchlist.   A person added every profile from their watchlist to the project watchlist...

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David, Thanks for asking this important question!! This also happened to me--twice. What a mess when the person has a large list of profiles they manage!! The first time I tried on my own to remove myself from all of the profiles, and even though it was about 2 years ago I still occasionally find myself on the trusted list of one of her profiles and have to take myself off. For the second one I was able to explain to the person how to remove me from all the ones that had been added.

PLEASE, could we be given the option to NOT be added to someone's bulk change list!!!  I've added the Improvements tag to this discussion.
by Kay Wilson G2G6 Pilot (189k points)
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To get a different perspective on the issue, I discussed it with my non-WikiTree family members.

My son pointed out that there's something really wrong when other people have more control than we do over which profiles are added to our watchlists.

Can the system be changed (ASAP) so that nothing can be added to our watchlists without our approval?
by Carole Partridge G2G6 Mach 7 (70.9k points)

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