How do I transfer my GEDCOM info that is in MSword format?

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INfo is in GEDCOM format but on a word file.

How can I get the info into a GEDCOM file without typing one by one?
in WikiTree Tech by Lisa Kane G2G Rookie (270 points)

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Open up Word and Save the file in TXT format. That should work.
by Rosemary Jones G2G6 Pilot (231k points)

Hi Lisa,

I'd try Rosemary's advice.

If more is needed, most desktop genealogy programs have an "import" option where you can take your text document and import it into that program, then export a gedcom.  One free program I downloaded online is called RootsMagic7.

Just a word of warning, a plain TXT file will work so long as you don't have diacriticals (ç, é, etc). If you do, then you will need to go to a UTF-8 format or similar.
.txt did not work and Roots Magic failed to complete upload at 80% after a suspiciously long time.

Seems like an opportunity here.

Anyone else know how to convert simple text  i.e. docx to a .GED file?
I suppose the first question is how did the GEDCOM file get into Word format in the first place? A GEDCOM file is more than just .ged file extension, the contents are structured in a very particular way so that they can be read by the import process. It would be possible to create one manually, but it's not something I would want to do. So, if the file didn't originate as a GEDCOM export from some program, it probably isn't a GEDCOM file. Can you give us any more background on how it came to be?
Excellent points Chris.  Good thinking.
Chris is right. My answer assumed that it was originally a GED that had been opened as a TXT file in Word and then saved as DOC or DOCX accidentally. Saving it back as a TXT file and renaming as GED should work if the formatting remained intact and Word didn't insert formatting characters hither and yon.
Rosemary, that was my initial assumption also. The failed import made me rethink that.
Did you rename the file with a type of.GED?
That last answer was me from my phone & not logged in.

gedcom saved as word doc... looks like a gedcom to me


GEDCOM Caudebec


1 SOUR AncestQuest

2 NAME Ancestral Quest

2 VERS 11

2 CORP Incline Software, LC

3 ADDR PO Box 95543

4 CONT South Jordan, UT 84095

1 DEST Ancestral Quest

1 DATE 21 DEC 2006

2 TIME 10:02:33

1 FILE ancestorsofjacquescaudebec.ged


2 VERS 5.5



0 @I455@ INDI

1 NAME Jacques /Caudebec/

2 NICK Jacob



2 DATE 31 MAY 1664
It does indeed look like a GEDCOM! If you want to send the file to me I can look at it and see if anything looks awry; I've been doing things with my own GEDCOMs lately so I have a bit of familiarity with them.

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