Sharing my accomplishments on the Royal Family!

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I started working on the current royal family about 6 months ago, and now, having accomplished quite a bit, I wanted to share that (read:brag about it). (The euroaristo group used to have more of these updates! I miss them! They can be very encouraging!) So hopefully someone will take inspiration from this. :)

I'll start with the big one: as of just now, I have officially created/merged profiles for every single descendant of King Edward VII! Edward VII is Queen Elizabeth II's great grandfather. He's also a son of Queen Victoria, which means this is a huge step towards my eventual crazy goal of finishing all of Victoria's descendants. What I've been doing with these profiles is the following:

  • Merging duplicates or creating a new profile, as necessary, with the correct LNAB.
  • Filling in the rest of the name fields (I'm not sure I've been perfectly consistent there, but the names are definitely all there.), and the birth and death info.
  • Marking profiles as historically significant, if they are members of noble houses, through birth or marriage, or very closely related to one.
  • Adding Wikipedia links.

This alone is such a huge task that I have not been stopping to write bios. If you are interested in any of these profiles, and want to contribute to the biographies, send me a trusted list request and I'd be happy to add you!

I've also done some fun things with Template:Succession box:

First, if you start with Queen Elizabeth, you can click back through the kings and queens of the Commonwealth, Great Britain, etc., seeing when each monarch reigned, going back 300 years (to when the Hanovers took over for the Stuarts).

Second, if you start with Prince Charles, you can click through the line of succession to the thrones of the Commonwealth, going from Charles, through all of Elizabeth's descendants (the first 14 people in line).

Comments, suggestions, etc. welcome!

in Policy and Style by Liander Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (453k points)
Oh, also, I set the privacy levels on all these profiles to Private with Public Biography and Family Tree for those who are still living, and Open for those who aren't. So that means everyone can see all the bios, and anyone can edit the bios of any of the non-living people without having to be on the trusted list.

Very Nice!

I tried your template with a couple of my MacLean Chiefs just to see how it would work/look.

Check it out and let me know if it is ok to use in that way.

I think it would work for any form of succession.

That's awesome, Eugene! :)

Yes, it could definitely be used for any kind of succession. In fact, I made the template really flexible. You can even change the "preceded by" and "succeeded by" text when it doesn't make sense (like I did for the line of succession to the Commonwealth throne) by using the variables preceded-text and succeeded-text. For example, this is the template on Prince William's page:

{{Succession box
| title = 2nd in line to the throne
| preceded-text = following
| before = [[Windsor-21|Prince Charles]]
| succeeded-text = followed by
| after = [[Windsor-74|Prince Harry]]


The work you did is humongous, and the succession tool will be very useful.  Great work and worth bragging about.

Thanks, Vic! :)

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well Lianne that really is a huge mega huge piece of work (you do know how many children Victoria had! - she said in small voice :), you deserve lots of brag space and many congrats

by Wendy Hampton G2G6 Mach 2 (24.9k points)
Haha, yeah, Victoria's descendants could take years! But I think it's a worthwhile endeavour. That would include most of Europe's royal families!
Lianne YOU ROCK!

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