Will I receive all of the activity of a person I put on my trusted list?

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If so...can I stop that from happening? I don't want to clutter my activity feed with things I'm not interested in...but I want to accommodate someone who wants to be on my trusted list.
in Policy and Style by Brett Rutherford G2G6 Pilot (121k points)
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Hi Brett... I think if another member is on your trusted-list they will receive notification of your activity, but if you are on their trusted list you will receive notifications regarding their activity.  I hope this helps :)
Thanks Keith,

Its just like I thought. I wish there was a way to shut off the activity feed, but I can also see why others would want that feed. I guess it is what it is.
A person who's on the trusted list for another active user's profile will see that user's edits to their own profile, but not all of that other user's activity elsewhere.
I find this conversation a little vague.  Occasionally people ask to be on your trusted list but I recommend to take care with that.  I'm referring to your main active profile from where you control your Wikitree activity.  Occasionally a close cousin might ask to be on my trusted list and sometimes I do that for about 10 minutes or until they've read it and then it's bye-bye.  They'll just have to have a good memory. This is different than being on the trusted lists of profiles where you are the profile manager.  I can't imagine somebody actually needing to be on your trusted list, you can edit it yourself.  Often new Wikitree-ers make this request without really understanding what it means.  They could accidentally delete your e-mail address for instance and that would be quite a problem.
Sorry if I was vague, but I think you have hit it exactly on the head. This person who wants to be on my trusted list is relatively new, a distant cousin, I have only given her trusted privilege over the small line that we overlap on...I just don't need or want to see her activity relating to those profiles...plus I get her personal profile activity. I don't think I have an option though. Thanks Vincent you are good with vague! I think in the future I will ask more questions and give less trust out to those who ask. This has been a good exercise.
From what you're saying, I recommend to just remove her from your trusted list of your personal profile.  It's like a friend asking you, "Can I carry your wallet?"  Maybe you have some photos on your profile that you want her to see but I can't really think of another reason she would need to remain on the trusted list of your profile.  My wife is on my trusted list in case a meteor lands on me unexpectedly and I should meet my demise, she could at least open the privacy level and put R.I.P. or something like that on it! :D

Also, if you are getting your cousin's personal profile activity feed it sounds like you must be on her profile as a manager.  That's also not best for her sake.  Works both ways!  But honestly I'm not 100% sure on this point about the activity feed.
lol!..thanks I'll let my wife know she has a new responsibility

I removed my distant cousin from the trusted list and asked her to give me specific profiles she wants to be trusted on instead. Thanks Vincent!

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