Why does "Click here to compare them side-by-side" on a proposed merge always seem to approve the merge?

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When I get an email about a proposed merge, one of the options instead of approving/rejecting the merge is to "Click here to compare them side-by-side".  When I click on this link, I have to log in and then it says thank you for approving the merge.
in Genealogy Help by Paul Patridge G2G Rookie (120 points)
Just to follow-up: This was a bug and it was fixed. Thanks to Paul and others who pointed it out.

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Hi Paul,

It sounds like there is a bug we need to fix. I'll investigate. (I think that the problem is just in the message you receive. If it's what I think it is, it's that the merge has already been approved -- presumably by another manager of the profile, since you didn't approve it -- but the message you're receiving doesn't explain that.)

Thanks for drawing our attention to this.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
has this been fixed?
Hi Jillaine,

Did you experience this bug? Can you give me details about exactly what steps you're going through and what happens?

When Paul reported it in April I wasn't able to replicate the problem, but did improve the wording of a status message in case that was what caused the confusion.

Thanks for the update; that's all I was seeking because I'm doing a bunch of merges and want to make sure I'm current on all the ways things work. Your merge tool seems to work really, really well. You've done a great job here. (Even if I don't like how you handle maiden names... ;-)
Thanks, Jillaine! Maybe we need to reopen the question of how we display names. We should talk about each individual context individually. For example, the display at the top of the page could be changed to "Jane (Schmoe) Smith" or whatever, if that's what people want.

using chris example i find the naming to be better like "Jane Schmoe (Smith)" Married name of course in brackets after all the LNAB determines the profile. for people who have dropped names when married like my grandmother [Hook-201] . her name could be displayed Pauline Francis Hook (Merrill). for many marriges it would simply add a new (name). using chris example again. Jane Schmoe (Smith) (Jones) Current/ Last marrige last. 


just my opition 

This problem is still occuring. I have received numerous email requests formatted as follows:

XXXXXXXXXXX(as a link)    has proposed a merge between William Singleton (Singleton-341) and William Singleton (Singleton-120)Click here to compare them side-by-side.

If the two profiles represent the same person, click here to approve the merge. If the merge is ready you can select which data to keep from which profile and then complete the merge. If you're prompted to merge parents during this process, please do so. If you click to approve the merge but don't complete it, your permission will be recorded so that someone else can complete the merge of the profiles and merge parents.

If the profiles represent different people, reject the merge.


When I click on the "Click here to compare side-by-side" link, I, too, have to log in, and see this message:

This merge has been completed.

A proposal to merge William Singleton and William Singleton was approved by and xxxxxxxxxxxxx. The merge was completed on Nov 4, 2013.

See http://www.WikiTree.com/wiki/Singleton-120 for the merged profile.


Seems like it is still occuring to me!

Hi Megan,

This is an issue with having multiple managers of the same profile.

At the same time you were e-mailed the merge proposal, others were too. Someone got the merge before you did: http://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:NetworkFeed&who=Singleton-120


I understand about the multiple managers, but it would appear that if I am the manager for the individual in MY tree, then I should have the ability to correct/control or approve my information, especially if I get a message that I need to approve the merge.

IF a merge creates multiple managers, surely there should be one manager who can decide if the information is correct? Once I disagree with some of the information in a merge approved by another of my "peers", then my info is no longer in sync with the information approved by the others

It appears that by combining information between individuals in multiple trees, control is shared up to the point where there is no control.

I would be happy for further clarification from you!!!!!


Not sure how well the "Ownership and control" page explains it, but basically, once I've added my own research or family information to wikitree, it is no longer "mine." I've contributed my information to what will ultimately be a single family tree. And by doing so, I agree to collaborate with others.

The best way I have to correct mistakes-- whether by myself or others-- is by finding and citing quality source information that makes it really clear what is accurate. In the absence of quality source information, we have to assess what evidence IS available and make the best case.

In the merges you describe here, this is an opportunity to partner with the other profile manager to find the best, most accurate information. And... connect with a possible cousin.

Let us know how we can help you.

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