Have my Dna posted; But, how can you determine you are related for Ancestors like John Alden???

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How do you determine DNA with Older Ancestors who is dead to prove you are related/// For Example: John Alden; Mayflower??? Have the Family Tree

Is there way to prove it??? Thank you, PamAlden -6
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In the Farrar DNA project there are 20 persons who have tested Big Y and are found to have a terminal SNP of YP5905 (There are more who have tested Big Y, but don't have that terminal SNP.

SNP YP5905 appeared about the time that a man (Councillor) William Farrar-393 was born. He landed at Jamestown in Aug 1618, stepping off a ship named the Neptune, along with Lord Delaware.

These men come from all over the U.S. and some have lineages traced back to Councillor Wiliam Farrar, and others are trying to deal with brick walls, but there are enough who can prove their ancestry to make a blanket statement that YP5906 appeared with the Birth of Councillor William or his son Colonel William Farrar-75

You might try and convince other Aldens to Test BigY, and if you get a large enough group with the same terminal SNP, and any one of them has a clear documented case to John Alden. Then you have what you seek

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Hi Pam, I don't think you're going to be able to use DNA to prove your relationship to John Alden. Autosomal DNA (Family Finder, 23andMe, and Ancestry) only goes back about 5 or 6 generations. Do you have a paper trail from you back to John Alden of the Mayflower? You should enter your parents, their parents, etc. into WikiTree, until you connect to him or to other descendants of John Alden who have already been entered in WikiTree. You may find cousins who will collaborate with you to 'prove' your connection. Be sure to enter sources for the information you provide on sources you create. And always check before creating a profile for a person that the person doesn't already have a profile on WikiTree.  I see that Shirley Dalton offered to mentor you. Have you contacted her and asked for help? If you want more information about using DNA you should watch these videos:





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You can use your autosomal DNA to locate others that also descend from John Alden.  If you locate triangulated matches from three (hopefully more) people that all share a common chromosome segment and all descend from him, as long as it's a decent sized segment (7cM or greater), then you can reasonably claim the connection.
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Well - if your father is a direct descendant of John Alden and shares the Alden surname, he (or any of his sons or brothers) is likely to be a strong Y-DNA match with other male Alden direct descendants who have taken Y-DNA tests.  Y-DNA is passed from father to son, and does not typically mutate rapidly from generation to generation.  As such, a male Alden descendant of John Alden is likely to be a strong match with other male Alden direct descendants.
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Through my autosomal dna testing on ancestry I can search for the surname Alden and if it says I have a match, in my case I have 12, I can then know that I match by dna the Aldens in the named trees. I then have to search those trees to see if they include John Alden. I was able to find that I was related to John Alden this way, and  by searching all the  dna matching trees, was able to figure out how  his line related to me. Now I have John Alden as my 10 Great Grandfather. I'm not sure I've entered it all in Wikitree yet, but I plan to. Ray Jones below is right about the y-dna. If I can help in any way, please let me know. Helen
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I have an ancestral register prepared by my gg aunt in the turn off the century..It's a "fan chart" earliest date is in the 1400's. Right hand side is easily read left side is partially ok...it's a very old copy. Probably 1000 plus names on it...earliest date is 1485. If interested in working on this with me please contact. Thanks, Ellen
Hello Ellen,

I recommend you ask for help with your fan chart as a separate question rather than as an answer to a question about using DNA.  That will make it easier for others to find your request for help.

It will also be easier to get help if you join WikiTree.

I don't need help with this. It's already been confirmed. I thought someone might be interested in some help.As I said there are hundreds and hundreds of names. This fan chart is authentic. Not ordered through some organization; but written by a relative many years ago. I am not interested in any money.  It's shameful that you are not interested in helping those who rely on you for information. Ellen McCullough
Hello Ellen,

Sorry I was not more clear.  Your posting is attached to an unrelated question about using DNA to find an ancestor.  Very few people will find your posting about your fan chart.  My recommendation was that you repost as a separate question so that more people would likely read it.

Most sincerely, Peter

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