One tree, two tree, red tree, blue tree

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On all the other websites
despite the countless trees
they made me feel alone
and asked for many fees

They offered lots of hints
but never gave a clue
that all of us are cousins
including me and you

They kept me isolated
and said I was unique
for only fifty dollars
I could have a peek...

I knew that it was wrong
and not a place for me
I didn't know what else to do
'till I found WikiTree

WikiTree is different
they don't charge any fee
giving everything we need
and all of it is free

The Honor Code is special
in guiding how we act
in bringing us together
as signers of the pact

Nobody is nicer
than here at WikiTree
always sharing positives
and generosity

I learned we're all related
we share the same big tree
we truly find our family
in this community :)

in The Tree House by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (605k points)

Thank you for your Poe-tree! 

Ein 100% Treffer - Sehr, sehr Gut!
What a great poem,  you truly  captured how I feel about Wikitree.
After reading your poem, I checked, we're 10th cousins!

Love it! Very creative, and yes, the Honour Code is special.  Thank you for sharing your poem.

I love it! Despite national divisions, there are both red and blue united into one tree. This is so important to remember.❤

It invariably gets me a-buzzin'
When I can discover a cousin
I'd not known before -
And I'd really adore
It when in one year I'd find a dozen!


Cute, I love it! :)

(9th cousin via Simon Gates-40)

laugh Thanks! I wish there were a WT cousin calculator to work out what cousin degree people have between them. I'm terrible at working it out. I know there's the 'Find your connection' link, but it doesn't show which actual number of cousin you are, like Ancestry does.  Unless I've missed it. That would be really nice to have. 

i love it. good job. and true!

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I love this Keith and it's soo true too! While I have found a couple distant relatives on Ancestry nothing beats what I have all gained on here. Just earlier this week I almost cried when I had a lady contact me because she saw the profile of my 2nd GreatGrandmother while she was researching her Grandparents. Just to reassure you guys this was a good thing. It turns out her GreatGrandmother was one of the sisters to my 2nd GreatGrandmother and she has a picture of them. My 2nd GreatGrandmother or as I will now refer to her as Lydia died when my GreatGrandmother was 6 so my family doesn't know much about her and we have only 2 photos of her. The one bittersweet thing about this was the lady was wondering if I could tell her more about Lydia because all she knew was the circumstances of her death, it was from the a huge outbreak of influenza in 1918, and that it was always hard for GreatGrandmother to talk about. I shared the little I could remember being told off the top of my head and will share what my mom remembers being told most likely after the SAT. I hope she can help me fill in some blanks in that side of the family or at least tell me what they were like. I know though that without WikiTree I would never have had this opportunity and I'm so grateful for it.
by Amanda Frank G2G6 Mach 5 (51.2k points)
selected by Chris Whitten
Thank you for sharing your experience Amanda... it is heartwarming :)
What a great anecdote. I love it when those kind of things happen. Thanks for sharing!
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Cheers for the Great Poet, Keith Hathaway!

"Oh the places you'll go, the people you'll see, the fun that you'll have on Our Wikitree."

Cousin (to the nth degree) Dorothy
by Dorothy Coakley G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
And like a wildfire, starting from the American northeast, the poetic bug is now being evidenced from the American Pacific coast......!
Just a little Boll Weevil, a looking' for a home, Vincent.
Thanks, Patricia, That poem by Keith brought a fun set of exchanges between cousins!
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Keith, this poem is so wonderful, can I use it in Facebook? I will use your name of course! Lise
by Lise Rodrigue G2G6 Mach 1 (11.7k points)
Hi Lise,

You are too kind, of course you can use it any way you wish :)

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I couldn't have said it better! Cousin Keith!  We all have our talents and blessings, so I think we should use them.  Thanks for sharing with us, and you have just made WikiTree a fun place to be today.
by Deborah Dunn G2G6 Mach 2 (21.7k points)
Thank you Deborah, even for a cousin you are too kind :)
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As Sister Sledge so succinctly said We Are Family!
I study family in Philly
you know it surely is a dilly
please don't say I'm silly
cause I have nothing else to do really
by Mike Patterson G2G1 (1.2k points)
Nice one Mike!

I saw Sister Sledge play that song at the Global Family Reunion... good thing they had microphones because we were all singing pretty loud ourselves.

Cheers from VT!
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laughHumorous, truthful, hilarious, detailed, and uproarious.  Awesome.  heart 

by Jim Martinez G2G6 Mach 1 (11.2k points)
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That's wonderful, Keith.  Thank you.
by Mark Weinheimer G2G6 Pilot (171k points)
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Perfectly said, I love this!
by Laura DeSpain G2G6 Pilot (299k points)
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I liked the poem. Great job. Original post was several years ago but it's still a good read. Also, nice hat tip to Dr. Suess.
by Luther Brown G2G6 Mach 6 (67.5k points)

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