Research Resources: Have you noticed in location Categories great resources being linked?

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Have you noticed that more great resources are being listed in category locations?

A couple of examples:


If you take a look at the above categories, you will notice a resource section which has links to the location of the resource.  These are often obscure or unique (not always) sources that we cite in almost every profile that we create, to document that individual and our findings.

NOW, I am never going to find that source on your ancestor's profile unless I am looking for that person, right?

SO, why not start sharing those resources (not but those obscure, little found county, transcribed records, or family know the ones...that you say WOW!  LOOK A WHAT I FOUND records.  Sharing them via categories!  It's simple to do, just like listing a source on a profile!

Go to the category, click the edit tab, create a == Resources == section and paste your WOW LOOK WHAT I FOUND resource.  AND then anyone who goes looking for a person in that area has access to the resource that YOU FOUND and said WOW!


Now, think.... IF we all did this, what a greater place WikiTree would be!!!!  Really, just think, if we all shared what those WOW sites are, that we've listed as a source on our ancestor's profiles, how much easier it would be for others who will come after us looking at those locations.  Seriously!


Just a thought.



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I have noticed that!  Thanks very much for bringing this up!


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I think that's a great idea. So many times we run across information that could benefit so many other people. Not just the person in the individual profile.  That would be a great place to share resource information.
answered by Amy McAndrews G2G6 Mach 2 (29.7k points)
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I know!  We all find these great WOW resources after searching for sometimes years!  And then they are posted on our ancestor's profile, never to be seen again until someone is looking for that person.  WHY NOT list them on the location category page?  Cemetery page?  Surname page...where ever it is relevant and other's will find it?
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Thanks for bringing this up. It's a great idea to add more information on category pages.

I've added some links on a few Czech locations.
answered by Michelle Hartley G2G6 Pilot (149k points)
I know, but just think if all contributing members added their WOW LOOK WHAT I FOUND resources to cat pages?!?!


How do we get the word out?  Via projects and their forums?
Via projects seems like a great place to start encouraging this. We can also do it as a tip in an upcoming newsletter.
Thanks Eowyn!
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Great idea.

I tried to add something for Salem, Massachusetts, but the category looked quite different than what you had included in your samples, so I wasn't sure how to do it.  Any suggestions?
answered by S Willson G2G6 Mach 9 (93k points)


Many category pages can look a little different, it depends on who added what, just like a profile.  I have added a line for resources on the Salem, Massachusetts page so you can just add your sources below the line.


Thanks very much Philip.  I added the resource.

One weird thing, is that once I previewed it, and then tried to go back and edit it, it gave me an error, "The action you have requested is limited to users in the group Supervisors."  So, I just used the back button to get back to it.  If this is something that happens on all category pages, it could discourage people from entering information.

I'm also curious - the entry I just made for the Salem Massachusetts category doesn't show up in my Contributions.  It seems like it would be helpful if such entries did show up in Contributions, so people (myself included) could easily find their way back to the page.
Edits to categories won't show in your contributions. I agree it would be great to see these edits in your feed.
That would be fantastic if you had a way to follow the category changes.  I believe it is a separate system from profiles just as G2G is "separate"...maybe we should get the tech folks on this

It would be especially helpful for those odd disappearing categories when editing/fixing...

I LOVE the idea of adding a Sources section to each of the category pages. (This could be done on so MANY different types of category pages, too!, not just place names.)

But do all such category pages have so much content copied from wikipedia? (I'm looking at Salem, MA.). While I enjoy some contextual information at the top of category pages, do we need all that? Also, see:



Hopefully most category pages do not have large blocks copied.  The ideas about sources and copyrights and copying material from anyplace, including Wikipedia, are the same for category pages and profiles. (As you well know.)

When we find or see blocks of material copied - usually we should remove it, summarize if appropriate and provide an appropriate link to the source.
Thanks for confirming that for me, Philip.

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