Greeters Needed, one hour a week! [closed]

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Hey everyone,

We are always looking for friendly, enthusiastic WikiTreers to help with the Greeters Project.  It is a small amount of work - an hour or two a week.

The best thing about greeting is the great feeling you get while doing it.  I am not saying Greeting is like a drug, but it can be euphoric...really.


The Greeters Project

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (468k points)
closed by Julie Ricketts
Mags, Just a note to let you that the link above takes you to a page that has no public information.
OY!  thanks Dale - fixed now...must be the heat...must find pool...
It happens.  Today I am at the computer more because I am a little under the weather so I have more time to catch problems like that.  BORED but afraid to work on profiles and make mistakes because my head is not clear.
Aww...hope you feel better soon Dale.  Mags
Mags said "a funny"! :D

Get Well Dale!
Oh, oh!

That "Dr.Strangelove" arm of mine is causing my hand  to wave wildly about the air again. "Me, me, me" it seems to say.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

So this is my more prudent self, giving you a conditional "yes."

I'd be happy to "Greet" for Wikitree and think that I understand most of its intricacies (and or know where to find folks who do.)

The caveat is that my schedule is oddly unplannable. (Probably not a word, this last one.) SO I would love to be able to drop in to the Greeter-Scheduler, snag an hour that is yet unfilled, and do my best to fill it with cheery thoughts and information for the newbies that arrive on the scene using the formatted dialogue, of course. More or less.  

Will that work? I promise not to up and leave the post unless (of course) I'm pulled away by earthquake, flood or other natural disaster. Promise.

Just an offer. Oh, and do GET WELL, DALE!

We would love to have you join us and be a drop-in kind of gal!  Be in touch shortly!


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Hi Mags,

We do need more greeters. I love greeting and helping newcomers along their way.

We are also, in essence, Wikitree watchmen. We watch for those who may have less than honorable intentions and alert someone with the authority to block that person.

So greeting is double duty, we are Wikitree hosts and Wikitree protectors.

Greeting is great!
by Amy McAndrews G2G6 Mach 2 (29.7k points)
selected by Bill Sekel
Most people don't even realize that the Greeters watch the gate, and prevent some nefarious types from even throwing their shadow on the threshold.  Greeters are kind a friendly and protective...Mama/Papa Bears come to mind.
Greeters are awesome!  Well said Amy :)
I feel so special now! <blush>
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I could fit this in and would like to help as a greeter
Hi anonymous - we'd love the help, can you post the link to your profile so we know who you are? :)
Bond-1991. Is that what you need?
Yes. Thanks, Michael!
I would like to help as a greeter too.
Thanks, Linda! I have sent you a message.

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I would love the opportunity to be a greeter. I'm willing to do anything to help grow the tree (well almost anything ;) )
by Alex Elliott G2G6 Mach 4 (44k points)
I was going to point you to the newest Greeter's Project sign up post, but I see you found it.  A leader will contact you as soon as she has time.

Emma :-)
Thank you Emma. I'm excited to help, I can't wait

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