Can we change the "Add a Question" screen?

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The number of questions posted to G2G without adequate information to answer them is pitifully high. Could we add a line after "More information for the question:" that says "please includes time frame and location and any known details that will help us answer your question"

(okay maybe that's more than one line)

in Genealogy Help by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (838k points)

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Hi Jillaine,

As you may have seen, this comes up right above the "More information for the question" section when you're asking a Genealogy Help question:

For any family history question. If it's about a person with a WikiTree profile include the ID. If you're the manager, make sure the Privacy Level is as open as possible and contains as much as you know. If there's no profile yet, include what you know in the details of the question, esp. birth/death dates and locations, as well as any relevant URLs, where you have looked, what you're trying to find out, etc. The more you add, the more others can help. Do not ask about living people.

I don't know why more people don't include the necessary information.

Some people just never read directions and never will. For some people, maybe they'll read directions if there are just a few of them. Cutting down the above could help.

It could be that this only comes up when you're in the Genealogy Help category. It doesn't come up until you select that category. That could explain some of it.


by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
selected by Keith Baker

Chris, I do not see that text anywhere. Here's a screen shot of what I see when I ask a question:


Oh... I get it now... one sees the text you've pasted above only if you FIRST select what type of question. I wonder how many people-- like me-- don't select type of question until after they've asked their question, and therefore don't see those instructions. I have never seen that text before.  Isn't user interface design a kick in the pants?

And yes, the text is long. 

I don't think that's an excuse. You do have to select the category before asking. Why would instructions that pop-up then be considered optional?

But whether they have an excuse to ignore the instructions is beside the point. People might pay more attention to instructions if they appear somewhere else.

Part of the problem is that the instructions are set up differently for the different categories. The instructions about adding WikiTree IDs and locations and all the rest don't apply if you're asking a WikiTree Tech question.

Jillaine, maybe you could propose exactly what you think the instructions should say and where they should appear.
1. Place Category drop-down menu above "Before proceeding". I think this would encourage more of us to select a category (and therefore see instructions) before entering text into the details box.

2. Instructions for WikiTree Tech and Special Projects are fine as is. Nice and short.

3. Genealogy help; bullet if possible, in this order:

* Include what you know, especially time frame and location

* Include link to WikiTree profile ID, when available

* Profile Managers set privacy to Open

* Do not ask about Living People [and if there is a policy page about Living People, link to it, target=new]
Jillaine, I edited the form. See what you think.
SWEET! I like it! Others?

Thanks, Chris. Good teamwork. ;-)
I still wish under the enter WikiTree ID drop down box there was a second one labeled

Locations/dates (timeframe):

They have now added back the second line and included Special Projects etc. but the majority of questions are for genealogy help - and they are often missing both Locations and dates/approximate dates/timeframe.

Having the drop down right there might be a reminder.

I like it. One thing that might make the print more noticable.  Change the green background or the font color. The font in the sentences under Before proceeding, please check your question was not asked already: is almost the same green as the green background.

Probably don't want to change the green background due to it's WikiTrees color.

It's fine either way just noticed the green font doesn't stand out too well.

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I would STILL like to see the drop down boxes on the question include a line for

LOCATION/Country  and one for

Dates/approximate dates

Usually the Surname is included and people don't use that box, but often not much else.


WikiTree ID/URL of profile if question is about a person:
Surnames and project tags (e.g. smith, le_pen, mayflower):
Email me at this address if my question is answered or commented on:
Privacy: Your email address will only be used for sending these notifications.

Yeah, I know, I keep asking for the same thing.

I should give up?!?

by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (791k points)
Don't give up!

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