I have a PDF and link to roots wed site goes back to 200, can i master source it?

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Kenneth sent me a PDF file on this family. He should get cedit not me

I'm un sure how to proceed with this I've started some Lecky-36,Leckie-194, Leckie-179, Leckie-194 is what I've done so far. Should I Continue like this or do you have sugestions
WikiTree profile: Thomas Lecky
in Genealogy Help by Fern Peters G2G Crew (670 points)
As Dickens might say, "Dear, Rootsweb as a source would be represented in arithmetic with a circle".  :D

and as I might say, Dear Vincent, have you seen the T-shirt that says:

4 out of 3 people have trouble with arithmetic

Much as I hate to criticize Dickens, who is no longer here to defend himself, circles are not part of arithmetic ...they are geometric entities. 

the PDF is on Scotland's royalty
I'm sending you an email.
Does that mean binary code isn't just a bunch of circles and perpendicular lines?
perpendicular to what?

If you put 2 lines under a circle that are perpendicular to each other, that means women rule!!!

oops, please change that to two line segments please


It doesn't mean "Maid Service, Please?"  :D
Sweetie Pie, I think you'd better look up "perpendicular" in your Funk'n'Wagnalls.

♀ is the entity number you're looking for, but I don't know how to make it show in the G2G editing boxes (it's not included in the small set of special characters available when you click the omega icon).
Perpindicular........(implied to mean perpindicular to the imaginary lines that are assumed to be on a sheet of paper - in this case).  Like when you say a straight line you tend to mean a line that is running left to right even though by definition a line could start at a corner and head toward another corner, it would still be a line, such as a backslash or a forward slash.  Maybe I studied geometry on an elbow in bed with the book on its side, no wonder it didn't make any sense. :)

Here's an appropriately titled song to end this:

Oh my ... I'm practically speechless (according to my husband, I've never in my entire life been speechless).  I don't know about the lion, but poor Euclid could never sleep through that - he must be turning over in his grave at the heresy you have committed on Euclidean 3-space.  I couldn't even begin to address the individual desecrations you have committed on that poor man's life work.  I bet you think that geometry is what the oak tree said to the acorn!!!
Ouch.....And tell your husband he's welcome!



[pur-puh n-dik-yuh-ler] 



vertical; straight up and down; upright.


Geometry. meeting a given line or surface at right angles.

(notice the number one definition - the most used in other words - is how I treated it, the number two definition - used by a few extremists - like ex-math teachers and Euclidean groupies :D  is how you use it)

Poor Fern - I hope Anne explained to you we're just playing.  I use family trees as a hint on where to find sources as well, but I've learned not to go very far in believing them if sources don't surface.  Even the best lineage that is well-sourced could be reduced to a family tree in a PDF-file, so you never know.



A well-sourced tree is perpendicularish, circle that.

Thank you was begging to think asking questions was not for me and go back to genealogical club a hour away

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I'm still rather new to Geneology been very lucky doing both husband and my trees as found books on my Mennonite families and cousin made me a rootsweb (dhpw managed by Al Remple) d= Dyck, h= Hamm, p=Peters, w=Wolf(e), the Lakey side there's a family book ( off I have) plus 3 family on rootsweb and I have trees on almost all websites and did DNA Testing till I learned this was very expensive. This last year joined a club to try learn how to do this

That profile would make for good practice for you.  It's modern enough to be on census records and you could learn how to find the records.  There's a lot of Canadian Wikitreeers and if you have problems finding records for him you could probably be sent to the right place to do that.  I always use Family Search because it's free and others can see the results.  But I personally have but little practice looking for Canadian information.

Ask any question, even if it seems silly to you, likely others will have the same question and would like to see it asked as well.  But I hope I didn't make you feel you need to go an hour away to the club.  There's many people here on the Wikitree that get satisfaction by helping others (and you)!  Cheers! :)
Thank you

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