President Eisenhower: Mixed Ancestry? [closed]

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Just came across this article in the NY Times 11 years ago tracing President Eisenhower's ancestry back to an African-American named John Archer in colonial Virginia.

But the article doesn't give the actual line back to Archer, and the current ancestry for the President in Wikitree doesn't show Archer as an ancestor.  

Does anyone have any further research on the veracity of this?
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If you remember Warren G Harding was long rumored to have an African-American ancestor and at the time it was a HUGE deal.  I think if there was any veracity to this Eisenhower claim we would all know it.  But who knows....
Yes, I probably wouldn't have posted this if it had not been an article in the NY Times.
cool read
It is posted now.
That is an old political smear campaign against President Eisenhower.
Outside of the fact that we live in a society were persons of Hispanic origin as well as African or Asian origin  are marginalized or considered "lesser than", not much, or do I need to recount evidence and incidents?
I imagine that in the era of Dwight Eisenhower, a number of people would have considered mixed-race ancestry to be a smear.  In today's world one is likely -- hopefully -- to have a very different attitude.
I understand the second part of your statement.I live in the world I see lots of examples. My questions was.. why does the posters last name above you make a difference in their statement? I reread yours thinking I misunderstood so maybe its just the way its worded and I have not had enough caffiene yet.


Jack,I agree.
I just realized the original question is from how this turned from a genealogy discussion about a past president to where is seems to be headed now,I want no part of. Have a great research day everyone!
That is just that. As a little girl at that time, I was aware of an undercurrent of racism (I was eventually able to better recognize it as an adult). It was the temper of the times. It cannot be judged by our own era. It was just what it was. Didn't make it right. Just an observation of a reprehensible time.

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I will try to find all the rebuttal information on this claim that was made over 10 years ago.  (you do realize this was published in 2004).


Here is a link to help you with where people think the heritage breaks down.

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I think John Archer was the son of a Quaker man and a freed African women.  I did some tracing of Slave children bought and raised by Quakers and later freed at majority.  John Archer was some one I ran across in Virginia.  Check Quaker lines.  Im on my phone ,  not anonymous.  Trudy.  Roach-854.
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Look at the photos of Eisenhower's mother, Ida Stover. She is clearly of mixed-race ancestry. Look at a photo of D.D. Eisenhower and his brothers as young men. At least two and-a-half of his brothers could be identified as of mixed race if you look carefully.
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