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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in August's Sourcerers Challenge. The August Top Sourcerer was Star Kline with <drum roll> 332 profiles improved. Great work, Star! 

The current All Time Top Sourcerer is Karen Tobo.

To see the rest of the results, check out the Sourcerers Challenge page.

Onto September's challenge:
Sourcerer Badge
We want to give our members some incentive, even more than the fact that we're making our tree that much better and reliable, and we'd like to encourage you all to add good sources to profiles. Good can be debatable, it's true, but at this point we're thinking anything other than referencing just another tree is good, so census data, BMD records/index references, family bible references, military documents, land documents, wills, etc. all help us with having a better sourced tree.

Each month we'll post in G2G to start up the month's challenge. You come and post the profile you've added source(s) to (at least the profile number/name, if not a link to it) as well as what sources you added and at the end of the month, we'll tally for a winner. You only need to answer the post once, and just edit your post to add your new profiles. To continue to post once your answer reaches it's max, just comment on your own post. See last month's challenge for examples.

* All profiles improved must come from the Unsourced categories < be already present on WikiTree and unsourced-you can't create new profiles and add sources just to up your tally. The hope and goal is to improve the numbers already on WikiTree that need sources. Adding sources will help merges happen, too, which will improve our tree. Showing folks what sources you're using helps newer researchers see just what's available out there for us to access.

* The tally is of profiles improved, not sources added.

* If you attempt to add sources to a profile and just cannot find any, please add a note under a section like === Research Notes === giving where you tried to find records and you can sign it with the four tildes (~~~~) so the date is applied as well. Something like "Looked for John in the US Census records for 1900-1940 and couldn't find him on FamilySearch or Ancestry" would be fine. Or, "Searched google for an obituary and didn't find one." That way the next researcher knows where to start.

* If the only source on a profile is "Ancestry tree" or "" it can count as unsourced, and you can add better sources to it to count in your tally.

We are now actively in our September Challenge, which will run through September 30th.  Ask any questions here in the thread, otherwise, GO!

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (487k points)
closed by Anne B

When there is have a picture of a gravestone this seem to be in the category of a good reliable source. I nearly always add a FaG source if I find one, regardless of whether it has a picture or not. But at the same time I almost always have other sources added right on it's heals (generally from FamilySearch, usually  census records with occasional birth or marriage records.) It is just another arrow in the source quiver for me, good with picture, certainly less reliable when used for relationships and unsourced narrative.

My experience has been the reliability of FaG data, even when unsourced, is much better than the unsourced family trees, which often are copies of copies of copies.... FaG tends to not suffer from copy degradation you see in these.

Adding qualifying text on the source to indicate whether a picture is present would probably be an upgrade to the way I source, but I always include the link (It tend to source in an Evidence Explained style, but at the same time I use source info suggested on the Family Search pages because it is so darned easy, complete, and comes with a link), so you can easily determine what was derived from that source with one click.

The majority of people on WT (not the ones on the discussion forms like us) still do not source. I'd be happy with an FaG source from them instead of an "Entered by" or unsourced gedcom.

On the other hand you simply said "over-reliance" so maybe we are on the same page. ;-)
Marty, I think we're on the same page. Re: FaG, if there's a gravestone, I'd rather the reference be to the gravestone, and FaG is the place where the photo of the gravestone is published.

I'm glad you've had good experience with profiles there; in my experience, they are almost all unsourced.

What I'm trying to encourage here is for people to understand the distinction between information on the photograph of the gravestone and the user-entered additional information that may or may not be sourced.

The other thing it's important for us to understand even about the gravestones is when were they placed? Were they made/placed at the time of the person's burial? If not, how much later? I've seen people argue vociferously about "it must be true" based on information carved into a memorial stone that was placed 200 years after the person's death.

It wasn't true.

But I think I've digressed from the original purpose of this thread. My apologies, Abby.

Interesting thoughts. I certainly do encounter gravestones that have birth dates that do not match other sources with some frequency. It has to be assumed the date of birth on a gravestone is less reliable than a birth record given the data is not concurrent with the event of a death.

On a more personal note my stepdad has gravestones in two different cemeteries. The first is undated next to his first wife who passed at a rather early age, as they both bought plots together at the time. I was at his internment.

I also was taking pictures in a rural church cemetery a few years ago where some of the mid to late 19th century headstones had clearly been replaced as they had decayed. These also should be treated as a bit less reliable than the original. So many shades of gray in reliability.  

In regards to squabbling, my simply answer is to not confuse evidence with proof.

Also, sorry for the digression. By the way profiles, I happen to be sourcing this month do not even have FaG sources.
Do we remove the {{Unsourced}} notation in the profile?
Yes, please!
If you improve a Profile that has a Profile Manager, even though it is unsourced, should you PM that Manager and let them know what you have done? (in case they think that WikiTree is populated by poltergeists! LOL)
Hi Ros,

It's always nice to let Profile Managers know what you're doing-often they'll jump in and lend a hand, but you don't have to. They can look through the Changes tab on the profile and see who added what. Then, they can come thank you for helping them out a bit :-)

Thanks for participating and making WikiTree better!

As we're going through some of these, if related profiles aren't sourced, I assume we should add the unsourced category?
Bobbie, I have just been finding sources for the related profiles as well.  Mags
I am finding that FAG, with or without an image, or a book listing a reading of a cemetery, is often the ONLY source for an infant's (or child under 10) death in areas where no d. c. was yet required.

32 Answers

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1. Oliver Winford Pittman- WV Birth, Marriage, Death, 1910 & 1920 Census, WWI Draft Reg, Find A Grave Memorial 96696858, Photo.

2. Almira E. Pittman Johnson-WV Birth, Death, Marriage, 1900-1930 census, Photo

3. Dilly Darious Pittman-1880 Census, Find A Grave Memorial# 96696840, Photo

4. Stephen J.K. Smith-70658-Abingdon Parish Birth Record, 1738 Tithe, Will-

5. Melender Cyphers Brooks- marriage and parents

6. Charles Smith-Bible, Tax List, Will & Probate, Census-

7. Ann Mallory Smith-Birth, Death, Bible, Find A Grave Mem

8. Eva Lee Pittman, Bio/Sources-Pittman-1365

9. Mungo Napier, Bio/Sources-Napier-554

10. Patrick Napier, Bio/Sources-Napier-550

11. Lewis Ragland, Death-Ragland-44

12. Richard Marshall Ragland, Bio/Sources, Vitals & Children-Ragland-25

13. Judith Unknown Ragland, Bio/Sources-Unknown-282606

14. Temperance Brown Ragland, Biio/Sources-Brown-38547

15. Martha Baird Brown, Bio/Sources-Baird-2145

16. Savannah/Lavinia Brown, Bio/Sources-Brown-38549

17. Mathadious Brown, Bio/Sources-Brown-38550

18. Pocahontas Brown, Bio/Sources-Brown-38551

19. Effira Brown, Bio/Sources-Brown-38552

20. Gabriel Brown, Bio/Sources-Brown-38548

21. Martha Jane Brown, Bio/Sources-Brown-38553

22. Thomas E. Lilly, Bio/Source-Lilly-242

23. Nancy Lilly, birth, death, marriage, Bio/Source-Lilly 757

24.John Pittman, Bio/Sources-Pittman-1379

25. Cynthia Baily, Bio/Sources-Bailey-9779

26. William Younger Tucker, Bio/Sources-Tucker-4695

27. Nancy Emoline Whisman, Bio/Sources/Photo-Whisman-29

28. Wiley A. Tucker, Bio/Photo-Tucker-4694

29. Nancy Pittman, Birth/Death/Bio/Sources-Pittman-1453

30. Ruth Ragland, Bio/Sources-Ragland-498

31. Frances Drummond, Name-Drummond-1046

32. Joane Wallis, Name-Wallis-1055

33. Patrick Napier, Sr., Bio/Sources-Napier-813

34. Archibald Napier, Bio/Sources-Napier 967

35. Valentine Napier, Vital/Bio/Sources-Napier-784
by Rebecca Morris G2G4 (4.6k points)
edited by Rebecca Morris
Yes Rebecca this is the right place. I read the other post. Thanks for joining the challenge and keep on sourcing!!
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Looking at the Devon/Cornwall Unsourced Profiles

1.  Ella Sarah Haydon - Birth Registration Source

2.  Albert Hobbs - Birth Registration Source

3.  Samuel James Trivett - Baptism record, Death registration

4.  Edward Tucker Hobbs - Birth, Death registrations

5.  Ellen Quick - Birth registration

6.  Henry Quick - Birth registration

7.  Mary (Full) Lovecraft - Baptism source and its text

8.  John Upham - Marriage register entry

9.  Dorothy Searle - Baptism and Burial register entry sources

10. Walter J N Hobbs - Birth and Death registrations

11. Walter Marshall Hobbs - Birth registration

12. Dinah (Hobbs) Jutson - Baptism entry and death registration

13. Elizabeth Hannah Hobbs - Birth registration

14. Emma Hobbs - Birth registration

15. Fred Hobbs - Birth registration

16. Frederick J N Hobbs - Birth and Death registrations

17. George Hobbs - Birth registration

18. Harry Hobbs - Birth registration

19. Sarah Ann Hobbs - Birth registration (still also in Surrey Unsourced Profiles)

20. Sarah A Hobbs - Marriage registration and research notes

21. Thomas Hobbs - Baptism info, Marriage and Death registrations

22. William Prowte - Baptism, Marriage, and Burial info from parish registers

23. Suzan Lambert - Baptism and Marriage info from parish registers

24. James Stanton - Marriage source

25. Blanche Stanton - Baptism source

26. James Stanton - Baptism and Marriage sources

27. Mary Stanton - Baptism source

28. William Stanton - Baptism and Marriage sources

29. Prudence (Wallis) Bottrell - Baptism and Marriage sources

30. Henry Andrewartha - Baptism, Marriage, Burial info/sources

31. Elizabeth (Bennett) Booth - Birth registration

32. John Carthew - Baptism and Marriage info/sources

33. Mary (Carthew) Hocken - Marriage info/source

34. Joanna (Coplin) Hendy - Marriage info/source

35. Elizabeth (May) Goldsworthy - Marriage source

36. William Paull - Baptism and Burial sources

37. Elizabeth Wellington - Baptism source

38. Mary (Holman) Uglow - Marriage source

39. Jane (Trevailer) Rowe - Baptism and marriage sources

40. David Rowe - Marriage source

41. Ann (Gill) Endean - Marriage source

42. Henry Endean - Marriage source

43. Charles Eudy Endean - Baptism, Marriage & Death info/sources

44. Grace (Glanville) Endean - Baptism, Marriage, Burial info/sources

45. Charles Endean - Baptism, Marriage, Death info/sources

46. Mary (Endean) Pascoe - Marriage and Death info/sources

47. William Endean - Baptism, Marriage & Burial info/sources

48. Mary (Hally) Endean - Marriage info/source

49. William Paull - Marriage source

50. Ann (Letcher) Paull - Marriage source

51. William Constable - Baptism and Marriage info/sources

52. Marie (Pound) Constable - Marriage source

53. Elizabeth (Claye) Wheeler - Marriage info/source

54. Michael Woods - Marriage info/source

55. Mary (Jarvis) Williams - Marriage info/sources

56. William Williams - Marriage info/sources

57. Elizabeth (Weller) Edenden - Baptism & Marriage info/sources

58. Joan (Walker) Paice - Marriage & Burial info/sources

59. Phinehas Mellor - Marriage info/sources

60. Elizabeth (Blumerley) Lees - Marriage source

61. Mary (Searle) Stower - Marriage & Burial info/sources

62. Mary (Kelly) Frampton - Marriage source



by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
edited by Ros Haywood
Great job, Ros!  Glad you joined this challenge.

63. Michael Thomson - Marriage info/sources

64. Martha Thomas - Birth registration

65. Martha (Thomas) Bryant - Marriage source

Thank you, you've managed to get a lot of people married here. I'm sure their children appreciate it :D
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BMD= Birth, Marriage, Death Source Added - Trying to save on Characters Ü

  1. Elizabeth (Wrightman) Alcock - Merge, Biography clean up, added sources
  2. Annie Emiline Missen BMD & Burial ►Tip of the iceberg .. found in 'unsourced Category' the rest that follow are all linked and most have no profile manager
  3. George Edward Alex Missen Birth 
  4. Elizabeth (Knighton) Missen Birth 
  5. Herbert William Missen Birth 
  6. Mary Ann Amelia (Coghill) Missen Birth 
  7. George Edward Alexander Missen Birth 
  8. Herbert William Missen Birth, Death 
  9. Francis Missen Birth, Death 
  10. Linda Grace Missen Birth 
  11. Claude Morphett Missen Birth, Marriage
  12. Leonard Knighton Missen Birth, Marriage
  13. Doris Edna Nankervis Marriage
  14. William Henry Nankervis BMD 
  15. Amelia Jane Trewin BMD 
  16. Alfred William Trewin Birth, Death 
  17. Richard Leonard Trewin Birth, Death 
  18. Hannah Louisa Trewin Birth, Death 
  19. George Galbraith Thompson Birth, Death 
  20. George Clifton Thompson Birth, Death 
  21. Ruby Clarice Thompson Birth, Death 
  22. Herbert Nelson Trewin Birth, Death 
  23. William Albert Trewin Birth, Death 
  24. Joseph Wesley Trewin Birth, Death, WIA & ANZAC
  25. Emma Elizabeth Trewin Birth
  26. Mabel Eveline Trewin Birth, Death 
  27. Selina Beatrice Trewin Birth, Marriage
  28. Charles Frederick Moeller Birth, Marriage
  29. Matilda Alberta Trewin Birth, Death
  30. Mary Grace Trewin Birth, Death
by Trace Allison G2G6 (9.8k points)
edited by Trace Allison

 Tip of the iceberg of the unsourced continues and a new Cemetery is born  Coghills Creek Cemetery, Victoria

  1. Edmund Trewin Death, Marriage
  2. John Edward Trewin Birth
  3. Sophia Ann Trewin Birth, Death
  4. Richard Prout Trewin 1841, 1851 England Census, Migration, Marriage & Death
  5. Hannah Louise Terrett Birth, Marriage.
  6. William Trewin 1841, 1851 England Census, Migration, Death, Cemetery
  7. Elizabeth Ann Trewin 1841, 1851 England Census, Migration, Marriage & Burial
  8. Selina Trewin 1841, 1851 England Census, Migration, Marriage & Burial
  9. John Trewin 1841, 1851 England Census, Migration, Marriage & Death
  10. Jane Trewin 1851 England Census, Migration
  11. Jane Prout 1841, 1851 England Census, Migration, Death, Burial  
  12. Nathan Walter Migration, Marriage, Death & Burial
  13. Jane Walter BMD, Burial
  14. John Tinkler Migration Flags, Marriage, Death, Burial
  15. Elsie Maud (Tinkler) Cropley Birth, Death & Burial
  16. Walter Henry Cropley Birth, Death, Burial & Merged Cropley-8 into Cropley-4
  17. Stanley Walter Cropley Birth, Death
  18. Emma Grace (Tinkler) Cropley Death 
  19. Robert Nathan Tinkler BMD
  20. Elizabeth Mabel Tinkler Birth, Death  
  21. Emma (Walter) Teasdale Birth, Death, Burial, Cemetery Category
  22. John Trewin Birth, Death
  23. William Robert Trewin BMD, Burial  
  24. Eleanor Tinkler Marriage, Death
  25. John Alexander Murray Trewin Birth 
  26. Daisy (Mitchell) Trewin Birth, Death, Maiden Name found
  27. Mary Irene Eleanor Trewin
  28. William Gardiner Trewin Birth, Death
  29. Albert Leslie Trewin Electoral Rolls
  30. Dalys (Redman) Trewin Electoral Rolls, Maiden Name 60
Excellent job with the icebergs, Trace. Thank you

We miss you in the October Sourcerers Challenge, Trace. Come join the fun!

Awww thankyou Anne B for your kind comment and thankyu Queen Sourcer Star Kline :), your sourcing is the bestest.. It is fun playing in the challenge with everyone.  I'm still contributing to Wikitree with creating and sourcing profiles.. sadly I can't enter new profiles in the challenge (sighs sadly)  I'll play again soon :)..  Everyone is doing such an awesome contributions with the Sourcing!!
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I did a bunch in August, but didn't post in the thread. So far in Sept, I've done:

  1. Murray Dobson-33 - marriage, death, parents names from death record
  2. Annie Chapman-189 - marriage, find-a-grave
  3. Robert Dobson-41 - searched for sources but couldn't find any (died in infancy)
  4. Edna Dobson-35 - 1901 census, marriage, death
  5. Harry Colpitts Chambers-73 - marriage, death, added parents names from death certificate
  6. Iris Chambers-75 - 1911 census
  7. Emma Jane Chambers-76 - marriage
  8. Alfred Munro Taylor-769 - marriage, parents names from death record
  9. Althea Dobson-36 - birth, findagrave
  10. George How-38 - death
  11. Frank Dobson-39 - birth, marriage, death, findagrave
  12. Laura Cunningham-56 - birth, marriage, parents names from death record
  13. Adelbert Chapman-183 - death
  14. Althea Cleveland-105 - death, parents names from death record
  15. Mary Chapman-184 - marriage
  16. Charles Fawcett-11 - marriage, death, parents names
  17. John Fawcett -14- birth, marriage
  18. Mae Tapley-3 - marriage, parents names from marriage record
  19. Mary Fawcett-15 - birth, marriage
  20. Allan John Crimmins-4 - marriage, parents names from marriage record
  21. Henry Adelbert Chapman-185 - birth
  22. Annie Chapman-187 - birth, marriage
  23. George McCoy - marriage, parents names from marriage record
  24. Hedley Chapman-193 - findagrave
  25. William Ashley Chapman-192 - 1881 census
  26. Edna Chapman-190 - marriage, death
  27. David Stewart-356 - marriage, parents names from marriage record
  28. Robert Stewart-357 - marriage
  29. Robert Andrew Chapman-188 - marriage, findagrave
  30. Mary Elizabeth Frost-117 - marriage, findagrave

These were all from a gedcom uploaded in 2010. Most have no profile manager, though a few scattered ones have been adopted. There are still plenty more to do. I've added the unsourced template to Mary Frost's parents, and all of her siblings (and likely their families) are still unsourced.

I will likely continue on with this family, or I'll pick another from the New Brunswick unsourced (as this is where I'm most familiar with the sources).  I have no expections to ever win the challenge, as I'll only do a few here and there when I have some spare time, but I'd love to have the Sourcerer's badge!

I do have one question - when we can't find a source, and note that on the profile (eg Dobson-41), should this still be marked as an unsourced profile, or not?

by Leanne Cooper G2G6 Mach 3 (35.2k points)
edited by Leanne Cooper
Great work Leanne.

To answer your question, yes, leave the unsourced template if you end up not finding any to add. Someone may be able to eek one out later if they know it still needs it.
Thanks Leanne. All contributions are welcomed and appreciated

We miss you in the October Sourcerers Challenge, Leanne. Come join the fun!

Oh, don't worry, I will! I haven't had a whole lot of time yet this month to spend on WikiTree, but when I have some time to spare, I'll add what I can :)
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Here are some folks I gave sources:

1. William Lewis Mc_Cormick-10  US Fed census 1910 Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas "McCormic"

2. Mildred Lucille Mc_Cormick-7  US Fed census 1910 Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas "McCormic"

3. James Smith McCormack-1309 US Fed census 1910 Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas "McCormic"

4.  William L. Mc_Cormack-6 US Fed census 1910 Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas "McCormic"

5. Anna Marilla SMITH-10938  US Fed census 1910 Burr Oak, Jewell County, Kansas "McCormic"

6. George EATON-3474 US Fed census 1900 Thorp, Clark County, Wisconsin
7. Estella WOODARD-1080  US Fed census 1900 Thorp, Clark County, Wisconsin

8. Eda EATON-3475 US Fed census 1900 Thorp, Clark County, Wisconsin

9. Arthur EATON-3479 US Fed census 1900 Thorp, Clark County, Wisconsin

10. Elbert MERRICK-1334 US Fed census 1850 Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wisconsin

11. Roderick MERRICK-1287 US Fed census 1850 Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wisconsin

12. Rebecca GATES-2224 US Fed census 1850 Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wisconsin

13. Hannah L MERRICK-1329 US Fed census 1850 Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wisconsin

14. Gordon W MERRICK-1330  US Fed census 1850 Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wisconsin

15. Oscar D MERRICK-1331  US Fed census 1850 Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wisconsin

16. Adelaide MERRICK-1332  US Fed census 1850 Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wisconsin

17. Ellmora MERRICK-1333  US Fed census 1850 Spring Prairie, Walworth County, Wisconsin

18. Eva Martha ROWLEY-24  US Fed census 1880 Powhatan, Pocahontas County, Iowa

19. Joseph S. WEBER-3421 birth record on FamilySearch

20. Edith E. ALLANSON-60  Find-A-Grave entry

21. Leeroy CLARK-21659   US Fed census 1940 Cuba, NY

22. Ruth (UNKNOWN)-288646   US Fed census 1940 Cuba, NY

23. Elizabeth Ann AUSTIN-4867  added source for marriage 1852 MI

24.  Carl ASSELIN_aka_ASHLINE-1  US Fed census 1900 Ellenburgh, Clinton County, NY

25. Orin George ACKLEY-707  US Fed census 1850 Linn Co., Iowa

26.  Charles Ganson HATHAWAY-635  1860 US Fed census Palmyra, Wayne County, New York

27. John GREEN-14166  Find-A-Grave entry Cattaraugus Co., NY

28. Lucy HOWE-4273  Find-A-Grave entry Cattaraugus Co., NY

29. Madorah Janett ELDER-160  1870 US Fed census Syracuse, NY

30. John JACQUAYS-7  US Fed census 1860 Volinia, Cass County, Michigan

31. Jonathan JACQUAYS-5 US Fed census 1860 Volinia, Cass County, Michigan

32. Mary CAMPBELL-12658  US Fed census 1860 Volinia, Cass County, Michigan

33. Smith JACQUAYS-8 US Fed census 1860 Volinia, Cass County, Michigan

34. Ann JACQUAYS-11 US Fed census 1860 Volinia, Cass County, Michigan

35. William JACQUAYS-12 US Fed census 1860 Volinia, Cass County, Michigan

36. Caroline PEETE-5 US Fed census 1870 Hopkinton, St Lawrence County, New York, as "Peat"

37. Ida PITRE-534  US Fed census 1870 Hopkinton, St Lawrence County, New York, as "Peat"

38. Frank PEETE-1 US Fed census 1870 Hopkinton, St Lawrence County, New York, as "Peat"

39. Melinda PEETE-3  US Fed census 1870 Hopkinton, St Lawrence County, New York, as "Peat"

40. Margaret "Effie" PEETE-4 US Fed census 1870 Hopkinton, St Lawrence County, New York, as "Peat"

41. Mary FULL-78 Lovecraft   Find-A-Grave, NY State census 1855, US Fed census 1850

42. Mary Polly DAVIS-7003 Erskine  US Fed census 1870 Michigan

43. William R WORTH-622  Find-A-Grave entry

44. Beryl Richard ABICHT-4  SSDI entry

45. Raymond ABICHT-3  marriage record 1920 OH

46. Bess PETERSON-5585 Abicht  US Fed census 1930 Warren Twp, Washington County, OH

47. Rebecca Covington (BAYLEY-112) Addison  US Fed census 1850 Baltimore, MD

48. John WORTHINGTON-11  US Fed census 1850 Buckingham, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

49. Susanna (WIDDER-3) SHENK  US Fed census 1870 Penn Twp., Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

50. Margaret (UNKNOWN-29581) HAMPTON    US Fed census 1900 East Marlborough, Chester County, Pennsylvania

51. Sybil May (JONES-32707) GREENE   marriage record  1922 MI

52. Eli Grellet JONES-32710  Find-A-Grave  1933 Frederick MD

53. John Wesley ABICHT-5   US Fed census 1900 Newport, Washington County, Ohio

54. Retta ROBINSON-14818   US Fed census 1900 Newport, Washington County, Ohio

55. Earl Thomas ABICHT-13   US Fed census 1900 Newport, Washington County, Ohio

56. Elizabeth (BOGER-215) GUTHRIE   Find-A-Grave  1875 WV

57. Lucian Austin BOYLSTON-9  US Fed census 1850 Barnwell, SC [note that the enumerator wrote Lucia and female!  Family matches.]

58. Reno CALHOUN-74  US Fed census 1870 Rush, Centre County, Pennsylvania

59. William Henry CALHOUN-61  US Fed census 1870 Rush, Centre County, Pennsylvania

60. Edward G. CORSON-66  baptism record for son Philadelphia PA

61. Clyde Lafayette KIMMEL-307  marriage record 1907 PA
62. Anna Barbara (TIEDURIN-1) POORMAN  Find-A-Grave 1850 PA
63. Lavinia (THOMAS-617) HARE  US Fed Census 1880 Knox, Columbiana County, Ohio & marriage record of son 1890 MI
64. Ada  (UNKNOWN-29577  now HOLMAN-1529) LORD  wife of George M. Lord-205,  found marriage record 1895 PA & US Fed census 1900 Mt Carmel, Northumberland Co., PA
65. Karl Christian ABICHT-6 Find-A-Grave, US Fed census 1880 Laurence, Washington County, Ohio
66. Martha WEHRS-1   Find-A-Grave, US Fed census 1880 Laurence, Washington County, Ohio

67. George BUCHERT-2   US Fed census 1880 Colerain, Hamilton Co., OH

68. Mary Magdalena BUCHERT-20   US Fed census 1880 Colerain, Hamilton Co., OH

69. Mary Elanor DUSNING-1   US Fed census 1880 Salem, Washington Co., Ohio

70. Johann Wilhelm ABICHT-7   US Fed census 1880 Salem, Washington Co., Ohio

71. William C VANDERMARK-4749   US Fed census 1940 Cleveland OH

72. Elizabeth WABLE-7  US Fed census 1850 Blanchard, Hardin Co., OH

73. Delphina (BONHAM-639) COX   US Fed census 1880 Virginia, Coshocton, Ohio & Find-A-Grave

74. Magdalena (SCHREEBERGER-6) Zwiebel  Find-A-Grave with lots of info, spouse, children for further research

75. Stephen HUSSEY-800  birth rec NC, marriage rec OH, 1850 census Green, OH
by Nanette Pezzutti G2G6 Mach 7 (75.4k points)
edited by Nanette Pezzutti
Very respectable list Nanette. Thank you so much for being a "Sourcerer."

We miss you in the October Sourcerers Challenge, Nanette. Come join the fun!

+5 votes
by Valerie Kerr G2G6 Mach 1 (13.2k points)
edited by Valerie Kerr
Thanks Valerie, for contributing to Wikitree and this challenge.

We miss you in the October Sourcerers Challenge, Valerie. Come join the fun!

+5 votes
I decided to try a few and fear this will become addictive:

1. : Scituate baptism, marriages & death sources
2. : Scituate marriage, father's will.
3. : marriage info
4. : birth, marriage, parents
5. Marriage & death sources
6. marriage
7. marriage
8. marriage
10. birth
by Bobbie Hall G2G6 Pilot (217k points)
edited by Bobbie Hall
You are right about this becoming addictive, Bobbie - I fear that some of us may need to join Sourcerers Anonymous if this challenge keeps going!
I will join the group ;) Is it near Amsterdam perchance?
Thank you Bobbie, And yes this is definitely addictive. That's why I'm still sitting here at 11:15 and wikitree will be the second thing I do in the morning.

Wow, looking at some of the other lists, I begin to feel, for lack of a better word ... inadequate​ :D

This is what addiction looks like!
Bobbie, Some of us sit in front of our computers all day and do nothing but Wikitree. Some of us (not me) have other lives. You evidently fall into the second category.
Not according to my husband, Anne! :D
+5 votes
by Andrea Powell G2G6 Mach 4 (42.3k points)
Just so you don't think, I'm whacked - I hit the wrong spot. But it can't hurt your G2G points to be voted a best answer if only for a few days, when someone actually is declared the winner. Thank you for your contributions to sourcing.
I just thought you were a super enthusiastic member of the Nantucket Project :)

We miss you in the October Sourcerers Challenge, Andrea. Come join the fun!

+5 votes
by Anne Baker G2G4 (4.3k points)
edited by Anne Baker
Anne, Thank you for sourcing profiles. I just realized we could be the same person Anne B... and Anne Baker. I think the last time I checked my surname was spelled differently :D. Have a good day.
+4 votes
by Vincent Piazza G2G6 Pilot (241k points)
edited by Vincent Piazza
Snort!!! You may be knew at this challenge, but I know you aren't new to sourcing. Thank you.
Sorry Anne,  What I meant the explanation to what I did to the profile is brief ( I noticed some people really explain everything they did - and I didn't - my reasoning is that it was unsourced and now it isn't so everything there must be something I did, I would think!)   :D

We miss you in the October Sourcerers Challenge, Vincent. Come join the fun!

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1. Maltby-1353-- 1940 USA census,SS  death index, FaG  (copy of newspaper death notice)     

2.Maltby-309-- 1940 USA census

3.Maltby-1977--1940 USA census

4.Maltby-459--1940 USA census
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (307k points)
edited by Beulah Cramer
I see you found a few profiles from the "Maltby.gedcom" import. I frequently run into them. Thanks for giving them a helping hand.

We miss you in the October Sourcerers Challenge, Beulah. Come join the fun!

+5 votes
Added sources to
1. [[Cook-9527|Noah Cook]] (previously only sourced as *ancestry) added 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 census records and marriage record

2. [[Cook-9526|Charles Cook]] (previously only sourced as *ancestry) added 1860, 1870, 1880 census records

3. [[Roach-1370|Harriett Roach]] (previously only sourced as *ancestry) added 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 census records and marriage record4.

4. [[Cook-13047|Roberta Lee Cook Cooper]] added census, death and marriage records.
by Laura Harlow G2G6 (9.6k points)
edited by Laura Harlow
Laura, thanks so much for posting your sourced profiles here. It gives me a chance to thank you.

We miss you in the October Sourcerers Challenge, Laura. Come join the fun!

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