How do I add fellow project members to a Project Profile?

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How do I add fellow project members to our new Project Profile in order for us to communicate?

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The project profile acount is only for the projectleaders, so we're not supposed to add people to it's trusted list or as manager is what I understand of it (asked almost the same question and this was the answer) so here's what you can do : '' Let them request to join the Google group if they'd like to help monitor changes to project profiles. Then they'd get emails, just like you.''
by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (281k points)
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Google Groups don't work for us ... :-) Some project member have other email adresses than gmail. I'm starting to doubt this whole Project Profile enterprise to be quite honest, but will stay hopeful that there will eventually be some use for it.

I had a different email adress as wel, but for Wikitree I got myself a gmailacount , so that's an option, and you don't really need to use the google group to discuss things, you can keep doing that the way you do it now, so by mail or G2G, it's just so people/members will get the project profile feed by mail (gmail)  just like you get it now. So it's more like this way they get added to the mailinglist of the project profile I guess.

And if I understand it correct you can invite people as well for the googlegroup, so I don't know how it works exactly (rookie with the google group thing as well) , but I was invited to the groups with my old emailadress , so I don't think people need to change emailadresses.

Will check it out and let you know when I find something ;) Found this at the help at the Googleforum maybe this is an option ? Read the answer he gets , he explains how you can invite members. And if this doesn't work maybe Abby can help you and invite them ?  

Hi Bea, thanks. I am familiar with how Google groups work, that is not the issue. The issue is that I (we) do not use it as a standaard. It somehow never took off as a medium the same way that Facebook took off (generally). Though I have received a mail from Abby explaining that it is not necessary for members to use it as a means of communication.

Set-up process

The account must be created by a Team Member, the Leader Liaison.

Creating a project profile requires an e-mail address for the project. This is usually a Google Group e-mail list address.

The Project Leader(s) and Project Coordinators should be set as the Profile Managers of the profile profile. All project members should be added to the Trusted List of the project profile. [Is this necessary? The project account will be active. The e-mail list is the profile's e--mail address. If all or all active project members on the e-mail list, they don't need to be on the profile's TL. This depends on how the project wants to use the profile. Ideally, all members could be on the email list, rather than on the trusted list, so they could see activity feeds.]

Well it's in the last line :  Ideally, all members could be on the email list, rather than on the trusted list, so they could see activity feeds.

Already asked if someone could explain how to get all members invited/ added to the email list without adding members to the trusted list of the project profile, so hope we'll know the answer soon. I found some info (added that to the other question Philip asked , and tried to figure it out at the Project acount googlegroup , but it's not as easy as it sounds, we didn't set up the acount /group ourselves, guess when you set it up you can add all members to the mailinglist and invite them immediately or something ...

And of course at the top of that page it says : This is relatively new and still rough. We need more Leaders to experiment with them and help establish best practices. Please post questions and issues for discussion on the Leaders e-mail list. -- Whitten-1 11:43, 9 September 2015 (EDT) 

So we're all still learning what's the best way to use the project profiles , it's still in progress ;) 

Thanks Bea ... :-)

Hi Bea

For the Pending merges and To-do List to work(from the Project Profile's point of view), you will need the watch list of the Project Profile to work. How will this work?

Don't you have to be logged in on the Project Profile? Otherwise you will only see your own account's pending merges.  

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