How do I bulk transfer already Project Protected Profiles to a Project Profile?

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How do I bulk transfer already Project Protected Profiles (appr. 1000) to our new Project Profile?

in WikiTree Tech by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (158k points)

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Here's a link to the bulk transfer:

1.Here you see : What would you like to do ? choose: Add a designated member as an additional Profile Manager to selected profiles than click continue. the box/field type the e-mailadress of the Kaap de Goede Hoop project profile than click continue again. 
3.Than select (check) all profiles you would like to add the Project profile to as manager.Once you selected them all again again click : continue (or  proceed) and than you're done) 

*But if it's a PPP profile you are not managing or with more than one manager, you should ask to be added as manager at the profile , so in that case just ask the manager  or managers if he/she/they could add the project profile (e-mailadress) as manager for you :)

I've added this to our project page and to the Project profile : now we are going to use the Project profile for more than just the PPP profiles, so you need to mention what profiles the Project Profile can be added to as manager exactly of course . But this way the members can do it themselves 

by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (281k points)
selected by Philip van der Walt
Thanks Bea,

Where do I find this category of Non PPP'd profiles where the The Dutch Roots Project template has categorised the profiles?
I think Bea meant PPP'd profiles. They would not show up on the Project Porfile but rather you'd see the Poject Profile as co-manager on those profiles; and also be alerted to any changes the same way we all receive daily of weekly (every Wednesday) a feed with changes in profiles that we are managers of or names we are following.

Thank you Phillip,

In other words the The Dutch Roots Project template or any other template for that matter cannot categorize in the way Bea claimed. Could such a template be created? 
i.e. a template that could categorize PPP'd and non PPP'd profiles of a Project?

I suppose not, because the data that templates can display does not include the status of the LNAB, but it could be added by the WikiTree Programmers if they wanted to.

Hi Louis, as I understand t a template is just that - a "stamp" you put on something (in this case a profile) with which you can categorize it according to the classification you've created. It is not a bot or a database (as you also I presume well understand). A PPP'd profile means that the LNAB-field (and only that field) has been "locked" by a leader. All duplicate profiles of a higher number and those duplicates with divergent spellings, will have to be merged into that specific profile. I have applied to be part of the trusted list of our own newly created Project Profile but still haven't been able to get the trusted status. I saw your application for trusted status coming past but I first have to contact Abby to sort out the "wrinkles" ... perhaps only members of that trusted list have access to lists / tables. Have courage and patience - Rome wasn't built in one day and there is nowhere on earth one will find another WikiTree which is a beautiful work in progress ... :-)

I'ts like Philip says, it's just a tool for projects to keep informed about all changes, proposed merges etc. by the feed of the Project Profile. (all Profiles that have the Profile as co - or only manager we keep track of this way, or an eye on if you like ;) )

Of course it's possible to create a, for example, Dutch Roots Project PPP category and or a Dutch Roots Project non PPP category, but such a category is just, let's say, the same as the list we now use , and we would than also have the non PPP't ones listed.

But we now have most of them, the non PPP'd ones listed here : Category: Project Collateral-Prospect and many of the unsourced Dutch ones you can find here : Category Netherlands Unsourced Profiles as well, so to create again another category is not something we really need for the Projects I guess .

And indeed this is a whole new thing for us as well (the Project Profile) and our tree really is a beautiful work in progress . If this question was about a way to receive the feed as well, I'll ask how we can invite our members for the Project googlegroups of the Project Profiles , didn't figure that out yet, but if members are invited and except the invitation, the googlegroup can but, doesn't have to be used to communicate, but at least all members will receive the feed of the Project Profile as well . This way the whole project and all members can keep track of all profiles added to the Project Profile...

Hi to get back to Phillip on the templates.

I don't have access to create them, but they are much more than a stamp Phillip. They act much like forms and can request limited data from the database and allowed widgets can be used in them.If i.e. LNAB status could be added to this list?

The following variables for WikiTree database fields can be included in a template:

  • Prefix: {{#profile:Prefix}}
  • Preferred First Name: {{#profile:RealName}}
  • MiddleInitial: {{#profile:MiddleInitial}}
  • Last Name at Birth: {{#profile:LastNameAtBirth}}
  • Current Last Name: {{#profile:LastNameCurrent}}
  • Suffix: {{#profile:Suffix}}
  • BirthDateDecade: {{#profile:BirthDateDecade}}
  • DeathDateDecade: {{#profile:DeathDateDecade}}
I meant in essence Louis. Granted I'm not wel versed in Wikimarkup language(s) ... if you see potential for a database within a database and widgets [etc.] then I would suggest bringing your ideas to the techno team.
:) No not a database within a database, but a tool to access the database

I think the leaders will request it if they feel there is a need for it.

Ok with the templates it's like this, all projects have their own templates, the templates indeed create databases/lists (place where the profiles all can be found, so in fact categorizes all profiles of the Project) , for example the Dutch Roots templates (if filled in correct) categorizes (makes lists/databases) of all profiles to make sure all members can find them at the proper categories, it categorizes them by time and Province - for example the main category is Pre-1700 and the sub-category is the specific Province the person was born.

So for example if a pre-1700 person from Friesland gets the template added , we can find this person in the Friesland sub-category of the Pre-1700 (main) category . 

So it's just like a Encyclopedia, Wikitree is the Encyclopedia, the Projects are the different books, each of them with probably thousands of profiles, the templates create (categorizes) chapters for the different ''books'' and in those chapters some Projects have sub-chapters as well and that's where you can find the specific profile you are looking for (if they have the template (or if profiles only have the category and not the template, if the proper Province category is added)  

We can request for a specific kind of template or try and create one ourselves if we think we might need one and ask help from the Template project , but some templates require some expertise so for those of course we rather ask our experts from the template project if they could help and create one for the project. :)

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