Alexander William Tryon of Binghamton: a brother or an alias?

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The profile link below is to my known direct ancestor - Ansyl William Tryon Tryon-349 who died in Buffalo in 1943 and not Alexander William Tryon the subject of this request.   Unless by a strange twist they turn out to be the same person!   (A possibility I have not ruled out.)  I have not created a profile for Alexander on wikitree.  I know too little about him.  What I do know comes from one record, the only one I have found.

Details on the parentage of my Ansyl William Tryon are very limited and I have not traced with much certainty anything of his life before wedlock.   He was married to Jane Stephenson in the 1890s (though I find no record of the marriage),  She died 1929 and they are buried together in the Buffalo area.

Some months ago I found through the record of an Alexander William Tryon in NYC, 1906.

The details of these two entries appear to be two separate extractions of the same event data.

This marriage record or license 4 Jun 1906 gives as names of Alexander's parents Ansel Tryon and Roxy Herrick, and birth in Binghamton.  

My original and hopeful hypothesis is that this man may be a brother of my ancestor Ansyl who was also supposed to have been born in Binghamton. 

The record for Alexander is perhaps the best clue I have to finding anything further on the family of my Ansyl who according to his death record had a father Ansel, and whose mother's maiden name was Herrick.  

Unfortunately, beyond the specific record of this marriage event or marriage license - which I have only seen as an index/extraction - I have never found any other record for this Alexander. 

This leads me to speculate that Alexander and Ansyl could be the same person - a bit shady to say the least.  Ansyl is already married, but Buffalo City directory entries lead me to believe there was a period where he was not with his family in the period in question (circa 1906), though he definitely returned at some point. (He also had a stint in jail several years later.)

Though I never find anythng else on Alexander William Tryon - neither census nor death, I did find later records I believe are of the same woman who was to be the bride, but she is not with him.  Perhaps the marriage was never performed or didnt last or was annulled.  Her name is Maria Cecillia Person Stendahl.  If I traced the right person she died in Chicago in the 1950s.


Name Alexander Tryon
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 04 Jun 1906
Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
Gender Male
Age 47
Marital Status Widowed
Birth Year (Estimated) 1859
Birthplace Binghampton, N.Y.
Father's Name Ansyl Tryon
Mother's Name Roxie Herick
Spouse's Name Maria Stendahl
Spouse's Gender Female
Spouse's Age 36
Spouse's Marital Status Single
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1870
Spouse's Birthplace Malino, Sweden
Spouse's Father's Name Jans Stendahl
Spouse's Mother's Name Elna Olson


I've also posted a brief version of this on the Tryon Family Mysteries page


WikiTree profile: Ansyl William Tryon
asked in Genealogy Help by Michael Maranda G2G6 Mach 6 (63.3k points)
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I remain uncertain as to whether Alexander and Ansel are brothers - or two identities of the same person.   Still I have created records for Maria Stendhal  -   and one for Alexander who I find on the marriage license --

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Hi Michael,

Perhaps this is some help?

1870 USA Federal Census record for Ansyl Tryon.

Name Ansyl Tryon
Age in 1870 8
Birth Year abt 1862
Birthplace New York
Home in 1870 South Abington, Luzerne, Pennsylvania
Race White
Gender Male
Post Office Tompkinsville
Household Members
Name Age
A S Tryon 56
Roxanna Tryon 45
Ansyl Tryon 8
Mary Tryon 5

Ansyl William Tryon was born in August 1863 his father, Ansyl, was 49 and his mother, Roxanna (Herrick), was 38. He married Jane (Jenny) Stephenson in 1888.

Father Ansyl Tryon was born in England. Mother Mary(?) Herrick was born in Ireland (reference Ansyl Snr Death Certificate)

Not sure if this helps with the Alexander question though?



answered by Jeff Meurer G2G2 (2.4k points)
Hi again Michael,

A bit more information.

The 1900, 1910, and 1920 Census' shown Ansyl's wife as Jennie/Jane F Tryon. This seems conclusive that Ansyl was only married to that one wife, Jennie aka Jane F(rancis) Stephenson.

His death record referred to in the last message also shows Ansyl's birth place as Binghamton, New York.

But there is more. Your marriage record above shows an Alexander W Tryon born about 1859 in Binghampton, NY, same town as Ansyl, to the same parents as Ansyl. So why isnt Alexander shown on the 1870 census i included in my first message?

I see how this is difficult for you to solve conclusively, good luck

Yes, thank you Jeff.  My records  for this (much of which remain to be added here on wikitree) include census documentation from 1900 on for Ansyl & Jennie and children, so yes he was "still" married to her subsequently.   And one of the census documents even crosses out either binghamton or broome (county) because the column was intended to record state of birth.   I feel secure that Ansyl was born in or near Binghamton, per the death record.

Now - the question of whether these are one or two people is not so quickly dismissed.  I leave open the possibility that he left his wife for a period and perhaps tried on a new identity and would technically have been a bigamist (or attempted bigamy).  Not a pleasant exploration for the family line, and I'd prefer it not to be the case.  But if it is it explains why I can't find this Alexander William Tryon elsewhere- who notes himself a widower at the 1906 document/event.

As to Ansyl's year of birth - 1863 - this is derived from his funeral marker and death record.   Census documents and prison intake suggest possibly 1860.  I treat that as uncertain.   

Previously I was also a bit hesitant on the 1870 census, though I tend to include it  s likely documentation for Ansyl's family .  It does seem likely to be them, and they would basically be in the same river system not far from Binghamton. A plus in favor there.   But it leaves me wondering - where then is Alexander?  He's not in that record (unless as the same person).  He should be about 10.

I've spent a good deal of time trying to discover what may have become then of Mary (from the 1870 census).  I think she may have come to Buffalo (or already been there) as I have an entry in 1929 or 1930 of a Mary at Ansyl Tryon's  address - my assumption in any case is that this is her or another unidentified relative coming to help out after the passing of his wife Jennie who died 1929.

I've also spent a good amount of time see what I can unearth on Tryon's in Pennsylvania and the NYS border counties to Pennsylvania.  I've traced out several other lines but not found a connection.
Regarding the data on the parents in the death record of Ansyl (d 1943) - obtained from Williamsville - while entirely possible his father was born in England and his mother in Ireland, the data reported there appears to be from someone in the institution where he died and not a family member.  Like his birth-year I take it as uncertain in terms of of parents origins.  It likely would have been English and Irish heritage but not necessarily of that generation.  Also - it appears inconsistent in that regard with the 1870 census, if I recall correctly. I..e. 1870 places their births in the USA.
A kind person found an obituary for an Ann Tryon, identified as mother of an Ansel Tryon and Mary Wall, in Buffalo, 1900.  I am hoping I can find her death certificate - as this is a likely match for the mother.   I have not yet found what became of Mary, not do I have much on the mother - names variously given as Roxanna, Anna and Mary.

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