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Hello!  I would like to introduce myself to the members or the german_roots project and others with interest and ancestry in Germanic heritage.

I've tagged numerous of my records with the german roots project tag but it will be a while before I can get to most of them.

My ancestors origins and surnames follow.   The various different geographic lines came together in Buffalo, NY area in mid to late 1800s.

My Schnegggenburger (also and earlier Schneckenburger and Schnekenburger) are from Aixheim (Wuertemberg).   In this line are connected Efinger, Schneider, Zopp, Frey, Bader.

My Schneggenburger ancestor married in Buffalo (he followed his brother there, as well as an uncle and three aunts).   He was a master wood carver.

He married Ottilia Uschold.  I understand them to be from Bavaria, but until now I have mostly relied on the research of a cousin for the Bavarian line.

I focused more upon the gaps in the American German side of that line - My Lorenz Uschold married a Mary Granacher (born in Buffalo).   Her father, a Lorenz Granacher was likely from Waldshut (Baden).   His mother's maiden name is Muehlhaupt.

Mary Daniel was Lorenz Granacher's first (of three) wife (they met in Buffalo).  He was in furniture manufacture and owned a reputable furniture store.  I understand there to be numerous Daniel's who came together with Ordener's and Nussbaums from the Frankreich - specifically Lothringen for my line - in the Creutzwald.   The Daniel/Ordener line is well researched by other genealogists though now much of the material and interpretation is Francaphone.

I've got a lot of material accumulated in my database on Aixheim families especially Schneggenburger and Effinger and their descendants.  I'd like to do a one place study for Aixheim at some point.

I need help on the line from Waldshut.  I'd like to advance and secure that line further.

I've created pages for one_name_studies for Schneggenburger and Uschold, and a Family Mysteries page for Schneggenburger.

I look forward to collaborating with all of you.


Michael Maranda
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asked in The Tree House by Michael Maranda G2G6 Mach 6 (62.5k points)
Great introduction, Michael. Thank you for posting it.

Michael, THANKS! a whole heckuva lot!  The pattern you've set up here is one we can follow in as far as we know our German family lines' historic roots. Your willingness to make a statement of use to us all instead of asking a question is encouraging. I now fully comprehend (as you and I have decided before) that the shaping of the information we already have can be a clarification of the treasures in our information or others with similar concerns.

I'm suggesting here that each of us in this complex ("German Roots") should follow suit, making a clear statement of what we do know. Doing that enables each of us to re-search our own research to express it to others and quickly eliminate the chaff from our findings and some of our questions and doubts. 

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For your Waldshut line you might want to check out my recent posting

I just came about this resource today.


answered by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (440k points)
Thank you Helmut, I will explore soon.
Helmut, again, you are so very informed and collaborative! Thanks!
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Hi Michael,

Thank you so very much for your introduction! It is great to know there are so many people that are joining our Project.

I hope that you are very successful in your endeavours and that we will be able to assist each other in our various searches.


answered by Marlene Marx G2G6 (7.7k points)
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I am researching the Granacher families both in the Waldshut area (where my own roots lie) and worldwide, and have a lot of material to add. I plan to put it into Wkitree step by step - I just joined and I am glad to contribute! For your ancestor Mary Granacher Uschold, I have data on her ancestors reaching back to about 1600. Must still find out how the linking together of trees works here ...

René Granacher
answered by René Granacher G2G Crew (640 points)
That's great!   I've recently started a page for a Granacher One Name study, and have been tagging Granachers with that category.  I'll write more on that later, but if you need any assistance, let me know!
Hi Michael, I have now added some more of the ancestors in my data so I could link my tree to the existing one - it works really easy here. There are more generations to add, and also an almost unlimited number of siblings ... Time is limited so I will have to prioritize - maybe I should add the connections to some of the Granacher families living in the US today. (There has been a wave of emigrants from Baden in the 19th century, among them a number of Granachers.)
René, Thank you!   This is very exciting for me.

Just so you know - there are two ways to input data here. Many people prefer the direct entry method, where one person is added at a time.  Generally one can proceed slower and with greater attention to detail.  The other method is to import a gedcom file.  It involves a few steps as one must review the entries in case of duplicates and then await review from someone on this site.  The latter method often requires clean up of the individual bio section.  it takes a few days to go through the import process.  (And often quite a long time to tidy up the records.)
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Howdy from Texas Ya'll :) First let me apologize for my lack of activity with this Project. I have been busily sorting Unanswered Questions (179 Pages of them) in G2G & posting the Free Source links that I find to Source Links: &

My Deutschland or German Roots direct ancestors are  , witch begin w/ Georg Dussler Sr. (1615 Blaubeuren is a town in the district of Alb-Donau near Ulm in Baden-Württemberg, Germany) .

Progenitors to the North American Continent (Herkimer County, Hudson & Mohawk Valleys, Up-State & North Central New York) = Brothers: Dussler-2 Andres (Andrew) Dussler, Dussler-7 Jacob Dussler Sr. immigrated to North America in 1752. And then down to my Gr Gm. Hazel Marie (Duesler) Hudson who are all found here: .

There are many more Duesler / Dussler / Dußler that I have already added Profiles for, Including Notables, Actors: 6th cousins 2xr: James King Aurness aka Marshall Matt Dillon "Gunsmoke" & his Brother Peter Duesler Aurness aka Peter Graves from "Mission Impossible".

Many of these profiles lack birth, death dates, locations & sources, any help would be appreciated. 

If any body has Free links to Germany or anywhere else to add to wikitree Source list or Kitty's library page (English Language Or German Language) I'd be glad to post them. P. S. I don't speak more than 5 words in German. :) JPVIV


answered by Anonymous Vickery G2G6 Pilot (236k points)
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John? Could you please do a revision of your information above? The format of shadows and no paragraphs is so dense as to be too tangled to read. Think: Remember that the easier the language and format are, the more your audience can do for you (and themselves). Just sayin'. (I used to teach rhetoric at the college level. We all need to be careful in these genealogical processes we're in together.)
I hope this looks better :) TY for the critique
Thanks so much. John. Your clarifications allow us in!
I think the shadow showed up because I wrote myself two messages first, then pasted them here. I did it this way as to not get kicked off-line for activity while composing my answer :)
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HI Michael,

I was born in Buffalo, New York and six generations of my German families lived in Buffalo on the Old East Side. My fourth cousin Jilllaine Smith,who got me into wikitree, and I have spent countless hours studying this old German neighborhood in great detail ever since 1999. Do you know what streets your ancestors lived on and what churches they attended? Do you know what cemeteries they are buried in? Let me know if you need help with your German Roots in Buffalo, New York, because mine are there too!

Sharon Troy Centanne
answered by Sharon Centanne G2G6 Pilot (139k points)
I have done fairly well with Buffalo research - though not all the data has made it on to wikitree yet.   There are a few cousins that I can't find (I lose them in the 1800s) - they may have simply left Buffalo, no idea.  I'll be more specific later - need to get the morning going now. has good Free Source links for Germany & New York, I have found these following Sources very valuable: 

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