Can you help sort out Elizabeth Alcock? PGM related.

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Elizabeth Alcock and her family are a mess.  From the looks of things, they are going to end up merging with the Puritan Great Migration Project.

There are a handful of unsourced profiles and duplicate profiles that will need to be worked out.  I believe these came in with a bad GEDCOM and the dates are likely very wrong.

Especially the John and George Alcocks.  I am not sure whom to begin with but Elizabeth looks like a good place. There are three duplicates that need merging and that will add to her father and grandfather being duplicated likely with the PGM profiles.
WikiTree profile: Elizabeth Whitehead
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This/these profiles appear to be severely amiss.  The Elizabeth Whitenead, sister to George and Thomas Alcock, doesn't appear to have left England.   She sent two sons, John and Thomas, to New England as apprentices to Francis Hall (c 1639), and at that time she was apparently already widowed.  That means she and her husband could not have died in NY.

I am wondering if this is a different line altogether???
Chris, I considered that possibility but because of the lack of sources and the GEDCOM import, I think they were brought in with some bad dates.  Some of the potential dupes seem to lead to PGM.  I have not had time to dig, but I thought maybe someone might have the goods on this line and could help straighten them out.

At the very least it seems very tangled.
Ok, she has been made the sister of George Alcock PGM PPP,  so we need some good sources to confirm and then choose the appropriate merges.  Then her father has a duplicate as well.
I think there is an Elizabeth Whitehead who died about 1665/6 in Jamaica, NY (? born about 1640's) who was likely the daughter of Daniel Whitehead and (?unk/?Sarah) Armitage.

And that these profiles with that death date/location are entirely different from Elizabeth (Alcock) Whitehead, who doesn't appear to have left England.

It appears someone has merged these different Elizabeths.
Great, back down the tree then and verify. Then likely she does not connect.

Ok. Here goes my thinking on this.

Daniel Whitehead-1069 son of John Whitehead-409 and Elizabeth Alcock-219 is set as an unmerged match with Daniel Whitehead-474 (PPP NNS), son of John Whitehead-409 and Elizabeth Alcocke-12 and has daughter Elizabeth Whitehead-483 with wife Sarah Armitage-257.

This merger would bring together E.Alcock-219 and E.Alcocke-12. Both of these are set to merge into E.Alcock-95.  219 and 12 appear to be a good match for a merge with each other while E.Alcock-95 has unsupported dates in conflict.

E.Alcock-95 wife of John Whitehead-409 appears to be wrong then. She also has no children (thank god). Her parents are John Alock-80 and Alice Alrich-1

E.Alcock-219 has no Parents but husband Whitehead-409 and Children. These children should be examined as well.

E.Alcock-12 has only father John Alcock-80.

John Alcock-80 has duplicate John Alcock-227 set as unmerged matches. However, Alcock-227 dates are off but there is no good source info to Judge why he even exists.  Additional, Alcock-227 has son George Alcock-226 who also has no good info.  Both of these appear to be unconnected and could be merged away or left floating in an unconnected state. However, this George Alcock-227, if merged would be merged into G. Alcock-84 (PPP PGM)

It appears then that, we could extract Elizabeth Alcock-95 from her parents, husband Whitehead-409. However, this effectively abandons her to Unconnected, there is nothing left to tie her to the tree.  Like J.Alcock-227 and son George, E.Alcock-95 could be merged away as there is nothing substantive that keeps her viable.  In her case, however, if a merge were chosen, she should likely be the lowest Wiktree-id if we are using Alcock as LNAB.

In my opinion, John Alcock-227 and Geoge-Alcock-226 have no data to support their existence. We should try to find something but likely will not find anything substantive. They should have their data removed and merged away, if not they are left unsupported and unconnected.

The same goes for Elizabeth Alcock-95 she, however has one Ancestry source that puts her as the daughter of J. Alcock and A. Alrich.  So intended to be the better documented Elizabeth Alcock-12/219.  The Ancestry source is just another Tree with no source.  So effectively, she is another undocumented and unsourced profile that if removed would be left unconnected with no sources.  She could be easily merged away except for the fact that she has the lowest Wikitree-id.

I am thinking in terms of what works best for the overall Wikitree.  I appreciate alternative views. 


Adding to the confusion: Daniel Whitehead is listed on profiles as born in 1603 and in about 1630, son of John and Elizabeth (Alcock) Whitehead. If Daniel was born in 1603 (see below) it would make him an unlikely/impossible? candidate as their child.

The link below, seems to be fairly well researched/cited as to the correct wives of Daniel Sr. and gives him as (1603?-1668), source cited aged 65 in 1668.

It also concludes that his first wife was a Skidmore. (I'm going blind trying to follow this!  Someone else needs to take a look) mother of at least three sons.

Second wife, ___ Armitage, daughter of Thomas.

It also provides some indication of a few of his children, (which seemed to be all linked to ___ Armitage on some profiles).  It identifies his third wife Jane's LNAB as Ireland and appears that she was the mother of Adam, Thomas, Jemima and Elizabeth Whitehead.  She married John Ingersoll after Daniel's death.

There is no source in the article that links him to John and Elizabeth at all, or what his heritage might be.


1. Anderson does not name Daniel as son of Elizabeth (Alcock) Whitehead. 

2. The 1902 article about the family of Daniel Whitehead (published in The American Genealogist), does not identify any parents. I could find nothing in the various journals available at (NEHGS) that names Daniel's parents. 

3. A 2000 article by Macy in NYGBR discusses in depth the wives and children of Daniel Whitehead. He names no parents of Daniel.

4. The Skidmore PDF that Chris links to above recommends that researchers turn to Westerleigh in Gloucestershire or Wickwick in the adjoining parish of Frampton Cotterell for Whitehead's origins.

Unless there's been something new discovered / published post 2000 about Daniel Whitehead, I'd recommend he be disconnected from any parents.

Wholeheartedly agree!
I think the Georges - 84 and 226 are the same man and should be merged.  If you look at Alcock-84, there is much dispute about the birth date listed as 1581, and sources indicate the 1605 is more accurate.
Hi Chris,   Review old email says I never got back to this.  I set up George for a merge and his father had been set as a match, maybe time to get this done, eh?

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Okay. I know this is about Daniel Whitehead, supposed (but not proven) son of Elizabeth Alcock Whitehead, but I want to put it somewhere. This is compiled after reviewing Harry Macy, Jr., "The Family of Daniel1 Whitehead: A Century and a Half of Fact and Fiction," in NYGBR, vol 131 (2000), pp 263-275.  (Source for all except where otherwise noted)

Daniel Whitehead [Sr] was born about 1603, based on a 2 Oct 1668 testimony where he gave his age as about 65. (Minutes of the Town Courts of Newton, Long Island, 1656-1690, pub. 1940, p 192, FHL 0484026).  He died in 1668 at Maspeth Kills, Newtown, Long Island. 

He arrived in Hempstead, LI, by 1644, one of the earliest proprietors there. In 1656, he moved to Oyster Bay, and was in Maspeth Kills by 1664.

Given his age, he may have had a first wife, name unknown. 

He married _____, a daughter, first name unknown, of Thomas Armtage of Hempstead & Oyster Bay. She was the mother of his children Daniel [Jr], Jonathan and David. She died by 1658.

He then married by 1658 young Jean Ireland, daughter of Thomas Ireland, another proprietor of Hempstead, LI. Her identity was discovered in the inventory of Daniel Whitehead's estate. She was the mother of his children Adam, Thomas, Jemima and Elizabeth.

There was no wife Jean or any other name, daughter of Thomas Skidmore. The introduction of this theory was made by Wm. Cornell, without explanation; Skidmore researchers have never found any daughter in their line that married a Whitehead.

After Daniel died, Jean (Ireland) Whitehead, m2 John Ingersoll, and had John, Simon, Daniel and Jane.

by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (771k points)
Actually, I'm going to create its own topic and link it to Daniel Whitehead's profile.
I just briefly looked up  Isaac Whitehead of New Haven 1640's, died in NJ  listed as her other child.

He doesn't appear to be a confirmed relation to a father or brother John, mother Elizabeth etc. except in some tree sites.  I think he also a parents/family unknown and will need to be removed as her child.  Her two sons that went to New Haven with Francis Hall/Halle are said to be John and Thomas.

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