Any interest in an 1812 Project, similar to the 1776 Project?

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Hello all!  Would you like to have a War of 1812 Project, called the 1812 Project, that would be similar to the 1776 Project?

I am interested in identifying those who participated in the war.  This website gives a good place to search for American participants.  Is there a place to search for other participants (British, French, American Indian, Canadian?) in this Second War for Independence?  

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (535k points)
Kitty, The orphaned profile has had the POB and POD added from your source.  It also has a category and template added to it as well as being added to the wikisortable table at

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I would very much be interested in an 1812 Project!  I know we have relatives and friends from that war!  Thanks for suggesting this!

by Diane Bezeau G2G6 Mach 1 (18.4k points)
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The Roll of Honor project has an 1812 subproject and they've already got a bunch of free space pages and categories started!

by Erin Breen G2G6 Pilot (224k points)
Thanks Erin! The War of 1812 subproject is very active! The organization going into this project is first rate! Please check it out and join in!

Hi all, thanks for the info.  The 1812 project is great, but I would never have looked in the Roll of Honor to find it.  I doubt that all the participants were, " KIA,MIA,POW and WIA or received the highest medal from their country".  I did not see it in the list of projects, nor in categories for U.S. History, Military, or other places that I looked. It is too hard to find.  I suggest that you take it out of the subproject and call it the 1812 Project so that is appears rightunder the 1776 Project on the project list.  There is plenty there for it be a stand alone project.  

Also, please include a link to the Daughters of 1812 search page and other locations to find 1812 ancestors.  Thanks!  

I'm sorry you had a difficult time locating the project. But since the Roll of Honor is designated to be the top Project and category for all military.. this makes it a perfect place to have it listed as a sub project.  It is a category in US Military History and other High Level categories. We also have Creek Wars as  Sub Project..  and that is an amazing project as well.  I have no problem locating our project... Google knows exactly where we are ; )

Thanks, Terri,  

I  can't say that I agree, as by that hierarchy, Roll of Honor, Creek War, and all military conflicts should be sub-projects of Military, including the 1776 Project, the Great War Project and the U.S. Civil War Project.  Then when someone looks for a Military project on the list of Projects, it would be clear that we should look in the Military Project.  As it is, I would never look in Roll of Honor for the War of 1812 or the Creek War (which isn't listed on the list of Projects).  We should probably put all these as sub-projects of Military on the list of Projects for ease of location and continuity.  

Management can always change their mind. But until they do... The War of 1812 is a sub project under thevRoll of Honor till they create a different project to house all the wars.
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Here is the link to the War of 1812 Subproject:
by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (243k points)
Thanks Paula,

At last check there are 49 documented (branded) free space project pages and who knows how many project profile templates on WikiTree as the list of those being honored is exponentially expanding.
I am interested in the 1812 project. I am a   Daughter of the War of 1812. I have several ancestors who were in that war. I would like to help with the project

Thank you,

Jan Storey
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I would like to be part of this project. I have ancestors that were in the War if 1812.
by Amy McAndrews G2G6 Mach 3 (30.0k points)

Amy if you want to be part of the War of 1812 project add {{War of 1812 Project|Member}} to your profile page also add your name to the project page and one  of the leaders will send you a invite to the Google Community  we need more members :) Terry

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