Can we “translate” a French word in a bio with English text that displays upon mouse over?

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In the instructions for Template:Image we are told the parameter named “label” produces “text that floats over image on mouse over”.

Recently, I deduced a method to “translate” a snippet of text within a transcription of the 1681 census of the Seigneurie de Beaupré. The method works, but makes use of coding not recommended. Can my intended result be done with recommended coding or a template?

Go to the profile of Ignace Juchereau and place the cursor over the gray text to see what I hope to accomplish with an approved method.

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Cool and excellent idea maybe if I compare with Google translate the pop is faster for Google translate .....

See video feedback 

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I liked the idea that you can "hide" translations

I did this test on the profile for Karin Larsdotter 1782-1836

1) I transcribe the document in old Swedish
2) I take the text to Google translate and change it to modern swedish that Google translate understand
3) I create a short url of the translation


4) A create a link in the bio
 ([ Google translated])

 Good thing with this approach is that the user can select language in Google translate (e.g. traditional chinese)

If you have questions just join my wikitree webhangout ;-)

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Magnus, the utility of your solution exceeds my expectations. Thank you!

How did you devise the short url to go to

Video How to use Google Translate on a Wikitree profile 

The cool thing with my solution is as I in step 2 above also make the transcribed text easier to read in the transcribed language ==> if someone has problem reading the original they can go to Google translate and get the meaning of the text

 Its sexier with mouse over

Question is there a possibility in wikitree to open an URL in a new smaller window?

In my excitement over the ability of the methodology to translate profile narratives in many languages, and within style guidelines, I temporarily forgot about four severe errors I've observed in my extensive use of the google site.

1 --- Names are translated literally, rather than transliterated.

Noël Juchereau is translated as Christmas Juchereau, rather than transliterated to Noel Juchereau. For genealogy purposes, the last-name at birth remains Noël Juchereau. Noel is acceptable within an English narrative. Christmas is not acceptable as this individual's first-name in the English language.

2 --- Names are sometimes translated in last-name first name order.

3 --- Dates are sometimes rendered in dd/mm order, sometimes in mm/dd order.

4 --- Quantities are not recalculated.

250 arpents en valeur is translated as 250 acres under cultivation rather than the correct 211 acres under cultivation.

Therefore, for the above reasons, does not produce the results I hope to achieve.

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I agree and disagree if Google Translate is good enough

Is it like having a professional translator? No

Does it help you progress with your genealogy? Yes

I did another cool approach to translation in this video where I am in the courthouse in Požarevac Serbia where I even cant understand the characters they write with ;-) so I recorded with my phone and got a Live translation of people working with the documents can it be better ;-)


Example of Google Translate the whole page
Free space page
I have done about a cottage where my grandmothers lived with 8 children when her husband died and she was pregnant with number 9. I the probate I can read she had 10 dollar in assets ....

Google translated Wikitree free space page
I write this free space in Swedish as most people who will read it are older (women ;-) ) in the family tree interested in the past but not skilled in english...

The house 
was owned by the church and you had to work 20 days
 for free to pay the rent


I have been travelling around doing research in Serbia and get documents in cyrillic language and I can tell you that then you are more than lost and everything helping you are you more than happy for ex. the birth record of my grandfather

A video when people translated the document live for me at the courthouse in Požarevac Serbia 

The wikitree profile
Trip to Serbia documented with map on everytrail 

Best practice in moving forward with genealogy i a country like Serbia

  1. I used Facebook where you can be member in local genealogy groups
  2. I was lucky in the group to get in touch with the best archive person in Serbia that helped me a lot finding documents etc....
  3. Use Google map to find places as you cant even understand the street signs
  4. Document what you do with the mobile camera ==> you can sit howe and listen more times to understand what they tell you
  5. Get documents of the person you are researching in the local languages. I got the birth certificate in cryllic and that helped me a lot to find the way to the grave

The "small" grave I found
see free space

by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)

Thank you Magnus for your comprehensive defense of Google Translate. I use the service many times daily to inform me regarding information I cannot otherwise obtain. My sole intent in listing my observed deficiencies in the translations the site provides was to warn the WikiTree community that facts contained within the source document can be significantly misrepresented in the translation.

;-) I dont defense Google Translate I see it more as a tool that can be used with all its strengths and weaknesses..... and as you say there are weaknesses....

I feel the discussion about translating is important because that is one of the weaknesses of Wikitree.

From a Swedish perspective sharing a family tree in english with many people is not the best way to share it. I have started to write the bio part in Swedish so non speaking Swedish people at least can read it... bit that is not the rub.....

I am getting more and more convinced that a Video of the translation done in real life when speaking to people working with the material daily seems to be the best

I have written about the cool video integration I have seen on discource called onebox that I hope we will see on wikitree...


Must mention when I was down in Serbia and found the names of the people my grandfather shared grave with. Went back to the hotel and googled the names.

- Found an article in a non understandable language.

- Google translated it

- And found my mothers name in it...

It was one of the most crazy experiences.....

The article google translated ;-)
"Legat velike umetnice pokraden"
Google translated "Legat great artist robbed"
and the real story should have been that my mother was the robbed one as she is the only child. Happily my mother never understood how crazy the story is and how corrupt some countries are...


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