How can I make my profile look nice like this one ?

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Other than showing you the profile of one of our most creative WikiTreers........

Is there a treatise or "How To" somewhere on WikiTree that shows how to arranged images this way?

Also can images be arranged in this fashion on a Free Space page ?
WikiTree profile: Gaile Connolly
in The Tree House by Maggie N. G2G6 Pilot (881k points)

Aren't Gaile's profiles a picture of neatness, & organization and many of them are downright pretty. As an example, she was a large collaborator on the profile of Laura Bond. You can see how it was done by clicking on the edit tab.

And yes it can be done on a free space page. See the New London Texas School Explosion. 


You're both embarassing me.  It doesn't take especially fancy footwork to place photos inline, as in my profile or in Laura Bond's.  They both completely conform to WikiTrees' current rules (or whatever other word is used for the coding elements we are supposted to stick to), except for one thing in my own profile.  There, in keeping with the exception permitted for close family members, I strayed from the rules in only 1 instance - I wrapped the entire biography and sources sections in the <div align="justify"> ... </div> because I abhor the ragged right edges that we are forced to have on other profiles.

Also, as a general rule, I do not add images to profiles.  In the case of my own profile, they wouldn't be seen by anyone other than me because of privacy restrictions, but in other cases, I don't like to see all those images displayed down the right side of the page, with no control over the order or size in which they are placed.  Instead, I use a free space page to store all the images that I want to use anywhere on profiles.  For the Holocaust project, I have a lot of source images, which are all stored in the free space page named HolocaustSourceDocuments.  I display them in the source section of the appropriate profiles by including the code for the image within the <ref> ... </ref> tags.

Here's the image template, created by Rob Ton, that is used to display inline images:

|file =          Filename (copy from image page and paste here)
|align =       l or c or r   (left, right, or center - optional - if not included, default is c)
|size =        400 (experiment with smaller numbers to see what best fits space)
|label =       optional caption displayed under image
|wrap =      y or n (optional - if not included default is n)

The most complicated part of this is the "wrap" attribute.  If it is not included or has value of n (for "no") then the image will appear, either left, center or right of page depending on the "align" attribute) all by itself.  The text will start again below the image.  If the wrap value is y (for "yes") then text will wrap around the image.  Usually, you want to align the image left or right when wrapping text.  

There is one more thing to consider when wrapping text (which is the way I prefer to do it with images in the biography - for source images, I prefer to not wrap text).  That is where the wrapping stops.  If you don't do anything to control this then the text will wrap as long as the image is next to it and then continue full width below the image.  Sometimes, you don't want this to happen, so there is also the {{Clear}} template.  Put that wherever you want the text being displayed next to the image to end.  Text after this template will start under the image.  If you look at the editing page for Laura Bond's profile, you will see where this was done.

Is this enough of a "how-to" Maggie?  If I left anything out, please ask and I'll add to it.

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Really love these profiles , great job Gaile !
by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (282k points)
Thank you, Bea.  In turn, I greatly admire the profiles you turn out, which are well organized, beautifully written, and include a great deal of information, always well sourced ... that's something I haven't managed to do very much.
Thank you Gaile , it's one of our project tasks of course and I mostly use the WT standard profile , would love to have more time to really create more original profiles like yours . But well we all do what we can eeh :D
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See video how to use the image template

The image template
by C S G2G6 Pilot (274k points)

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